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  1. Fun to watch. Very impressed with Bo's Gordie Howe Hat trick. Atta boy!!
  2. I love that the game winning goal was a butt goal by Petterson. Something poetic about that.
  3. Wow, Canucks talk with Classical allusions. Well done.
  4. And while up 4-0, still blocking shots, still pressing. Demko very solid and the boys played a great road game. Those Sharks look a little....soft.
  5. So nice to see the team dominate, and the young stars racking up points. Boeser hatty is sweet. 2nd in the Pacific now.
  6. Entertaining game, and Markstrom just a wall in the SO. Nice move Grandlund.
  7. Good read and analysis. I agree it's Kesler's year and he's added top level offense to bolster his defensive numbers.