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  1. I could swear those photos are from the game Bioshock.
  2. Impark says hi? That and with regards to the issue of creating the most efficient and effective transportation system, having multi-level parking lots would be a reasonable choice for the land in the areas we're refering to.
  3. Its glaringly clear that SkyTrain is easily the most efficient mode of transportation in the lower mainland (just look at the cost figures coupled with the speed at which is moves people). Expanding existing park and rides, and adding new ones at other stations where it is possible will be a far, far better use of capital spending than expanding other areas of Translink's service. Just look at a google sattelite image of the park and rides. They're at capacity! That isn't necessary. The increased revenues from fares of new people using the SkyTrain due to the expansion of the park and ride would be able to cover the cost considering the profit margins they are getting from the service. And like the poster below said, you could charge a small fee to recoup the cost of building it as well.
  4. I agree. Park and ride would be fantastic, and would help alleviate a lot of the traffic flow coming accross the bridges into the city from Langley, Richmond, and Surrey. The best solution I think is one which incorporates all methods of transportation, without screwing one over. There are a lot of people who don't live right by transit, or don't want to put up with how unreliable the bus system is at times. SkyTrain is fantastic, so give us the option to drive to a station, park, and take the train into city. Bikes are great for those living close to where they work and live in geographically friendly areas (i.e not extremely hilly). In addition, its going to be interesting to see how many cyclists are on the road this winter considering we should be expecting an unusually strong la niña (very cold/violent winter). I'd also appreciate it if everyone who used transit would actually pay for it (I'm looking at you Gregor). Anyway, I just think the hard on this city council has for the cycling and green lobby is preventing us from making the best and most efficient decisions possible for the future of transportation in this city.
  5. Gregor is not going to be re-elected and his successor will get rid of the hugely unpopular bike lanes. Nothing is a lock in this world, but I feel pretty confident in making this assertion.