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  1. Dude...Tryamkin, Goldobin, Podkolzin, sign Vladimir Putin (have you seen his highlight real?!) *Russian accent* Our team is practically KHL champion already.
  2. You can (and we did) do a lot worse than Granlund. But I think Benning is looking into upgrading any position he can. Our roster could be quite different come opening night.
  3. Hey, I'm never disappointed to see Biega's name in the lineup. Gotta love the guy. Would it shock anyone if Biega came back even better next year? Never count him out.
  4. LOL @ no market for Myers. Benning haters would have a field day with this one.
  5. I would personally like 1 more season to evaluate Hutton, Virtanen and Goldobin. All 3 could be gone by opening night though.
  6. I know, but Granlund wasn't pushing the needle. We need bigger, stronger, faster, more skilled players in our line up. Granlund was decent at most things but not great at anything. Sure he'll give you 25 points and play decent D but we need more than that in our bottom 6. Personally, I'd like to see MacEwen get a look or see what kind of upgrades are available in free agency. I mean, Nic Dowd signed for $750K. That's almost $250K savings on Granlund and arguably a better player. You can always circle back to Granlund in the end, but if you can upgrade or save some cap, you do it.
  7. I wouldn't go that far. #7-8-9 D go on waivers. Hutton isn't going to win any Norris trophies but he's a decent 3rd pairing guy and still relatively young. If it wasn't for his contract (*insert Luongo meme*), he'd be a valuable asset. Edit: Ah, I'll just do it myself! Saw this one too and LOL'd.
  8. I think Hutton will test the market out. I feel like he's worth a 1 year $3.25M deal in this current market and I wouldn't at all be upset if we paid him that (although $2.5M sounds a lot better). I think he still has potential to round out as a solid #5 that can move up in a pinch and that's an NHL asset that you'd hate to lose for nothing. He has a great summer camp with A level athletes, so I think he's putting the work in. For Benning's sake, I hope he gets Hutton signed to a good deal. If he can re-sign Hutton for less than his QO, it will be a quiet, but solid move. All will be forgotten come July 1st though...
  9. No report yet, so the UFA talks are premature at this point.
  10. Ummmm what? There can't be any truth to that. Having said that, I sure hope we don't let Hutton walk for nothing. He's a very capable 3rd pairing dman. That has to be worth something.
  11. You'd think they could come up with a formula that would give a market place adjustment for each team, resulting in teams having different salary caps. I can't think of it being a problem in the past but with LV and TB being the powerhouses they are, it certainly creates an uneven playing field. Side note - for a guy that just lost a lot of money, JT Miller is sure putting his best foot forward so far. Hopefully he really values the oportunity he'll get in Vancouver.
  12. What a mystery this guy is. Does he absolutely suck at defense or what's his deal? How would he not score 35 goals plaing with Petey? You have to think he comes cheap.
  13. I wish. I'd say Colin Miller is easily worth a 2nd and a prospect or additional draft pick and I think Reaves would surely get a 3rd rounder as he's still a top 5 modern day enforcer and teams are always looking for more grit and toughness. They'd both be welcome additions IMO.
  14. As far as Tanev goes, I don't think if I want to trade him. If we can acquire a top 4 D in free agency and manage to keep Tanev as well, that's where our D gets upgraded. Shipping out Tanev and signing Myers is only a marginal upgrade IMO.