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  1. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    it will be interesting to see how the league justifies tough love.
  2. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    I must have missed something...did torts actually go into the Calgary locker room? if not he was just yelling down a hallway that bob Hartley and his crew were yelling back down. if it is a crime to yell down a hallway...start taking numbers off all the Calgary players and support staff that got involved. they could have just gone in their room and closed the door...but no...they were willing participants...except for bob..he was cowering behind as many people as he could but still engaged the conversation.
  3. [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

    canucks need to keep playing tough. the la game is for not if they don't back it up. the ducks run lots of pick plays at home and don't get called. that's part of the reason for their great home record. the canucks need to run picks as well if the refs wont call it.
  4. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    does the way that the sedins were used in the world championships play into this. I think it highlighted that they have talents that are not used in av's system.
  5. Jannik Hansen

    has everyone missed the fact the op has a neg button? just for that fact alone i like it. i assume you were making a joke. everyone missed it.