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  1. [Game On!] CDC Rap Mixtape Exchange 3.0.

    Alright ALRIGHT! Here's my mixtape. All new music. Half of it within the last month, the rest within the last few months. Let me know what you think! Cheers.   Logic – Fade Away Ty Dolla $ign – Horses in the Stable Machine Gun Kelly – Merry Go Round Fetty Wap – Again Ace Hood – Cold Blooded Murder Tyga – Ice Cream Man Lil Dicky feat Fetty Wap & Rich Homie Quan – Save Dat Money Dom Kennedy – Too Bad The Game feat Asia Bryant – Just Another Day Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Ed Sheeran – Growing Up Mike Stud – These Days Big KRIT feat Ludacris & K Camp – Shake em off
  2. Tanev/edler

    LOL this thread will get locked but I would flip Edler + Vrbata for a top 15 pick if there were any takers.    
  3. Edler back pass

    I created a thread about getting Edler off the PP a couple days ago but it was taken down by mods. I stand behind my statements! He's literally the last Dman I'd want on the 1st unit PP. I'd rather roll 4 forwards and Weber.  
  4. [Game On!] CDC Rap Mixtape Exchange 3.0.

    1st time in...probably a couple years that I've gone to the off topic forum (EDIT: This is white noise, never actually been here). But what a thread! I've been listening to hip hop forever. I've been through so many phases in the last 20 years, from west coast to east coast to underground to mainstream and back. I even used to rock No Limit Records pretty hard about 15-16 years ago lol (not too proud of that phase). I'd love to put a mix together but I don't even know where I would start? I probably wouldn't even touch the 90s or 2000s because I'd be so mind-fk'd from all the content. My brain would likely explode! I download almost every rap album released and could make a BANGER out of this year's releases. Even then it would be hard narrowing the tracks down to 10 or 15.  For those that did pick old school - love everything from illmatic. Probably my favorite album of all time. I saw a Big L track too. No Gangstarr yet but I feel like they're worth a mention when talking about that era. Loved NY rap back then! Oh and Talib Kweli. His 1st album reflections eternal was so dope! Unfortunately, for me, nothing he has put out has even came close to replicating that album. He's a dope lyricist, smart guy - conscious rap. But his taste in production just isn't for me. I feel like I need to mention Common too. Like Water for Chocolate - FIIIIIRE!! I also saw a Pete Rock track. He had so many classics with CL Smooth! Someone posted Outkast B.O.B. I have so much respect for Outkast. How many artists have managed to stay so relevant over so many years? They've managed to change their sound with the times and keep pumping out massive hits...insane longevity. And rap in 2015...Kendrick is clearly killing it. But J Cole, Wale, Logic, Big KRIT, School Boy Q...tons of dope artists out right now. Even lil Dicky. He's a little unconventional but I think Dicky has the best album out this year (Professional Rapper), It's a lot of fun and most albums aren't like that anymore. So I encourage everyone go out and get it if you haven't already! Ok I'm literally losing my mind right now...But I love hip hop and I love this thread. So thanks everyone for the walk down memory lane!  
  5. Get Edler off the PP

    Hollly F#$@!!!  Do I realy need to any anything else? Just bone head play after bone head play. Enough is enough. Throw any other D in..throw out 4 forwards...anything but Edler. We get a man advantage and he goes completely brain dead. What gives Willie?? Make a move!!  And if I was JB I would be listening to offers. Edler is going nowhere fast. Get something for him while you can.  That is all.  - Frustrated Canucks fan
  6. Verdict on Vey

    I think it's pretty safe to say Vey has played his last game as a Canuck. He literally has NOTHING to offer. Sucks we traded a 2nd for him but time to move on and cut our losses.. He will likely finish the year in the AHL and will not be re-signed next year. Cassels will pass him on the depth chart soon anyways. Plus he's way better suited for a bottom 6 role. Good riddance!  
  7. Holy weak division Batman!

    I don't think anyone has issue with us finishing 2nd or 3rd. The point is that if we don't finish in the to 3 of our division, we will be hard pressed making the playoffs at all since there's a strong likelihood of the 7th/8th seeds being occupied by Central teams.
  8. Holy weak division Batman!

    I remember when the NHL’s whole division structure changed. I thought how the hell are we going to make the playoffs with LA, SJ and Anaheim all in the same division? Plus those Oilers are bound to break out soon! Oh how things have changed (or stayed the same in Edmonton’s case).   I know we still have the majority of the season to play, but I can’t help but notice the way the Central is shaping up. A lot could change between now and the spring but with the way things are looking, the Central is going to be one hell of a dog fight.   So what does that mean for Vancouver? Well, if I was a betting man, I’d say that the chances of us grabbing a 7/8 seed could be pretty slim. At this point, only one team in the Central (Colorado) is under 500 and the defending Stanley Cup champs are sitting in 6th…check that…SIXTH PLACE in their division. Then you take a look at the Pacific division, where only two teams have records better than 500 and one of them (our Vancouver Canucks) owe a big thank you to everyone’s favorite “loser point”.   You’d have to think the divisions will somewhat balance out as the season continues. Calgary and Anaheim are far from last place teams. Heading into this season, Anaheim was considered a Stanley Cup favorite and after the year that Calgary had last year, plus the addition of Dougie Hamilton, they weren’t that far behind. In the Central division, we know Dallas has top end offensive punch but can their defense and goaltending keep this up? Can Winnipeg continue to build off last year and earn a playoff spot in 2016? In Minnesota, was Devin Dubnyk’s 2014/2015 season a fluke or will he come back with another Vezina caliber season?   A lot of questions are still left to be answered, but IMO the Canucks are going to have to beat one Californian team at the absolute minimum and more likely two if they have any hopes of making the playoffs. Of course I could be wrong. I could be jumping the gun since we’ve only played 13 games. Only time will tell…   1  Dallas13103020104637+95-1-05-2-0-8-2-0Won 12  St. Louis139311993631+54-1-15-2-0-7-2-1Won 13  Winnipeg138411784035+53-2-15-2-0-6-3-1Won 14  Minnesota117221673532+35-0-02-2-2-6-2-2OT 15  Nashville117221653225+74-0-13-2-12-06-2-2Lost 16  Chicago137511573332+16-1-11-4-0-5-4-1OT 17  Colorado12471943336-32-4-12-3-0-3-6-1Won 1 PacificGP W L OT P ROW GF GA Diff Home Away S/O L10 Streak 1  Los Angeles128401682925+44-3-04-1-0-8-2-0Won 12  Vancouver136341653829+92-3-34-0-11-04-3-3Lost 13  San Jose126601253333E2-3-04-3-01-04-6-0Lost 14  Arizona115511153032-21-3-04-2-1-4-5-1Lost 25  Edmonton135801053641-53-4-02-4-0-5-5-0Won 16  Anaheim12372821731-143-2-10-5-11-13-6-1Won 27  Calgary133917
  9. Why no love for Bonino?

