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  1. I don't like that our home games start early when the Leafs are in town and I wish Canadian media wasn't so TO biased, but I have a hard time finding anything to dislike about the actual team. They're a young, offensive and exciting team that just so happens to be based out of Toronto. Personally, I'd rather see TO win a cup than conference rivals like Edmonton and Calgary. I think I'm in the minority though for some reason.
  2. Yup. People up here acting like LE is a selke nominee. Not surprising, it's the pro Sutter/Gudbranson crowd leading the charge.
  3. Noooooo, for the love of god, Jim - get Bo a bloody winger! Pearson, Baertschi and Eriksson can all fight to the death over the last winger spot but Bo needs someone better to play with.
  4. I don't know man, I think Eriksson took a significant step back defensively this year. He wasn't very effective on the PK and there were a lot of nights where the effort just wasn't there. He didn't use to be this passive defensively. He was never an overly phsyical player but he used to be a lot harder on the puck. I think he's somewhat checked out, coupled with the fact that he's been on the decline for a few years now. He isn't going to score enough to justify that contract but you better be giving the team $6M worth of effort on a nightly basis and I just didn't see that out of him this year.
  5. I'd be interested to see how farm systems rank again this year. Given the well documented lack of success in Utica this season and the graduation of EP and QH, I think we're a middle of the pack farm system at best. This isn't a slight towards management, just an observation.
  6. It really is quite remarkable (the turn around). You can say the same for both players, although I didn't follow Pearson's season closely until we acquired him. But Gudbranson was absolutely brutal for us besides a few fights, big hits and physical presence. Seeing him holding his own in Pittsburgh, being a plus player and chipping in with a goal the other night, it's nice to see but it makes you wonder what the difference is? Is it purely confidence? I keep hearing the "systems" talk but when you're talking about an "off the boards and out" type defenseman that Gudbranson is, I'm struggling to understand what kind of "system" they're playing over there in Pittsburgh that Gudbranson is benefiting from. My only guess is the forwards support the defensemen more. Back to Pearson, if he can score 20 goals for us next year, that would be huge. He turns 27 in August, so he's not old by any means. With the addition of Pearson and Levo and hopefully one more legit top 6 winger for Bo, our forward group will start to look a lot better. Plus, who knows, maybe Goldy figures it out this summer and actually becomes a player for us. There's always one or two surprises every year.
  7. I thought they'd settle at 3 years $5.75M per with a NMC in the 1st 2 years but if Edler wants 4 years, he's going to have to come down to $5.25M and it would have be front loaded (IMO).
  8. I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are about sending our guys out to the WHC. On one hand, it's an absolute honour to play for your country and with the Olympics in doubt, the WHC is that much more prestigious. But for a team with an injury history like ours, I wonder if it's best that some of these guys just go home, rest up and get an early start on their summer work outs. Quinn Hughes makes sense given the light college schedule, but what about the rest? Brock is a guy that appears to have been battling injuries all season. His skating has seemed off at times and we all know how heavily taped his wrist is. Same thing with Bo, we haven't seem him skate like we're used to. He used to bull rush end to end on the regular. What about EP? Quite frankly, he looks tired. Let's add Marky in too. 60 games is a lot. What if Tanev heals up and wants to go? We have to draw the line somewhere lol To send or not to send. That is the question.
  9. 3-2 Blues in regulation. Demko stops 37 of 40. Hughes and EP light the lamp, Eriksson assisting on both. That would drop us behind Anaheim due to ROW and see us potentially picking 8th OA assuming no one behind us moves up in the draft lottery. I'm happy with that.
  10. I think you're pretty bang on here. It would be easy to say our top 2 centers (or even top 4) are set. EP, Bo (Gaudette, Beagle) and that's assuming we can unload Sutter this summer. But if we have an opportunity to draft Jack Hughes, you can damn well bet JB and ownership are gonna take it. They're desperate for a winner and even more desperate for a storyline. Kakko might even be better and would fit our org's positional need but it just won't happen. Brian Burke will forever be remembered for the Sedin/McCabe trade. For all of JB's mistakes, all could be forgotten if he united the Hughes brothers...
  11. Ya, I doubt he plays. Maybe the last game of the year if we're out. He's collecting an NHL paycheque for the time being, getting an opportunity to practice with NHL players. Good chance he starts next season in Utica.
  12. I'm pretty sure Duchene and Panarin will command similar contracts. Panarin is scoring at a slightly higher clip this season but Duchene plays C, so that should make up most of the diffrence.
  13. I agree with most of what you said up until the sign Duchene part. You were right when you originally said we were set up the middle. I want Gaudette to be given 3C duties right out of camp next season. If we can some how rid of Sutter and his contract to free up some salary, that would be ideal. We need 1 more dynamic winger and 1 more top 4 defenseman to compliment Edler, Tanev, Hughes, Stetcher and Hutton. Juolevi and/or Woo may eventually be that guy but we need as many legit defensemen as we can get. I'd think twice about Tyler Myers though. He'd be a nice addition but I don't think we're ready to hand out another 6+ year deal. Especially to a guy that isn't a bonafide 1st pairing defensman. Look for Benning to target the trade market. Either that or blow his wad on Karlsson lol. It's a coin toss really. We've never had a true #1 defenseman and I can see Benning making a big move this offseason, essentially putting his job on the line.
  14. He may be looking for 4 years but will more than likely settle on 3. The only question is will Benning bite on the no movement clause in that 3rd year? My guess is no. But Edler might drive up the price a little be calling JB's bluff and taking it to free agency. I'd expect a 3 year deal at $5.75M per with a full no movement clause in the 1st 2 years but only a no trade clause in the 3rd. If Edler was really worried about Seattle, he could ask for a back loaded deal. That's the next best thing to a no movement clause. From management's perspective, it's almost like a tool to circumvent the expansion draft. Although I haven't seen a GM and player strategically work out a contract like that before. Not one of those reasons mentioned the HUGE health risk. You may be onto something.... Goldobin - EP40 - Panarin Baertschi/Leivo - Horvat - Boeser Oh and obviously Tryamkin sees that Russian connection, tears up his KHL contract and buys the 1st plane ticket over. Aquilini buys him the tallest penthouse condo in Vancouver so he can't smell the weed
  15. Dude, trust me, he'll die on that Gudbranson/Sutter hill every time