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  1. I don't know about that. I'd say there's probably more Oilers fans than Leafs.
  2. Totally. I've been a die hard Jays fan as long as I've been a Canucks fan (1994). Needless to say, there's been some tough times over the years! But you don't pick your favorite teams, they pick you. Part of me is at peace with Jays start this year. As amazing as their starting pitching is, their bats are old/declining fast and their bullpen is BAD. Time for a rebuild. But their awful start to the season has given me a chance to watch some playoff hockey, something I've always had a hard time doing when the Canucks are out of it. Oddly enough, it's made me a bit of a Leafs fan. Never thought i'd see the day....
  3. Deserved? I didn't know teams deserve different levels of goaltending? Miller is actually a downgrade in net compared to the goalies this team has had over the last 10 years, although he did play admirably this year. However, he was a disappointment in the 1st 2 years of his contract IMO.
  4. I've heard this before but wasn't sure if it was true. He's too young to play in AHL? If that's the case then yes, loan him to a Euro team in a men's league. What a stupid rule though. They need to change that. Every player should be eligible for the AHL in the 2nd year after their draft. Makes no sense...
  5. I agree. Let's not rush Juolevi. I want him playing at least 1 full season in Utica. There's really no reason to rush him, even if he shows he can handle the jump at training camp. Leave him down in the AHL. We're going to lose a lot of games next year. There's really no benefit to having him up with us.
  6. I think his NTC kicks in this summer too. I doubt it happens though, especially with the loss of Tryankin. But it's definitely something that management needs to consider. I believe Biega would qualify as our dman to expose if we were to trade Tanev and protect Sbisa. Realistically, this team is going nowhere in the next 2 years and those are probably Tanev's peak years. But we still need a veteran presence for our young dmen. Given that Juolevi is a thinking man's defenseman, Tanev would be a great mentor for him. Obviously it would be nice to cash in for guys like Edler and Tanev but I just don't see it happening.
  7. Lack of commitment to the Canucks yes. But he showed that he is committed to putting the work in. But unfortunately he didn't like what he saw and chose what he thought was the more attractive option instead. We can't fault him, although it sure does sting.
  8. That's not what he's saying at all. What he's saying is what happened at the beginning of the year was a thing of the past. Tryamkin paid for it by sitting in the press box until he was in the kind of shape he needed to be in. Then once he got into the line up, especially towards the end of the year, WD prioritized playing vets over developing our youth even if the games meant nothing. Not exactly conducive to our rebuild.
  9. It's been one many languages have you learned in a year Al?
  10. I guess I'm late to the party. Can't help but be extremely disappointed by this news. We may want to strongly consider drafting a defenseman now, depending on how the lottery goes. But this is a major shot to the gut of our rebuild. So what happens with Sbisa? Personally, I don't want Juolevi playing in the NHL next year. So I hope LV doesn't take Sbisa. Although, maybe that would be a good thing and further the youth movement. McEneny could possibly slot in? But I think Juolevi would be better served playing a year in the AHL. No sense in rushing him. This also gives Gudbranson a little more leverage I contract negotiations. His stock just went up a bit. Crappy way to start the day. Smell ya later Nikita.
  11. I hope you brought your umbrella cuz the $&!# storm is coming.
  12. I didn't say he was a perennial 20 goal scorer, I said he was a 20 goal threat. Over his last 5 seasons he's averaged just shy of 18 goals per 82 games. We're splitting hairs here...
  13. I haven't been following your exchange with @alfstonker but I'm also part of the group that changed tune after the TDL. Up until we traded Hansen and Burrows, I thought WD was doing a decent job with what he was given. I didn't agree with his PP deployment, as I don't think Daniel and Henrik should both be on the same PP unit due to the fact that they're both set up men and Henrik can't shoot off the sidewall. I also didn't agree with his deployment of Megna, but that was about it and at that stage of the season I didn't think it was enough to warrant him being fired. But after the TDL, having continually put Chaput with the Sedins when it was clearly not working, having benched/demoted Goldobin multiple times, overplaying Edler and Miller like we were still in the hunt for the playoffs and being too stubborn to change the PP even when games didn't matter any more. That was enough for me. So like I said, I didn't see the entire exchange you two had but if @alfstonker mentioned something about the last 20 games changing his mind on Willie, I can see where he's coming from. I felt the same way...
  14. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst? 5th would be absolute worst case scenario. We have 2nd best odds at picking 1/2. So I sure hope we don't slide to 5th. You may expect it but I'll be pissed.
  15. It's too hard to say right now. We don't know how these guys are going to pan out. However, at this point we have to be pretty happy that we have Juolevi and are about to add another top prospect. Let's support our guys!