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  1. He isn't a native english speaker
  2. u just a hater dude. there's no hindering jinder
  3. i might be dumb as fick but i've never saw it that way until now. thank you brother for opening my mind.
  4. i dunno i'm dumb as fick but it seems like dere some hateful people on here. most these moose limbs didnif du nuffin. i liek u tho bro.
  5. so what i'm gathering from this thread is that white people are the best?
  7. mfw you guys arguing about Kobe, Jordan, and LeBron when LaVar is already the GOAT
  8. It might depend on the store but in my case I pre-ordered 5 Switch games using my trade in credit and then I was able to transfer all of it towards the Switch on launch day. As long as you're still getting something Switch related in the end and not a PS4 Pro or something of the like, then you can transfer it. I'd ask them though.
  9. Uhhh... no. Dunno who told you that you can only use it on the switch console only when their site it says this. Double Trade Credit Towards Everything Switch Offer Ends April 2 Customers will get double the trade value for any eligible games they trade towards the pre-order or purchase of any Switch hardware, games and accessories! pretty much anything switch related.
  10. Depending if your store does it, I'd just trade in your games towards pre-orders on Switch games and then when they have consoles in stock, transfer that credit towards your console purchase. Pretty much what I did a few days before launch.
  11. should've traded it in at EB today. they would've given you $80 lul.
  12. superiority complex can be a hilarious thing