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  1. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    I don't see what the issue is here. The only difference is that Pedan would be in for Edler. Is Alex Edler really that much of a difference maker to a team that isn't going anywhere this year? And it's not like the guy is dead. He'll be back when he's recovered. Until then guys like Sbisa, Hutton and Biega get more ice time, which is great for their development and we also get an extended look at Pedan. Sounds pretty good to me.  
  2. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    You're contradicting yourself. If we're going to tank, why wouldn't we trade our desirable UFAs? The whole point of 'tanking' is to transition to a younger team that will eventually be better than the team we currently have. I'm not saying we can't sign Hamhuis in the offseason but tanking = finishing near the bottom of the standings to improve our drafting position and acquiring assets for aging players, especially UFAs.    
  3. [Discussion] Hamhuis. What To Do.

    Just so everyone is clear - Hammer could easily get $12M over 3 years as a UFA, so if he were to re-sign here (or come back after being traded), it would be for somewhere in the same ballpark as what Sbisa is getting paid. I'd say the best hometown discount we're going to get is $10M over 3 years. Or maybe 2 years at $7M if he'd be willing to accept less term. But he won't be accepting a dime less. So for those of you throwing out these $2M or $2.5 contract suggestions, it ain't gonna happen. There's also the very real possibility that Hamhuis gets traded to a contender and has a great playoffs, thus raising his UFA value. So I just wanted to throw a reality check out there to a few people. Cheers!  
  4. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    lol you make us sound like the mid 80s Oilers. Edit: I appreciate the enthusiasm though!
  5. No way Hammer re-signs for less than $3.0M/yr. Bieksa just got $4.0M. Come on people!
  6. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    Totally agree with this. Watching how fearless Horvat has become and how improved his skating is, it's a thing of beauty.
  7. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    Through the ups and downs, I'll always enjoy watching the Canucks, and there's been some terrible times (Messier anyone?!). But this is the 1st time I can say that I don't mind watching us lose. I don't get frustrated like in years past. I'm just enjoying the ride this time around.    
  8. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    As it stands right now, we're 9th worst in the NHL. The crazy thing is 7 of those 9 teams are Canadian!
  9. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    I don't mind Dorsett. Yes, he's clearly overpaid by a million or so, but he's a good guy to have around the kids. He works hard, sticks up for his teammates and can actual keep up. I'd take him over Higgins, Prust and Weber any day.
  10. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Torst for a 2nd was pretty sweet.
  11. Nobody expected the Canucks to be a 100 point team last year, but when we were and then subsequently bounced by Calgary in the 1st round, it was a huge disappointment. A successful regular season brings certain expectations in the playoffs and the Canucks were unable to meet those expectations, as unrealistic they may have been. To me, this season has a different feel. I think we're right where we're supposed to be in the standings and more importantly, in our rebuild. When I watch the games this year I obviously root for us to do well and I'm happy when we win but I'm just as happy when we lose. I love watching the progression of our youth and see great things ahead for this franchise, but we need to stay on course. This more than likely means missing the playoffs this year and a top 10 pick in the upcoming draft. I know Benning has stated that his goal is to make the playoffs, which is true. I wouldn't expect him to say anything else. But his actions speak louder than his words and they show that he's committed to the rebuild over anything else. If during the course of this rebuild, the youth progress faster than expected and we make the playoffs, that's great, we'll all be thrilled. But by saying his goal is to make the playoffs, that doesn't mean he's going to live or die with his veterans leading the way (except the Sedins of course). This is a new culture, a new team and an exciting time at that. Personally, I could care less about the playoffs this year. Sure I would love to speed up our prospects development and have them all overachieve, but realistically, this is going to take time and I'm just happy that our youth are being given an opportunity. So what do you think has been more enjoyable? A 100 point team and playoff birth last year or the youth movement and likely no playoffs this year? Personally, I'm enjoying the ride this year.
  12. My step dad is always calling him 'Bucklin', so I started to doubt my own pronunciation. Anyways, I googled it and found this. Pretty funny  
  13. Making the playoffs this season...A good thing?

    I was going to say I agree with the previous poster about reuniting Vrbata with the Sedins to hopefully increase his trade value, but I'm 2nd guessing that logic now. Benning and company have sent a really positive message to the players and fans this year. Work hard, play well, get promoted. With how they've handled Higgins and Prust, they've demonstrated that they aren't going to just throw players out there for the sake of boosting their trade value. We can question this logic if we want, as we obviously want to receive value in any trade for Vrbata, but we can't question the message that management has sent to it's players, as it speaks to a franchise with integrity that all players desire to be a part of. So in the short term, we may lose out on a bit of trade value for players, but we will be reaping the benefits in the long term.  
  14. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    Makes sense. No reason to trade for him now with significant salary still owing. JB can only retain salary on 2 more players. That would be better used in Hamhuis/Vrbata trades. Hopefully someone bites by the TDL but I wouldn't be surprised if Utica is his home for the rest of the year.
  15. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    It's actually quite interesting how quickly CDC has turned on Brandon Prust, myself included. But it seems like the fan base and JB are both on the same page here, as well as with the team as a whole. We have a clear cut direction with this team and it's refreshing to say the least. This is shaping up to be a no non-sense team. You're either part of the problem or part of the solution and there's no in between. I like it!