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  1. I don't think today's events change anything for potential suitors. If anything it just further solidifies that Buffalo is going to have to sell low if they wish to move on. So I would still kick the can and see how low Buffalo is willing to go. I know JB is trying to build a character team but I think he would make an exception for Kane in hopes that our leadership group can turn him around, given that he's a local kid and exactly the type of player (on ice) that he is reportedly seeking. Plus, half of CDC was 100% against Lucic because of his alleged lack of character but JB still went after him on 2 seperate occassions in the last year and a bit. So I think he might still be interested in Kane for the right price.
  2. Gaunce is already better than Granlund IMO. He plays a heavy game and has better speed than people think. He is going to be a lock in our bottom 6 this year.
  3. I'm not saying Biega isn't replaceable. I'm saying that we know he can handle himself in the NHL. We don't know that about Pedan and Larsen. You're right in that they are all replaceable, but I don't want to be in a situation where we have to play some pylon 40 games so we can meet the expansion draft requirement. Biega can at least handle himself at this level. There still may be a trade available for Pedan. Something like when we traded for Adam Clendening, where we would get someone younger back. But I'm sticking to my guns on this one. Biega will be in the lineup come opening night. Also, why on earth would we ever carry 14 forwards? My point was that we may carry 8 Dmen for a short period of time, but we will end up with 7 D and 13 F. So something has to give and IMO it isn't going to be Biega. It doesn't matter that JB traded a pick for Pedan. If he doesn't have a better camp than Biega, he is gone.
  4. Yes but that's assuming both are capable of playing 40+ games (and contributing) in the NHL next year and stay healthy enough to do it. We know what Biega brings to the table. We know he can play at the NHL level. We don't know that about Larsen and Pedan. We can make all the assumptions that we want. But there's also a chance that both players turn out to be worse than Biega. Only time will tell, but I think Biega will be staying, Sbisa will be traded and one of Larsen and Pedan will be eventually waived. Of the two, Pedan is more likely to be that guy given our need for a dman that can play on the PP. Edit: I also don't believe we'll carry 8 dmen for long. 2 weeks max to start the season.
  5. I agree that Pedan has the skillset/physical atributes that you look for in a dman but he did not impress at all last year, albeit in a small sample size with the Canucks. One other thing that you aren't taking into account is the expansion draft. If we lose Biega to waivers then we have to expose another dman that will have played in 40 games next year or 70 games total in the 2 years leading up to the expansion draft. They also need to be under contract for the 17-18 season. Who else do we have (and can afford to get rid of) that will meet that criteria? So Biega isn't going anywhere. He only needs to suit up in 12 games next year to meet that criteria. He will be our 7th dman all year and Sbisa will be traded prior to the start of the season.
  6. We clearly see this 2 different ways. I think you're looking at it like it's a guarantee that Kane rights the ship, puts his off ice issues behind him and realizes his offensive potential. I'd say those odds are 50/50 at best. Probably not even that good. Is that worth giving up a 15-20 goal scorer who is our best PKer and a leader in the room, who also has the most team friendly contract on our roster, plus a #5 Dman and a 2nd round pick? That seems like a HUGE gamble to me. No?
  7. I'm all for going after Kane at a reasonable (discounted) price but chances are 50/50 that Hansen outscores Kane next year and maybe even the year after that. So that's probably not a trade that helps us today and tomorrow (future years) isn't a given either. So I'd much rather hang onto Hansen. I would however offer Sbisa, Grenier/Zalewski and a 5th or 6th for Kane. But I don't think I'm willing to include our 2nd. We need to start holding onto more of our picks. If that isn't enough to land Kane then JB can look elsewhere. The only way he trades for Kane is if it's a clear buy low situation. The local media would crucify him if it wasn't.
  8. I didn't vote because I'm torn. I believe Grenier is an NHL caliber role player and ideally he would be on our 4th line to start the year, but the odds are probably against it. It's more likely that he finds himself on waivers to start the season unless JB feels Virtanen needs some AHL seasoning (which I would be in favour of) or if one of our wingers go down to injury.
  9. If JB traded that package for a 2nd line LW he'd be fired on the spot. You don't create 2 holes PLUS throw in our 2nd best draft pick just to fill one other hole. If JB wanted a 60 point player then Tanev alone would net that. I'm pretty sure he has a NTC though. That and I don't JB has any interest whatsoever in trading Tanev. We'd be better off keeping our assets and scooping up one of the better left over UFAs. They won't get you 60 points but even 40 points would be better than throwing Burrows or Virtanen on the 2nd line.
  10. Something that hasn't really been talked about much lately is that there's still a good chance that Virtanen starts next year in Utica where he will get top line minutes and a chance to work on his defensive game. I think Travis Green is exactly what he needs to become a more complete player. This would also give a guy like Grenier a chance to show his worth at the NHL level. Personally, I think Grenier has what it takes to be a bottom 6 NHL forward for a long time. He hasn't looked out of place at all in the few games he's played so far and probably deserved to get into more games. I also believe Gaunce is ready, so I don't see him being sent down. Like previous posters have mentioned, it is pretty much 100% certain that we will have to carry 8 dmen to start the season. I've mentioned this in previous posts - Biega isn't going anywhere as he is likely our only eligible option on D to leave unprotected for the expansion draft. In an ideal world, Sbisa will be traded ASAP. But if there aren't any takers, we will lose one of Pedan or Larsen to waivers.
  11. Haha I didn't read a word of the original post. Just tuned in to see how many negatives it got. -23 and counting...not bad.
  12. I completely agree. Clearly it was a make or break year for Vey. Imagine if they constantly rotated him between 4C and press box like 90% of CDC believes should have happened and then he went on to have success with another NHL club next year?! Those very same 90% of CDC would be calling for a complete re-haul of Canucks brass.
  13. Sbisa, one of Grenier/Zalewski and a 6th. I really don't think Buffalo is going to get much more than that without taking on a bad contract and/or someone else's problem child.
  14. I don't trade Baertschi in any deal for Kane, let alone with Guance or Sbisa as well. This trade needs to involve Sbisa due to salary implications. I would be prepared to add Zalewski, Grenier or Pedan and maybe a 6th round pick. That's a fair offer IMO. Buffalo is not going yo get fair market value for Kane, so they can take something like that or they can keep him and hope he grows up. But I won't give up our young promising forwards for him.