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  1. Nice to be in a playoff spot, though LA does have 3 games in hand. Best choice to stay there is beat the Flames tomorrow night too. Wow, what a performance by Miller.
  2. I'll go 3-1. Horvat, Sbisa, Danny
  3. Great win!! Watching the first 4 games, I like the hustle and battle level. I've been quite impressed with Sutter, Granlund in particular. But wow, goal tending tonight was spectacular. 4-0-0 and #1 in league. keep 'er rolling.
  4. The highest we've ever picked is #2: Talon (1970), Linden (1988), Nedved (1989), and Danny (1999).
  5. Burrows has been such a great player in so many ways. I'm glad he's here next year, hope he gets re-signed too. Always a Canuck.
  6. I hope the tipping point is keeping the third period leads we often had last season. How many games were lost or went OT/shootout because they let one in late? I think there's 10-15 points in the standings right there.
  7. The character issues are too deep with him. Bring him home and he'll be even more distracted and into the rock-star life. No, no, no, no, no. We don't need a locker room distraction prima-donna who hasn't matured despite so many opportunities to do so.
  8. Wow, do some homework before suggesting already retired numbers. 12, 16, 19, 10 Gone, and 11 was only used once since Maki's death.
  9. I like the Erickson signing. He was among the top FA's available and came to our team, so there must be some desirability for FA's to come to Van. Goals are needed, and the D is a strong big and young group. I'm kind of glad we didn't get Lucic, he's a bit of a meat head and sore loser (remember the handshake line with Weiss). An ego like that casts a shadow on the ice and the locker room. Did LA even try to re-sign him?? The Oilers needed D and goal tending, traded their best forward (IMHO), then used their number one pick for, another forward, now they have Lucic. I think we did better than most teams, and landed a pretty big fish in Loui.
  10. Make the playoffs? 1. Score more goals. we were dismal in goals/game last year. As the OP says, better stuff from young guns and better winger for Sedins 2. Win more games. managing leads in 3rd period alone would make us better. These are affected by the ideas of injury (which is hard to control), so add the need for depth at all positions.
  11. Never tell me the odds...
  12. Pull the goalie in the second period!!
  13. Was that the first 3 W's in a row all year??
  14. No real surprise here, and it has always been their stated wish. They are special players, and we won't see their like in a while. To top it off they are excellent ambassadors, all round classy guys, and work hard to stay in shape and be game ready every season. Complete pros.