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  1. That's the key. Plus he's currently tied for the team lead in scoring this preseason. If he bags another goal or couple more assists, I think he's earned his spot. We know he can play the PK, what else would he need to show to earn a spot? Trust me, I'm no Loui fan!
  2. What about Biega? No way Goldy gets cut IMO. That 900K is a solid contract and he would surely get picked up. Coach loves Motte. So I don't see that happening. Leivo had a good showing last year and plays a well rounded enough game to play a bottom 6 role. So he stays. Schaller is 100% going down. Gaudette is 100% going down if we can't move Sutter. Loui looks to have earned himself a spot in the opening lineup. So it's between Biega and Fantenberg as the last cut IMO. If one of them gets plucked off waivers, no biggie. Utica has a little more depth on D this year, so we should be fine.
  3. Does anyone know if tomrrow's game is on TV? I'm not seeing it on the Telus guide. I don't care if it's the preseason. I just sat through a 100 loss season for Jays. I need this.
  4. I don't know if Jake is immature or if we're just used to the modern day athlete maturing at the a younger age, so our expectations are just higher. Think of how the league has changed over the last 10 years. Crosby, Ovechkin, Toews, McDavid, etc. They all got handed the keys to the kingdom at a younger age. Then we have guys like Bo, Boeser and Petey that are mature beyond their years. So I think Jake, his maturity, committment and understanding of the game are still a work in progress. I mean, he just turned 23. He's physically developed but I think his physical attributes were so superior to his peers that he didn't have to rely on his smarts. So that part of his game (and possibly his life) is still a little underdeveloped. I have faith that 25 year old Jake will be a very valuable player. It's just going to take him time to get there.
  5. On the flip side, wait til we lose Goldobin or Motte on waivers. Should be fun times around here Side note: JD Burke did an interview on 1040 today. I usually listen to 650 but I like the Halford and Brough show. Anyways, JD was being interviewed and he actually didn't sound that douchey. I follow him on twitter and I just expected him to be a huge D bag but he was actually pretty calm and respectful. But he was arguing that Tyler Motte is a below replacement level player that doesn't make our team or 4th line better. He said we got heavily outshot when Motte was on the ice. Without looking at the stats, my memories of Motte last season were pretty positive, ever since the 1st day of camp. Dude works his ass off and has definitely bought into what Travis is selling. His work ethic is top notch and he scored 9 goals last year in his 1st full season in the NHL. He's still only 24 and he should be even better this year. So I'd say that's a bad take from JD. I think Green has a lot of time for a guy like Tyler Motte.
  6. Bro...if you average out Loui's preseason stats over an 82 games season, he's on pace for an 82 goals. He stole stem cells from Teemu Selanne in the summer...SHHH!
  7. Or maybe there's a glitch in the system and every time we demote him to Utica an additional million dollars came off our cap. No one would notice, right?
  8. How accurate is this information? You may be right here, I'm not sure. But Brock is sitting pretty in 2-3 years when the new TV deal kicks in and he signs for another 7-8 years after playing on Petey's wing. You wanna talk about agents misreading the market, how about Ben Hutton's agent? You know Benning (and maybe other GMs) offered Hutton more than a 1 year $1.5M contract in the 1st week of July. Now Hutton is playing for his NHL career this year.
  9. I think Rick unfairly gets lumped in with the Matt Sekeres', David Pratt's and JD Burke's of the world. He isn't right 100% of the time but in terms of local media, he's as reputable as it gets. Not that that's saying much, but I think he does a good job most of the time.
  10. Yes! 100% accurate. Because that's how a professional handles the media. But you bet your ass he pissed off a number of people on that team. This is a big deal. Laine is what, 21...22? If I'm a veteran on that team or if I'm Laine's linemate, I'm pissed. These guys are at camp busting thier asses while Laine is at home playing video games, talking sh!t about his teammates and waiting to count his millions. Maybe Buff decided he was going to retire because he knew he'd punch Laine out the second he walked into that dressing room lol
  11. I don't know man....I'd be curious what Buff and Truba have to say. But Kane and Laine both strike me as guys with massive egos. Me 1st kind of guys. That's just the vibe I get.
  12. Ya dude, that's a punk move and a quick way to turn any organization and it's fanbase against you. Be a man and ask for a trade if that's how you feel. Laine scored 18 goals in November. I don't think his linemates are an issue... Everything Laine is doing suggests he wants out. I kinda feel bad for Jets fans. This could be a collapse of epic proportions. If Buff retires, their defense is bottom 5 in the NHL (or worse). This was a team on the verge of being a stanley cup contender for the next 5-10 years. But guess what...? It's a good time to be a Canucks fan
  13. The only way he can bolt after this contract is if he went overseas to play or if he signed an offer sheet. One of those things is never going to happen. The other nets us a serious haul in draft picks but is still unlikely to happen. I'm not sure what this talk is based on?