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  1. AFAIK, the patch didn't come with the replica jerseys that season, only the retail authentics. Same went with CCM jerseys that season I believe
  2. Pot is just a fine tho.
  3. Harry Kane is a pretty good Canucks player I heard.
  4. Good lad
  5. mfw Mark Sanchez jersey. I feel for you Jazz
  6. The man's been a fan of the J-League and Yokohama F Marinos since he was a kid. We all know he wants to play for his boyhood club.
  7. a great result. I am proud.
  8. Fixed
  9. Sky Sports: Negotiations between Yokohama F Marinos and Arsenal over the world record transfer of Oliver Giroud to Yokohama have broken down due concerns about the player's health. It is believed Yokohama will now go after Hulk of Zenit Saint Petersburg in a bid to bring the Brazilian striker back to Japan.
  10. Yokohama F Marinos to launch audacious world record bid on Arsenal starlet Olivier Giroud
  11. Yokohama plans to make big changes in the transfer window. We'll raid the MLS.
  12. Never forget Alex Hunter
  13. As much as I like the transfer, the whole marketing/unveiling thing was cringe.
  14. I forgot this was a thing. I guess I can have mine by Tuesday.