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  1. It's still early but I don't see a ton of potential out of Motte at this point. I see him as a guy that can start next season in Utica, hopefully show some improvement and be in line for a call up at some point (if the results are there). But I think the odds are against him being a part of this team moving forward. The Leipsic deal on the other hand was an absolute steal IMO. I have him as a lock to start next season in our top 9 and where he plays in the lineup is anyone's guess. He's a guy that could find some serious chemistry with Brock.
  2. Speaking of, I was at the Rugby 7s a week ago and just happened to be sitting in the box beside Burkey, so I snapped a quick one!
  3. Haven't you heard? We're finishing 31st and picking 4th this year.
  4. A little late to the thread, but I liken it to the Mogilny/Morrison trade. Mogilny was on his way out, so Vancouver traded him for what they could - Brendan Morrison. It's obviously far too early to tell what kind of player Leipsick is going to be but the same could have been said about Brendan Morrison at the time of the trade. I seem to remember it being a pretty underwhelming trade. Like, we just traded Alexander f____ Mogilny. I was choked haha If Leipsic can get the puck to Brock and Bo, that could be one heck of a 1st line. It's early....but sneaky good trade Jim!
  5. Is this kid legit? Speed + poise + play making ability. I know it's early but I have a good feeling about him. Sadly, he could very well be our best forward besides Bo and Brock. Great pick up for Jim but just goes to show how we're still 2-3 years away from really filling our lineup.
  6. Elliotte Freidman =Dank memes

    These memes...they uhhh...they aren't very meme-ish.
  7. I like Baertschi. He has some scoring ability, he plays with Bo, we watched him establish himself as a legit NHL player and he's ours. But I think we lose sight of the fact he's 25 years old (26 by the time next season starts) and has a career high of 35 points scored. He's fine right now but we're talking about a guy that provides roughly the same value on the ice as Eriksson. Both decent players but not guys you build your team around.
  8. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Alex Biega

    Exactly. Biega isn't blocking any of our prospects. He's strictly here to be a guy that can sit for 15-20 games and then step back into the lineup and not miss a beat. Biega leads our team in hits per game and does a little bit of everything else. His work ethic is 2nd to none. This team needs more Biega's, not less.
  9. Vanek's lowest scoring NHL season was 41 points and he did that in only 38 games (2012-2013). Jokinen is a year older and has scored 35 points in his last 115 games (2 seasons) and 7 points in 46 games this year. He's done.
  10. I chose not to qualify Cole Cassels. Even though he's having his best pro year to date, he'll be 23 before the season is over and has shown almost nothing since the day he was drafted. I suppose he has an outside shot at carving out a career as a 4C or 13th forward but I won't exactly be kicking myself if that happens. Time to part ways IMO. Funny, HDB has him listed at 178 lbs. How has he not filled out at all since being drafted?
  11. [Petition] Bring Back Nikita Tryamkin

    Lol damn. Big baller alert. $2 is all you'll see out of me.
  12. [Petition] Bring Back Nikita Tryamkin

    I got $2 on it.
  13. I would add Dahlen to the mix. Next year will be his draft + 3 season. But I would say Gaudette is the run away favorite to make the team given his age, size and ability to start off in a 3rd/4th line checking role.
  14. Thanks for the stats/insight. I think it's just another one of those trades that has you scratching your head, thinking who is this Motte guy? Although it sounds like you have some knowledge of him having had him in your fantasy leagues (I think that was you who said that?). I personally, didn't have a whole lot of knowledge of Motte but after a little research, he seems somewhat intriguing. Whether he's more Boucher than Baertschi, I don't know. But he's another 22 year old forward to add to our mix. I remember the Granlund trade. A good portion of CDC was going ape sh*t but he actually turned out to be a player for us, unlike Shinkaruk. Vanek is as good as gone. You can't assume he'll re-sign on another cheap deal but if he wants to, the offer will probably still be there. Let's give these kids a chance, just like we did with Granlund.