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  1. I mean, when you win an MVP award, that's as close to carte blanche as it gets in my books. Hischier isn't even 21 yet. Jack Hughes is still 18! They'll be fine.
  2. Well that's not good news. I would imagine Edler will be out until after the Christmas break at this point, especially if it's a back injury.
  3. I definitely wouldn't trade our 2nd round pick for Barrie. We're already down our 1st rounder this year (most likely). Stetcher and Goldobin, sure. But Benning needs to hang onto those draft picks. With the coaching change in TO, I don't see a Barrie trade happening any time soon. My guess is that Keefe will want to get a good look at Barrie.
  4. Lowkey post of that day. +1 Tanev is a leader on this team. Name another guy in that dressing room that has the respect of his teammates like Tanev. Don't worry, I'll wait....the broken bones, missing teeth, this guy bleeds blue and green, it's all he knows. He's the most humble, team first guy. Reminds me a lot of Burrows. No way we trade him for Barrie and that's not on some homer $#!+. Like you said, the proof is in the pudding. Just ask Mike Babcock.
  5. Fair enough. Are you also going to make me google if the substance abuse/behavioural health program is now defunct or can we just hire you as head of CDC HR now
  6. Part of me wonders what Ferland is going to be like if he returns. Would he even drop the gloves again? A big part of the value he provides is just by being present and other guys knowing they'll have to answer to him. Has the dog lost his bite? I hope not, although I would totally understand. Concussions are no joke.
  7. It's been 24 hours since I tuned into this thread and I'm wondering if you've even taken a break Heff
  8. People saying they wouldn't trade Troy, I get it. He's a fan favorite. But in Green's eyes, he doesn't play the PP and he rarely kills penalties, so he's expendable. Barrie would instantly be one of our best PP options from the backend. I don't think Stetcher alone gets it done though. Barrie is off to a rough start but he's one of the top producing defensemen over the last 5 years and is still only 28. So he holds a decent amount of value around the league IMO.
  9. If we didn't have Gaudette to fill in for Sutter I would put in a claim.
  10. Breaking News: Loui Eriksson has retired. In other related news: Canucks ownership has announced a 3 year $18M contract with Loui Eriksson as professional locker room fist bumper. The club has also announced the creation of a Little Things department, which Loui will head. When asked if this department had anything to do with hockey operations, Aquilini was quoted as saying "No comment". More to follow.
  11. I look at Leivo as a slightly less skilled, but bigger, more well rounded and durable version of Sven Baertschi. There's almost always a spot on an NHL club for a guy like that. Even after today's loss, he's still on pace for 36 points. As ugly as it sounds, he's one of the best bottom 6 players we've had over the last couple years and can fill in on the 2nd line in a pinch. 35 points isn't out of the realm of possibility if he stays healthy IMO
  12. You do realize every player in NHL history has had a "1st team that played them in significant games", right? Leivo is a depth piece that makes $1.5M on a 1 year deal. What do you expect out of him? He's on pace for what, 35 points?
  13. What's more likely to happen by year 6 of his contract? A - He regains his scoring touch B - Fans learn how to spell his name correctly