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  1. Easily? Very least? I like what I see so far but it's far too early to make claims like those. Let's at least wait until the quarter season mark. We should have a pretty good idea of our team by then.
  2. Sure but we'd be a good $4M or so over the cap.
  3. One thing to take into account is our cap. There isn't really a player on our roster that we can unload to fit Duchene's salary. The only real possibility is Tanev and I don't think either side has interest in a deal like that. Colorado would have to eat half of Duchene's salary and take a player like Baertschi to make it happen.
  4. Not that I have a problem with the suspension, but can anyone recall a play where it was 50/50 whether or not a Canucks player would get suspended and did NOT end up getting suspended? Seems like our players get suspended 100% of the time. But when the tables are turned, the opposition probably gets suspended 25% of the time, if that. Makes you wonder...
  5. But they struggle massively with their zone entries and don't get set up nearly as often as they need to to be a real option on the PP. As for the perfect pass, I just don't see it anymore. I see them forcing passes into/through the slot that usually end up getting picked off. Either that or their target has a guy draped all over him and can't manage a shot on goal. There isn't really anything to like about them on the PP to be honest. IMO of course.
  6. I agree. Hutton just doesn't seem quick/decisive enough out there. Part of it might be a confidence thing but he isn't very poised poised with the puck and his compete level is questionable at times. Stetcher is a much better option and I'd be game to try out Pouliot as well. The other glaringly obvious thing to me is the Sedins. I don't want their molasses-like skating anywhere near the PP. They are completely ineffective in that role. The Sedins are essentially two thirds of our 4th line at this point, which is fine. Give them their share of O zone starts 5 on 5 and they'll do decent enough in that role. But there's no sense running 3 PP units just because we don't want to hurt any feelings. They're professionals. They saw this day coming. So let's get on with it already.
  7. A pending UFA who has a 50% shot at best of re-signing, a pending RFA that will be due for a big raise if he's worth re-signing and a 2nd round pick for GL? I'd gladly take my chances with that. Something's got to give on our backend. Yes, Edler is injured right now but we'll need to make for Juolevi, Pouliot and hopefully someone in Utica. If we can do that and swap Baer for GL in the process, that's a big win IMO. Sakic won't trade him though.
  8. This thread is a mess. I didn't read your whole post but I like your trade proposal. Which probably means Colorado wouldn't.
  9. Well said. Markstrom was bad tonight from the get go. There's no way Giordano's goal should have went it. But Markstrom wasn't the reason why we lost. Our PP was atrocious. Absolutely pathetic. Calgary practically gifted us this one and our special teams blew it. Then we come back with the most uninspired period I've seen in a while in the 2nd. The game was over at that point. Give Markstrom a breather next game and for the love of god, take the Sedins off the PP.
  10. This has to be the Sedins last year. They aren't even PP players anymore. They can't shoot, skate, hit, defend. The only thing they can do is pass and even that isn't what it used to be. I wouldn't be opposed to Daniel on the PP just because his shot is a little better than Henrik's but there's no reason to have both of them out on special teams. Let's hope Travis learned something from WD last year. The time to make a change is now.
  11. For me, it's ticket prices and atmosphere (or lack there of) that keeps me away from the arena and IMO they go hand in hand. I lived in Victoria until about 3 years ago and I would always plan a trip over to the mainland each year to see a game but since I moved over here, I've only been to one game. The atmosphere sucks. Plain and simple. The product does not match the price. I just can't justify dropping $100+ to see a game (in it's current state) when I can watch it for free in the comfort of my own home. But the price wouldn't be as much of an issue if the product was better and in our situation, that's a tough problem to solve. I see other arenas on TV and how the atmosphere differs city to city. Their product is night and day to ours. So how do we get that? Winning is a good start. A winning franchise is much easier to market and will surely sell more tickets. But how do we get the right people to buy those tickets? That's our biggest problem. Ownership needs to start building the kind of culture that we see in Toronto, New York, Montreal etc and it has to start with the youth. As it stands right now, the average family can't afford to go to the games. Dropping $500 for a night out in your own city is absurd. I don't see ownership doing this but if they want things to improve then they need to drastically slash ticket prices. Once they establish a highly marketable product, they can raise ticket prices again but until then, they need to make it affordable for families to go to the games. They need to engrain their product into these kids like a McDonalds happy meal. It's a process that will take a long time but eventually the Canucks will be the hottest ticket in town. But it's such a massive overhaul, I just don't see ownership having any appetite for it. So sadly, I think what you see is what you get. Although, I do see things improving a bit once we have a good team again.
  12. I mean, he's played fairly well but he has no points and is a -1. 4 of our other defenseman have a point and are in the +. Our whole D core is playing well right now. Even Del Zotto, who is the only other dman without a point and in the negative is playing well. But Tanev has far and away been our best defender through 2 games.
  13. I look forward to turning on the radio to someone talking about the Canucks, or scrolling through my twitter feed and seeing the newest Canucks Army article. They bring me closer to the game. I may not agree with 100% of their opinions, but why would I want it that way? If I did, I'd just hangout in my head all day. After all, that's one broadcast I never disagree with. Maybe one day this franchise will move to another city and then you guys can finally be happy, when there isn't a Canucks team for anyone to talk about. Or maybe you're just waiting to get hired by 1040 yourself, since they're all a bunch of hacks and you'd surely bring more listeners? Until then I'll just keep going about my life, enjoying the coverage we currently have.
  14. Lol...bro...come on. You destroyed both the 1040 crew and CA in your post. Dems fighting words.
  15. Wow, another 1040 hate thread. Coooool.