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  1. [Trade] VAN acquires Linden Vey

    Sorry I meant RW. But yeah he's not a centre. He's a right wing and that's where he plays in the AHL and on the Kings.
  2. [Trade] VAN acquires Linden Vey

    Not sure why no one is correcting this but Linden Vey is not a Centre!! He's a right winger.
  3. Wideman vs Garrison

    People need to do some damn research on Jason Garrison. The man is a better Defensive Defenseman than he is Offensively and seeing as all anyone talks about is his Offensive upside must mean we're getting the real deal. This guy wipes Schultz and Wideman across the board currently. Matt Carle is the only other D-Man I was interested in beside the obvious and non-factor Ryan Suter.
  4. **Comparing Cody Hodgson to Claude Giroux**

    Haha you guys are all amateurs. Let me ask you something genius, in the Sedins rookie year, hell within their first 5 years, did you think they wold be putting up 90-110+ PTs per year? (Going on 4 years post-lockout) and winning Art Ross' (I'm going for a Sedin to win this year too.) My guess is going to be you would've said a fat NO. Cody can do what he wants if he puts the work into it like he is now. He has amazing skill and hands, just like the Sedins, and has ever chance to be an Art Ross candidate.