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    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    Seems odd indeed. I took a screen shot:
  2. Yup. He's averaged 0.84 points per game in his career. Def not a 50 point player. Stone will cash in come July.

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    I don't think anyone is suggesting trading a 1st round pick for Ferland. I don't even think I'd be willing to move our 2nd rounder this year. But we have some seconday assets that could be of interest: Dipietro, Lind, Dahlen, Jasek, Brisbois, Gadjovich, MacEwen, Brassard, Madden, Rathbone. All of these guys aren't going to be players for us down the road. We can afford to give up a couple of them. Then there's our current roster, where Hutton and (to a lesser degree) Granlund may interest Carolina. I'd be ok with giving up a 3rd or 4th round pick as well. So that's quite a lot of options without even mentioning our top 2 draft picks or any of our top prospects like Demko, Hughes, Juolevi, Woo. I agree that our defense needs work too. But we have Hughes, Juolevi and Woo coming. Maybe we take another D with our top pick this year. All of a sudden we're not so short on D. Even less so if you believe there's a chance Tryamkin comes back. So I don't think I'd want to pony up $9M x 7 years for Karlsson. I'd much rather do $5.5M x 5 years for Ferland. Edit: speaking of Tryamkin, I just read on Twitter that his parents have purchased a home in Vancouver and are moving here in the summer. Take that for what it's worth?

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    I agree with your point, I'm just not sure that we have a ton of options out there in terms enforcer type players that can actually play. There isn't many of them and the teams that do have them aren't in a rush to trade them (besides Lucic). Regarding Ferland's alleged lack of physical play in a contract year, he's going to get paid based on points and he's being utilized in a way that he's expected to produce. That's his role. But you can damn well bet that his role as a Canuck would in part be EPs bodyguard.
  5. I know times have changed, but Quebec won the Lindros trade. A more recent comparable would be Duchene to Ottawa. Colorado made out like bandits even though they gave up the best player in the trade. If they can't build a team around McDavid, what's the point in having him? They might not get what some perceive as equal value, but it's probably still better than him wasting away in Edmonton for no reason.

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    I'm not a fan of trading assets for a pending UFA, but if we were to target 1 soon to be UFA, he would be the guy. I think you're seriously undervaluing Ferland here. Look at the impact Wilson has had in Washington. Ferland scores at a higher clip than Wilson. What's not to like about that? He's literally EXACTLY the type of player we need. So I can get behind the thought of not wanting to trade away futures for a soon to be UFA, but if Ferland came with an extension and the return was something like Goldobin + DiPietro + 3rd round pick, that's something I can definitely live with. Otherwise I'd push hard for him come July 1st.

    [Report] Sergei Bobrovsky willing to waive NTC

    Same story with Panarin. What's going on in Columbus? Is it Torts? Is it just as simple as 2 guys that want to cash in? Is Colombus a dump???

    [Waivers] Dale Weise

    That's highway robbery! Unfortunately Schaller has absolutely no trade value. He had a great year for a 4th liner with Boston last season but he just hasn't been able to come close to matching those numbers in Vancouver. At this point he's a Brendan Gaunce clone. Something we definitely don't need. But who knows, he'll be in another contract year next season. Maybe he comes back a different guy in year 2?

    [Report] Sergei Bobrovsky willing to waive NTC

    Well, they had to know this would happen when they suspended him...
  10. Yup. Hopefully Granlund can pot a few more here and catch the attention of a rival GM. If we keep Sutter, Granlund's spot will have to go to Gaudette next year. Zack has deserved a call up for a while now but there's really no rush with him, his development has gone perfectly. It's not a matter of if, but when. Look for him to get a call up at some point after the TDL. Management will want him to get a taste of the NHL, but MacEwan's chance for a full time roster spot will come next season. I see us keeping Guddy and Sutter for now. They have a bit of term left, so there's no rush. Gagner, Goldobin, Pouliot (and MDZ) are the most likely to be dealt this season. Although, Goldobin is worth hanging on to IMO. His trade value is low and his value to the team is so much more if Green can ever get him to turn things around. So I'd hold onto him another year even if it meant losing him on waivers next season if he doesn't pan out.
  11. VIC_CITY

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    Cheers. I was gonna buy tickets vs Florida but I think I'll wait until Friday against Buffalo. It'll be my 1st time seeing EP live.
  12. VIC_CITY

    Time to get even with Matheson?

    I don't go to many games but I was going to get tickets for this one. Now that EP is likely out, I'll be hanging onto my money.
  13. Took me far too long to realize what you were doing there
  14. VIC_CITY

    [Speculation] Interest in Michael Del Zotto

    The Blue Jays are in a similar position with Vlad Guerrero Jr. He was clearly good enough to play in the bigs last year but front office didn't want to start the clock on his years of club control and why would they, given they had Josh Donaldson as their starting 3B going into the year. We all know how that worked out for the Jays - the rebuild was official. This year Guerrero will return to AAA to start the year and is expected to get the call up to TO mid April-ish I believe, once it doesn't count as a year of service. In an ideal world, the Canucks would take this approach with Hughes. I know a lot of Canucks fans are going to want to roll out the red carpet for Hughes but the value of 1 extra season of Hughes on his ELC is HUGE. If he's as good as we all think he is, just imagine his contract in 2.5 years. 8 years x who knows what. If we're out of a playoff spot when Hughes season ends, I'd say enjoy your summer and we'll see you in Sept. But then I'd give him some of that Aquaman cash on the low low