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  1. Care to explain what's happening in your profile pic? :)

  2. What are you listening to?

  3. The Truth? I don't know if it's about being scared - I think it's more about hate - some of them were basically forced to go to church - and now they hold a grudge. Others? are unhappy with the path they have chosen - even though they say they are happy - they aren't...

  4. I just find it weird the God thread is filled with atheists. What are they scared of?

  5. Don't let the anti God peeps get to you - they are just trying to get a rise out of you.

  6. You'll come to find I am one of the most respected members around here.

  7. I liked your old name more though.

  8. Oohoohoo! That's awesome.

  9. apparently i'm TempName21

  10. What are you listening to?

  11. i have friends names vander heyden....smithers is a beautiful place and a great place to raise a family...my son was 5 when we moved here and he is 42 now..my grandson is 16....i am one of those ancient people who has followed the canucks from the beginning and even before..i go back to the six team league. it is great to have you aboard......look forward to reading your posts....2 to 0 canucks

  12. Thanks for the first comment and welcome. I am from BC and a big Canucks fan. I have some relatives up in Smithers, who used to have a farm, the Van Der Heides. I remember it was a very beautiful town.

  13. who are you he or she.........are you travelling incogneto....superman used to do that too, so your in good company...my mother never knew how old she was either...poor dear.....how will we know when to wish you

    a happy birthday if your birthday is a secret???? welcome to cdc anyway.