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  1. Is that even looking ahead though? Or is it just a constant/unnecessary feeling of impending doom?
  2. Why have it negotiated in your contract then? That makes no sense.
  3. It's irrelevant because it's 2 different players in 2 different situations and we're SIX games into the season! You guys are overreacting. If it we're 25 games into the season and he still hadn't played, then maybe we could be having this conversation. But to say we've give up on him or that the relationship is ruined or anything close to that, 6 games into the season...that's just overkill.
  4. I think it's ok to say a guy needs to be in better shape. It's happened countless times over the years and these are grown men, they can handle it. Plus with the way Vancouver media is, they'd want WD's head on a stick if he just continually scratched Tryamkin for no apparent reason. Also, WD didn't say Tryamkin doesn't fit the team's culture, he implied that he wasn't in the kind of shape that he needed to be in and his reasoning for not just throwing him into a game anyways is because of the message it would send to the rest of the team...the type of team culture that would create by rewarding a player like that over a player that busted his ass all summer. So I think you're reading into this a little too much S'all. For all we know, Tryamkin might be 100% ok with building up his conditioning in practice. He might take full responsibility for all of this but would just rather take corrective measures in Vancouver, rather than another foreign city/country in Utica.
  5. Also, how exactly are we treating him? All we know is that he hasn't played yet. The rest is just speculation.
  6. I don't know the answer to that but...kind of an irrelevant comparison, no?
  7. Any word on the lineup tonight? I don't see the harm in playing Tryamkin, even if it's just for one game. If anything, it will do more harm by continuing to bench him. If WD plays him and he looks out of place, then it will make a lot more sense if he doesn't see any action for a while. But right now we're left speculating and that can be a distraction to the team and/or fuel the Tryamkin to the KHL talk.
  8. S'all buddy, you're taking some heat in this thread haha. I agree that Tryamkin shouldn't be vilified for exersizing an option in his contract. He's within his rights to do so. Sure it would be nice if every player was a robot and did what management thought was best for the team, but such is life. I don't agree with your stance on WD though. Not saying he's the best coach in the world but he doesn't deserve that fire that is spewed in his direction (IMO). Babcock was the same way in Detroit. If you weren't 100% NHL ready then you wouldn't play, simple as that. We've seen too many young players thrown into the spotlight far too soon, it's not generally a recipe for success. We need to be patient with these kids and when they're ready, they'll be in the lineup for good.
  9. I don't know...our PP actually looked OK tonight. I'd hate to take Larsen off of it. I think this is an easy decision for our next game. Just flip flop Sbisa and Tryamkin and see what happens. I think they can alternate with eachother depending on which one is playing better at any given time.
  10. Tryamkin has to get into the next game. Sbisa needs a time out to think about what he's done!
  11. Uh oh...empty net and Eriksson is out there..
  12. Whatever. Perfect time to sub Sbisa out now for Tryamkin.
  13. I guess that 1st statement is true because I thought Vey created a lot of scoring chances when he was playing. He was pretty shifty along the boards and was able to find the open man. I thought Weber was bad but I don't fault WD for playing him because the only other option was Pedan and IMO he isn't/wasn't NHL ready.
  14. Sbisa has played very well (minus the one pizza last night), is the known commodity and has a lot of experience. So right now Sbisa>Tryamkin. Larsen plays a different side and is our only real offensive specialist, so I don't think it's a matter of Larsen vs Tryamkin. As long as Stetcher is in Utica, Larsen is in the lineup. It's amazing how our D has gone from one of the weakest in the NHL to a position of strength in just a year. Props to JB for that. It will be interesting to see how JB/WD keep everyone happy. If we could unload Sbisa, that would be huge. Until then, this is a good problem to have.