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  1. I also miss my pal @TheRussianRocket. very dearly
  2. Someone mentioned Jordin Tootoo and I have to say that Jacob Two-Two is my favorite anime series of all time
  3. Hey guys do you remember this classic?



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    2. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      The moral of that hippo video is.... don't believe everything you read.

    3. J-23


      After all this time, I never knew.

    4. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      makes me feel old as &^@#

  4. Username checks out
  5. Don't listen to them bro. They're working themselves into a shoot brother.
  6. I'd rather have the cap space to to sign impactful players and the ability to keep de Haan, Strome, and Nelson over a mid 1st round pick in a weak draft personally. Agreed. With the Raiders coming in 2020, it's very important that Vegas has a semi-competitive team right away.
  7. No single player is bigger than a club
  8. Cale Makar or Thon Maker?

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    2. ItsMillerTime


      Not 2006 but close


    3. numb3r 16

      numb3r 16

      I think I heard that this yearbook picture was a school for learning English 

    4. J-23


      Thon Maker. 

  9. So what I'm gathering here is that Bebe will make his sensational return to United. This makes me erect.
  10. Maybe add a little pinch of Strootman to that too?
  11. Over under on Wesley Sneijder to Man Utd?
  12. You put yourself over all the time brother. HH