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  1. I voted for Subban but I agree. His size and lack of defensive awareness require him to gain a lot more experience at the professional level before he's ready to make the jump. If Stetcher goes down to injury, he's my guy but otherwise I want him getting top minutes in Utica until he's shown that he's made significant strides on the defensive side of the puck.
  2. I feel Subban doesn't get a lot of respect as a prospect. Obviously his defense has been suspect but he's far and away our best offensive defensive prospect. It isn't even close. If he improves his defense a bit, he could be a star. I just don't see Will Lockwood ever being a star. So what do you value more, high ceiling or low floor? I'd take the high ceiling guy every time.
  3. He definitely hasn't found his stride yet in the NHL. But he was a finisher in the AHL and if he's going to have an NHL career, that's the type of player he will need to be. That's his strength. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing more of that form him this year.
  4. I like Boucher and also liked Vey. Funny thing is they would actually make good linemates. But they're different types of players. Vey was a good set up man, while Boucher is a finisher. Guys that put the puck in the net are always going to be valued higher, even though they usually need a good set up man to succeed. Vey was also traded for a 2nd round pick, which I believe is part of the reason a lot of fans weren't happy with him. That and WD giving him more ice time than some fans thought was warranted. I would argue that injuries played a huge part in that, but I'd rather not beat a dead horse. Regardless, this was a good signing. I think most people thought Boucher's salary would come in around 800K. Not a huge difference but every dollar counts in a cap world.
  5. He is the trigger man. He needs a good set up man. Gagner would probably be a good match. They could make up 2/3s of our 4th line if we decide to go with a 4th line that can score. Maybe Gaunce as the other winger to add some defense/someone to go into the corners? But TG/JB may want to play Gagner in the top 9. Side note - I find it odd that we haven't heard anything about Dorsett. I'm starting to wonder if he's going to need more time to heal?
  6. I'm not comparing him to those players. My point is that there have been countless players that were labelled as soft, out of shape or lacking motivation and went on to have great careers. If you listened to Boucher's interview today on 1040, you'd know that fitness (mainly cardio) has been his # 1 priority this offseason. So it's fair to expect him to come into camp in the best shape of his life. As far as motivation goes, I guess we'll have to wait and see. It's easy to see that he should have plenty of motivation. But only time will tell. The kid definitely deserved the contract he signed though and there's absolutely no risk on our part.
  7. Sure but how many great players in the history of the game were considered soft and lacked motivation at times? Boucher posses a skill set that is sorely lacking in our organization. You don't just give up on him like that. He showed glimpses of becoming an extremely valuable player last year and he signed for pretty much league min. If it doesn't work out then we can move on, no loss. But it would be horrible asset management to just let him walk without seeing what he can do in training camp.
  8. Are you serious right now? You're complaining about Boucher on a dirt cheap 1 year contract? He's already better than Chaput, Megna and pirate leg Rodin. Not to mention he's younger, with significantly more upside and can actually score, something we are desperately in need of.
  9. Report: Isles offered Hamonic, top pick and prospect for Duchene If true, what was Sakic thinking? That's good value for Duchene IMO. Well, assuming the top pick was a 1st. The article goes on to say that Sakic wanted "much more". Duchene is going to have to have one hell of a bounce back season to warrant the kind of return Sakic is hoping for.
  10. I picked Subban. Possibly the most offensively skilled defenseman we've ever drafted. If he can figure out how to play passable defense, he'll be a star.
  11. Cheeeeaaaap. I know you can't really compare him to Bo but for arguments sake, does the extra offence cancel out the fact that Bo plays center? Those are some damn good numbers he posted...
  12. I'm not sure why anyone would even visit his site in the first place, let alone start a thread about it...
  13. That would be quite the ninja move. I don't see if being any lower than $5M. Even $5M would be a good price IMO.
  14. Jamie Campbell is up there if you're unfortunate enough to be a Jays fan...
  15. LOL when was the last time you watched a game Alf?