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  1. The 3 stars for this game are kind of ridiculous. According to it's 1. Vatanen 2. Tanev 3. Andersen
  2. Great post elvis. +1 I just felt like including main points of the rest of the interview for completeness.
  3. An interesting tidbit from an interview with Pierre Mcguire on 1040 - Pierre seems to think agents will latch onto Benning using the term 'foundational player' to try and squeeze more money out of negotiations. He prefers to view Sutter as a member of a 7 player profile (a Scotty Bowman concept) - it's actually been discussed on the site before, go here if you want to read up on it: So to quote from that, the 7 player profile consists of: 1. #1 centre 2. #2 centre 3. Top power forward 4. Specialist/Utility Player/Agitator/Shutdown center - Sutter probably fits in here (or at 2C, at least for the time being) 5. Top offensive d-man 6. Top shutdown d-man 7. Goalie However, with all of that being said, Pierre said that he thinks the negotiations will go pretty smoothly - Brandon Sutter is represented by Newport Sports Management, and Trevor Linden was one of the highest profile players represented by them. Here's the whole interview:
  4. Another interesting tidbit I heard from 1040 - Jim Rutherford traded Sutter twice, in Carolina as well as Pittsburgh.
  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I also agree but it's not like Sutter is light years better than Bonino, That being said, I've heard a couple interviews now from what I would consider credible hockey people who think the Canucks upgraded at centre.
  6. Here's a really interesting take by Ray Ferraro on the Brandon Sutter trade on TSN1040. Some points that stood out to me: Brandon is 6'3 - you expect him to be physical, but that's not his game. He's really clever. He's not a great passer, but he's a good shooter. He's not going to carry the puck, so his analytic numbers suck. He gets the puck, he chips it forward, he goes and gets it. He has really good anticipation He's going to be their best faceoff man, he's going to be their best penalty killer. He is an excellent penalty killer. He will be a solid contributor. There are 0 GMs in the league who use analytics as a determining factor in a trade. There is a real balance with advanced stats. I would never let someone's possession numbers tip me over the edge or not. I'll give you an example. A zone entry, that is talked about a great deal; if I have the puck 1 foot outside the blue line and I shoot it around the boards and it goes all the way around to the other side and my teammate picks it up, it does not count as a zone entry - you have to possess the puck going across the blue line (edited from up the ice). If I am one foot inside the blue line and make the same play, it is a zone entry. You could be rushing up the ice, and Brandon Sutter will make this play - he will take the puck through the neutral zone, chip the puck in and recover the puck - doesnt matter; this does not count as a zone entry, even though he was the only one who touched the puck. You have to take these stats with a grain of salt. To ignore them completely would be foolhardy; but I don't think they can tell a determining story - you still have to be able to watch. Can Brandon Sutter play against Ryan Getzlaf? I don't know how a possession number can tell you that. I know that there are certain things that can never change my mind analytically. I want to see if player X has courage to go into the corner and get the puck. I want to see if he can battle another player in a 1 on 1 spot and get the puck more often then he loses it. I don't know how you're going to get a number that tells you that. I think Brandon Sutter will be a good addition in Vancouver. The trick for me is that they are going to sign him for an extension - I want to see the numbers on it. Couturier just signed for 6 years @ 4.33 in Philadelphia. How far north of that will Sutter's contract be? Brandon Sutter won't impact Bo Horvat's development. Sutter gives some extra flexibility moving through the lineup and matchups that Nick Bonino doesn't quite have. I think Sutter is smart, positional, won't play the same as his dad. Not as chippy, not as mean. Hell of a nice kid, but on the ice he competes in a different way - positionally, with his stick. He won't get steamrolled by anybody. I won't say his opinion is gold, but I feel like he's pretty even keel and does a good job in pointing out the pros and cons of analytics.
  7. I'm just glad I don't have to deal with people messing up Matthias and Bieksa's names anymore.
  8. Canucks signed Friesen and Kenins today:
  10. I watched a replay of that goal and I don't think there was any penalty on the play. I'm surprised that no one gave the D man an outlet after the won face off, forcing him to try and go up the boards
  11. That goal was huge - the momentum was definitely tilting the monarchs' way
  12. Comets are out shooting the Monarchs 11-2 now
  13. So crazy... It looked like a harmless shot?
  14. To those who aren't watching the stream and are confused, Peter Andersson put the puck out of play with 1 second left in the third with noone around him. Manchester starts OT on the power play.
  15. WTF.... a kid just had a sign that said 'Nuke the comets'??