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  1. Crack for Jack?

    Think about it though: The Sedins retire. The Canucks draft Quinn Hughes, potential star defenseman. Vancouver hosts the 2019 NHL draft. Jim Benning, in his career defining moment, steals the show by trading his 1st round pick (6th overall), along with Ben Hutton and a 7th round pick ( JK obviously more than that) for the 1st overall pick, selection BROTHER Jack Hughes, seamlessly transitioning from the Sedin Twins. The story writes itself. Is it really that far fetched? Maybe not?
  2. This kid has elite skating, tons of hockey sense and by all accounts is character guy. He was the 2nd highest rated skater in the draft behind Dahlin. He was a point a game player for the 2nd half of this season, as the youngest player in the league. I think he deserves a little credit, don't you?
  3. Lol hey man, remember the days that he was minus a few hundred? He's been clawing his way back towards respectablility. He's +185 now
  4. Totally. It happens every year. Normally teams aren't as clumsy about it as Montreal but they go "off board" every year. But they're picking off their board, not yours.
  5. Everything I've heard about this pick has been the complete opposite. Listening to him interview, he's very well spoken, he sounds confident and driven. There's no telling if we picked the 2nd best defenseman in the draft but Hughes is no Troy Stetcher. He has a MASSIVE offensive ceiling. Also, we still have 5 more picks. Benning will also be targeting players with size. Hughes fills a different need. We've literally gotten zero offense from our D over the last 3 or 4 years.
  6. Pretty sure they already said they were keeping the pick
  7. Lol honerable mention to MDZ and Gagner? Trade them ALLLLL. Seriously though, this is probably the last real year of our rebuild. Everything will be geared towards the future. But then ownership will grow impatient and JB will be thinking about his next contract extension. So we'll be probably be buyers a year from now because there's a very real possibility that Bennings loses his job if we don't show significant improvement in the next couple years.
  8. Imagine the collective satisfaction of an entire nation, the day that Brian Burke cuts hair...and ties his tie. Coast to coast, this country will be a better place.
  9. Yes! You're onto something my friend. I could def see this happening. I wouldn't even say Simmonds + either. Panarin is good as gone once he hits free agency. He's a hot potato! Get him outta there.
  10. I don't know much about Hägg. How likely is he to be a 2nd pairing guy? Goldobin and a 3rd are both decent assets and I wouldn't want to give up anything of value for a defenseman that could very well end up being a 5 or 6. We have that in spades. you vouch for Hägg?
  11. Didn't he step down from his position with the Flames and started working with HNIC? I'm pretty sure he's on stand by for when Don Cherry inevitably goes into cardiac arrest on Coaches Corner. They'll just quickly cut his hair and slide him right into Don's suit. No one will even notice
  12. Intersting. But if Tanev is going out, we need some another defenseman coming back. Edler's a free agent after this year. The rest of our D are borderline 2nd/3rd pairing guys. We really don't what we're going to get out of them. Maybe One of Stetcher/Hutton becomes a legit top 4 dman and maybe the other ends up out of the league in 2 years? Juolevi is a wild card. Hopefully he impresses but he's not someone you can count on at this point. So I just don't see JB trading Tanev without having a replacement. But once a couple of Stetcher, Hutton, Gudbranson, Juolevi, Pouliot (Tryamkin?!) have breakout seasons, or if another GM offers up a young defenseman, I expect Benning to pull the trigger.
  13. Agreed but that was the move to make 3 years ago. No sense giving up futures for him at this point. This is Phili maximizing their asset, like we probably should have done with Tanev a year or two ago. Simmonds is a great player. A contender will probably cough up a 1st round pick for him. Either that or a 2nd and a good prospect. But as a Canucks fan, I don't want to give up futures for him.
  14. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Reid Boucher

    I really like Boucher. I hope he can put it together. His shot is lethal. He just needs to round out his game a little more.
  15. Let's not mince words. Our drafting under Nonis and Gillis was horrendous. Absolutely pathetic. Rai & Sauve were no saviors.