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  1. I wouldn't just consider Stanley Cup seasons to be the only bar for success. Chicago is a consistent threat, year in, year out. They are one of the most successful franchises in the NHL. But one thing Edmonton has on Chicago is the timing of these contracts. Both players won't even be 30 when their contracts expire. Where as Toews and Kane will be 33/34 and definitely on the decline.
  2. I'm not sure I follow. The cap is actually higher now than it was when Toews/Kane signed, so it will impact the Oilers less today than it has impacted the Hawks every day up until the start of last season. It now impacts both of those teams equally.
  3. I remember growing up a Pavel Bure fan. A had almost every card of his (except the really expensive ones). I sold them all for $550 about 17 years ago. Those were the days! I still have all of my rookie cards though, which unfortunately aren't worth much, as they range from about 1988 to 2000 and were so heavily mass produced. I'm getting off topic though. Back to the I collected Pavel Bure cards, right...Yann freakin Suave?!? But....why??
  4. I would tend to agree, but he is 23 years old. Obviously I'm always down for a free prospect but I just don't see a fit. If he wants to be our #1 C in Utica and go from there, then sure. But I don't think he cracks our roster ATM. Here's an article from a couple weeks ago that states he will not be signing with the Canucks. Take it for what it's worth. Personally, I'd much rather see the Canucks go after Will Butcher. Although that doesn't appear to be likely.
  5. What kind of dummy is going to go out and buy Canucks tickets because Bo Horvat re-signed? There's probably a 0.5% chances that he holds out. We all know Bo will be a Canuck come opening day. What difference does it make whether he re-signed on July 1st or Oct 1st? Neither date will dictate whether or not I buy a ticket. I don't know...I guess it could just be a marketing ploy for the fair-weather fans. "Hey, look! The Canucks are in the news. I think I'll go buy me some tickets....derp".
  6. Middle 6? At 21 years of age he's already a premier 2nd line center and would be a top line center on a lot of teams. There is absolutely zero chances of him regressing into a 3rd line center. Look at the playoffs he just had. LD is THAT good. I understand your case for trading LD for a massive haul, but Edmonton is in win now mode and when you look at the blueprint that Pittsburgh designed, Edmonton is well on their way to being a perennial SC threat. Obviously they'll run into cap trouble sooner than later, but as Chicago has shown, that can be solved by unloading their 2nd tier players. Edmonton will need to do a better job drafting though, so they constantly have a new wave of players ready to step in like Chicago has had. One other thing to note - McDavid's and LD's combined salary is the same as Toews' and Kane's. So it's been proven that this model is sustainable.
  7. Touche. Although, RNH is much better defensively, so he wouldn't exactly replace what RNH brings to the team.
  8. You won't find a 45 point center for $3M.
  9. Probably $5.5M. I wouldn't go higher.
  10. I'd do a Sutter for RNH swap, 1 for 1. They might be able to do better though.
  11. Exactly what I thought he would sign for. Fair for both parties. Edmonton is going to be scary for a long time. They're a top pairing defenseman away from being the best team in the league IMO.
  12. I guess you're right in that if anyone can use McDavid's contract as a comparible, it's LD. But McDavid is the most valuable player in the world and his jersey sales alone will likely pay off his entire salary. LD just doesn't have the same marketablity, so there's more than just the 20% point difference that comes into play. Also, I don't think Edmonton is trying to get LD at half of McDavid's salary. It's more likely that the LD camp is using your agrument and that's why there's a hold up. But I fully expect LD's contract to come in around $8-$8.5M.
  13. I don't think we can simply just state that Pastrnak's success was due to his linemates. As a comparison, Jamie Benn scored 69 points playing with Tyler Seguin, who is arguable better than any of Pastrnak's linemates. So I think we need to give credit where credit is due, although you are right in that it is only 1 year. However, I'd would argue that the list of 70 point scoring 21 year old players that went on to have disappointing careers is pretty much non existent. While I'm in no rush to trade JV at his lowest value, trading JV + for a player like Pastrnak is a no brainer IMO.
  14. Too much for a 21 year old 70 point scorer? Guddy is a UFA after this year and JV's trade value is maybe that of a mid to late 2nd round pick. There's just no way that would be enough on our end. I'd throw in Goldobin and even that might not be enough. Guys like Pastrnak never go on the market. So I have my doubts about this report. But if he is traded, the price will be STEEP. Surely more than a soon to be UFA #4 dman and a B prospect. Edit: Just to put the kind of season he just had into perspective, 4 out of the last 5 seasons we haven't had a 70 point scorer.
  15. That would be a no brainer for us. Doubt it's enough though. I'd be willing to add another piece but BOS would likely prefer quality over quantity.