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  1. Benning says Sedins will retire as Canucks

    No real surprise here, and it has always been their stated wish.  They are special players, and we won't see their like in a while.  To top it off they are excellent ambassadors, all round classy guys, and work hard to stay in shape and be game ready every season.  Complete pros. 
  2. [Official GDT] Flyers vs Canucks 7PM

    5 - 2 Canucks.  win baby!  
  3. Virtanen and McCann officially make the team

    Good to see.  McCann with 5 goals, it would be hard to send down our leading goal scorer.  Virtanen I thought would get sent down, glad I was wrong. 
  4. [PGT] Vancouver 4-3 Arizona

    A win is a win.   With only 2 regulation losses in 11 games, we're outpacing the division by a slim margin (LA has 2 games in hand) Great 1st win for Bachman, and 1st goal for Gaunce.    
  5. [PGT] Canucks 3 Kings 0

    Nice road win. Kept them to under 20 shots, strong PK and Miller. Congrats on first SO of the year. Keep it rolling 7 of 8 point so far.
  6. [PGT] 2-1 Shootout Win Vs. Ducks

    WTF? Some obvious Anaheim homer picked those. Miller baby!!!
  7. [PGT] 2-1 Shootout Win Vs. Ducks

    So do I. But I'll wait till game 10 and see where they are then. A good start 5 of 6 points so far.
  8. [PGT] 2-1 Shootout Win Vs. Ducks

    Good road win. Miller huge all game. Take the 2 points and move on.... I hate those 4-3 overtime powerplays though, should go to 5 on 4 if a penalty is called, seems too big an advantage. We won in the end though. Good on ya, Burr and Vrbata.
  9. IDK, 18 minutes, 2 shots, seems worth it....
  10. Finally! when Bieksa coughs it up in the corner, we get to score.... Seriously, I miss Juice and wish him well. We traded for a younger player and that's how she goes. CANUCKS 4 Disney WHAT THE *UCKS? 2
  11. Bring it on. I think Canucks win 4-3, as I expect a closer game. I didn't even know MayRay was still in the league.
  12. question: McCann assist?

    Yes, that's happen at times, where a team shoots on a delayed penalty, then send it back to the point, miss and it goes into their own net. Then the goalie gets the goal as the last to touch it. I think Van was on the right side of one of these gaffes a few years back.
  13. [PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1

    Canucks made quick smart passes and outskated the flames most shifts (little lapse in the 2nd). Powerplay looked dangerous and had lots of shots. I like Horvat and Vrbata togther, that's going to produce and Bo had some great shots tonight. Sedins were dominant. Great start to the season.
  14. Vancouver takes this one if they get through the first 10 min even or ahead. They know how to play a smart road game and are a more mature bunch overall. Special teams win it: 2 PPG's and 100% PK. 5-2 Vancouver Tanev, Burrows, Matthias, Horvat, Hank.