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  1. I read somewhere that Dale Weise was supposed to be coming back our way but it didn't work out. Can't remember where I read it but I'm sure there was more involved on our end as Weise makes $1M less and is on an expiring deal.
  2. I agree, although we may even be hard pressed getting a pick back even at 50% retained. There's just no market for guys like Baertschi, especially since he isn't on an expiring contract. I would even take back another expiring contract instead of a pick if the pick wasn't an option. Still beats a buy out.
  3. Mrs Alf is a Lesfs fan?! For all the time you spend trashing the Leafs, you went and married a die hard? Saturday nights must be fun
  4. Even Pettersson has done this (god love Petey). You will never stop this. Players who compete never give up on a puck. Doesn't matter if they're near the blue paint or at the top of the D zone, they're going to try and get infront of the shot. I know sometimes down low they end up looking stupid but you know what looks even worse? When they jump out of the way. #Edler4Vezina
  5. Unpopular question but have we confirmed that QH will be maxing out his performance bonuses regardless of whether or not he gets an AS nod? Found this on Twitter:
  6. From the outside looking in, I'd say Trent Cull is looking like another Travis Green in the making. Other tham Palmu and Dahlen, he's really got the most out of his players and now that the dust has settled, I can't blame him for the Palmu/Dahlen situations. I'm sure it was a good learning experience for him as a coach. But Gaudette, Demko, Boucher, Lind, DiPietro, MacEwen, etc seem to be doing very well under his tutelage. So he's good in my books.
  7. Why is there absolutely no talk about this kid? CDC has hyped up so many trash proapects over the years, what about Lockwood? By all accounts he's actually pretty decent. Can we show him a little love before he decides to sign elsewhere? I see NHL potential there.
  8. That would make sense. Probably more so than my proposal. But who would you be willing to give up to entice LA? Rathbone? Woo? I think we need to hang onto our D prospects. I definitely wouldn't give up Lind, Podkolzin or Hoglander. Not sure how we make this one work? Would Rafferty be enough to get them to take Baertschi? I don't think so.
  9. And the stats don't tell the full story. Lind plays with an edge and has an above average 2 way game. Plus he's only just scratching the surface. He finally figured things out at the pro level this year and here we are at the 33 game mark of the season. He just turned 21 and is only going to get better. Once he makes the jump, he's a player that has the potential to play anywhere in your lineup. The clock is ticking on Kole Lind's AHL career. I'd expect him to get the Adam Gaudette treatment going back amd forth to Utica for a bit but I expect him to be a full time NHL player within the next 2 years. Edit: And I hope Gadjovich isn't too far behind. He's showing promise in his 2nd pro season but he still has a ways to go. Look for Gadjovich to be next year's breakout player in Utica.
  10. Toffoli can't be expensive. 2015-2016 was a long time ago. Check out his stats since. I'm thinking this package is close: 4th round pick Goldy or Boucher Linus Karlsson or Toni Utunen
  11. Bo would have some serious growing to do. Offensively, he can get there. Defensively I wouldn't bank on it. Bergeron has been an elite center over the past decade. He might be the best 200 foot player in the game. Probably a toss up between him and O'Reilly.
  12. Not only that but Bo was 64th in scoring amongst NHL forwards last season. Put Miller and Boeser on his wings and tell me he isn't a top line center. He did all that with any top wingers.Not to mention the hundreds of D zone faceoffs and being matched up against the other teams top lines.
  13. I don't know man. Bo scored 60+ points last year. That's 1st line production. He is for sure a 2nd line center who can fill in as 1C if needed. Not sure why you'd think otherwise? He's just scoring a little less than he was last season. But I'd put money on things evening out by the end of the year. I'd also argue that Pearson is most definitely 2nd line material. He's on pace for 51 points. That's excellent production out of a 2nd line player.
  14. Are those our untouchables or just every prospect that you could think of? 3/4's of your list is in no way untouchable. The only prospects I can think of that are missing from that list are Gadjovich, Palmu (if you even consider him a real prospect), Jasek (same as Palmu), Brisebois (same), Teves (same) and Lockwood.