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  1. He's talking about the Sheikhs in Abu Dhabi
  2. Gerhard's career not going how I expected it to go. At least he's a serviceable NHLer
  3. Gerhard doing good for himself
  4. Gerhard the man
  5. It's pretty much almost all English, even the J-League matches. NFL Game Pass is also included if you're a fan.
  6. For Serie A, La Liga, and Ligue 1 fans, the streaming service DAZN just launched in Canada. I subbed for the free trial and it looks like good value for the content you get.
  7. like the other guy said it depends on the club. if I was a Burnley supporter I think the better achievement would be not getting relegated.
  8. Info: First name: Gerhard Last name: Berger Dob : 08/27 Place of Birth: Worgl, Austria Nationality: Austria Second Nationality (Optional) Primary Position: D Player Type Offensive Secondary Position: RW Height (cm): 183 Weight (Kg): 87 Handedness: Right Jersey Number: 28 Junior Preference: CHL Starting team: Role Offensive 20 Defensive 10 Points Available: 30 Staff Attributes Adaptability: 9 Ambition: 10 Determination: 12 Loyalty: 7 Pressure: 11 Professionalism: 9 Sportsmanship: 9 Temperment: 8 Points Available: 75 Technical Attributes Deflections: 0 Deking: 9 Faceoffs: 0 Movement: 8 Passing: 10 Pokecheck: 6 Positioning: 10 Slapshot: 7 Stickhandling: 10 Wristshot: 10 Points Available: 70 Physical Attrbutes Acceleration: 13 Agility 13 Balance: 13 Speed: 13 Stamina: 14 Strength: 6 Hitting: 3 Fighting: 0 Points Available: 65 Mental Attributes Aggression: 5 Agitation: 5 Anticipation: 14 Bravery: 7 Consistency: 13 Creativity: 14 Dirtiness: 0 Flair: 8 Important Matches: 10 Leadership: 8 Morale: 7 Teamwork 9 Versatility 10 Workrate: 10 Points Available: 120 Pass Tendency 13 Points Available: 20
  9. Reserve
  10. There's more originality in soccer unis compared to the typical red, blue, or black you see in hockey or almost any North American sport.
  11. This hurts my heart
  12. I also miss my pal @TheRussianRocket. very dearly
  13. Someone mentioned Jordin Tootoo and I have to say that Jacob Two-Two is my favorite anime series of all time
  14. Hey guys do you remember this classic?



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    2. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      The moral of that hippo video is.... don't believe everything you read.

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      After all this time, I never knew.

    4. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      makes me feel old as &^@#