        Wait...I just googled 'Bonino salary' and a picture of him came up and said $1.7M in 2015. Perhaps that's actual salary, not AAV? I think it's $1.9M AAV.
  10. Why no love for Bonino?

    I'll be the 1st person to admit it, I'm not the biggest Nick Bonino fan. But with the recent Ryan Kesler extension, I find myself wondering why? 2014/2015 stats Nick Bonino - 15G 24A 39P +7 22PIM in 75 games $1.9M salary for 2 more years Ryan Kesler - 20G 27A 47P -5 75PIM in 80 games $5M next year and $6.75M after Perhaps Bonino was a little over his head in his 1st year as 2C but man is that ever good bang for buck. Salaries are absolutely out of control these days! Clearly Kesler is the better player of the 2 but that contract is going to look awful 3-4 years. Is it time we started showing Bonino a little more love?
  11. What would you be willing to do to keep Lack?

    While it's looking highly likely Lack will be traded very shortly, I'll throw a scenario out there. Let's just say we went with Miller's contract for the next 2 years. That's $12.0M. Now let's say if we ate half of Miller's contract, the potential return for Miller 2 years @ $3.0M per could potentially be greater than 1 year of Lack at $1.1M. Now...if if this was the case and the return for Miller at half salary was higher than Lack, now Benning can start entertaining the idea of trading Miller, because if we get more value for him, his signing of Miller to a 3 year deal last summer doesn't look like as big of a mistake. And the last part of the puzzle...benning needs to know how much it's going to take to re-sign Lack. So what if he goes to lack and says look, we have a trade we arranged to send you to _______ , HOWEVER, we think you and Ryan Miller are on par with each other performance wise, but we think you can get better since you're younger, plus the fans love you and we really like what you stand for as a Vancouver Canuck. Here it comes >>>>> Would you be willing to sign a home town discount if we were to trade Miller instead? We would have to eat half of his salary ($6.0M over 2 years), so we need to get you on a 2 year $5.5M (total) deal to make this work. SO... Lack @ $1.1M + $3.0M for Miller in 2015/2016 = $4.1M tied up for our #1 goalie. Lack @ $2.75M + $3.0M for Miller in 2016/2017 = $5.75M tied up for our #1 goalie. Total $9.85M paid for our starting goaltender for 2 years, that's $2.15M saved over the 2 years, plus if all pans out, we get a higher return on Miller at half his cap (potentially). Some may say Lack wouldn't sign for $2.75 per, ok let's up it to $3.0M. I'm pretty confident that he'd take that if it meant he got to stay in Van and become the starter. Thoughts???
  12. What would you be willing to do to keep Lack?

        And arguably out performed each starter both years...
  13. What would you be willing to do to keep Lack?

        It's been a year since he was signed, so you can either give some input to this thread or go post in threads from last summer. Your choice...
  14. It seems like a lot of the fan base is in love with Eddie Lack...and who can blame them? The guy's a beaut! I know he is likely a goner and from a business stand point, that could very well be the right decision to make? But he's a fan favorite, a team first guy, he loves playing here, he's on a killer contract this year and should be an easy re-sign for Benning. These are players you want to keep. Having said that, I think it's pretty obvious that Markstrom is staying. You can't be paying $10.0M in goaltending in 16/17 once you re-sign Lack and are still stuck with Miller. It's either Miller or Lack that goes. So let's get creative here! What would you be willing to do to keep Lack? Would you give away mid-level picks/prospects to a team that would just take Miller's contract off our hands? Would that even be enough? Would you eat half of Miller's salary to fascilitate a trade? Those ideas are not ideal and are both a big pill for Benning to swallow, but neither is trading Lack for a 2nd when Miller is clearly in a decline and coming off a significant injury. So tell me (and Benning, because you know he's basing his decision solely on what he reads on CDC!) how bad you want to hear those EDDIE chants at Rogers Arena this year! Personally, I'd trade a mid-late pick and a C+ prospect if someone would take Miller at full value. I'd also absorb half of Miller's contract if it meant we would get back something close to Talbot's return. The money isn't an issue if the alternative is to keep Miller. This way we still pay the same money but get to keep Lack over Miller and probably get a better return for 2 years of Miller @ $3.0M per, rather than 1 year of Lack at $1.1M. Thoughts?
  15. [Trade] VAN aquires Derek Dorsett

    Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 3m VAN trades 3rd round pick acquired in Kesler deal to NYR for Derek Dorsett. So add Dorsett to VAN's return on Kesler. We got a 3rd from ANA?? EDIT: Ahhh we swapped 3rds...