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  1. Lol would be fun to watch but god forbid the other team got the puck
  2. Obviously I'd love to have EK on the team. I wouldn't want to trade for him though. You don't gut your roster/prospects buying a guy like EK when you're one of the worst teams in the league. If he wants to come here as a free agent then I'd be interested. But I'd like to see another year from him before deciding. This is a huge season for him.
  3. It's because in this case, past performace is not a true indication of future success. EK has very likely started to trend downwards. That playoff run last year was peak performance. But injuries took their toll and he was a step behind this year. EK will be 29 at the end of the month and will be unrestricted at 30. Do you really want to pay a boat load of assets to acquire him now and then sign him for 8 years and $80M+ at the age of 30? I know this fan base is dying for a true # 1 D but at what cost? And why now when we're clearly not ready to compete? I know the headline "Erik Karlsson traded to Vancouver" is pretty sexy but so was " Vancouver signs Messier". Sexy isn't always smart.
  4. Like I said, sky's the limit for this kid. But the fact that he hasn't played much C would suggest that he's mosy likely going to be a winger.
  5. Calgary doesn't have a 1st this year do they? Not like I'm a fan of trading down but Hamilton plus their 1st for our 1st might make a little sense. Pretty sure they lost it in the Hamonic deal tho.
  6. At this point, I think it's a stretch to expect Pettersson to develop into a 1C. He hasn't really played any C this year. The sky's the limit for this kid but I expect him to be a winger.
  7. A Question of Value

    If Jake turns into a perennial 20-25 goal scorer, which could very well happen, that will actually be quite the haul for Benning. It's tough to say what will happen with Juolevi, your guess is as good as mine. But hopefully he's training like a mad man this offseason. He doesn't NEED to make the roster next season, but it would go a long way towards shutting up the naysayers. Obviously defensemen take longer than forwards, especially someone who isn't as physically mature as some of his peers, but I really have no idea what we have in him. If he turns out to be a solid 2nd pairing guy, we should all be pretty happy about that.
  8. Even signing him as a free agent will end up being silly. I know he'll get major term/$ and will be worth it for a bit but you know that's going to be an anchor in 4 years. I'd love to have him in our lineup but I'm 100% against any long term commitments to players not named Brock at this point.
  9. Honestly, it would be a much smarter move to just trade Tanev for prospects/picks and keep our 2019 1st. I'm also curious to see how Hutton bounces back. I've heard reports that he's really ramped his training up. Right now he has next to no value. We're better off holding onto to him to see if he bounces back.
  10. I'm not sure Bennett is worth the 37th OA pick. I think I'd rather let JB take a shot at a scoring forward or defenseman. The 37th OA, when in Benning's hands, has even more value IMO and there's a chance Bennett doesn't end up being a whole lot better than Granlund (ours). I just hate trading high picks...
  11. Agreed. Although, just because of his age, I'd say he has more value than Tanev.
  12. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    That would make sense. I gave the album a quick listen. The production was waaaay different. Not that I don't think he can make it as a rapper but his production was definitely half the package. I found myself wanting to like the beats on FEVER. They're definitely a little abstract though so it's hard to process the 1st time through.
  13. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    Alright, I apologize if I was a little aggressive. I try not to be that guy on CDC. My only advice would be to actually give the album a chance before passing judgement. Especially since you like one of his previous albums. So you know he's capable of putting out music that you like. I'm guilty of it too though. I download so many albums, it's hard to give them all a fair shake. I find myself hitting beat sucks, next...and that doesn't give the artist a real chance. There's been so many times that I flipped through albums and thought I didn't like them but then I got a real opportunity to listen to the album front to back and it was then that I truly appreciated it's greatness. Anyways, sorry if I was being a dick haha.
  14. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    Interesting. I was a huge Black Milk fan back in the day but he kind of faded off into obscurity. I totally expected him to be the new J Dilla. Wonder what happened? I'll def check the album out though, thanks!
  15. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    Hmmm I didn't know about him ripping anyone off? As for the beat, if it was truly a Kanye beat the he would have needes clearance to put it on his album. As for his new album, he's so talented but there a couple songs where he's just trying too hard. Like on his new hit...I think it's called Everyday.