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  1. Zack Kassian not what we think he is?

    kass has been a good team player.. but he has a level of expectation due to the trade that brought him here. we were told to expect him to become something to justify a poor trade. just like lou was expected to live up to his contract... fans expect players to produce equal to what the player takes from the team....
  2. The Future of this team and the direction it is going

    unfortunately the history of keeping prospects into their prime has not played out. if your putting your eggs in the three years from now basket, get ready to be disappointed. our best prospects of late have been traded for a sack of beans. well before they hit their prime.
  3. Sedins and Burrows the next four years

    with lou gone, I cant believe we did not use the cap space to improve our top end. Jagr was on sale for 2mil, even just for the rest of the season. playoffs or not, the team need some success right now. this would help keep what we have intact so that we have something left to build on. otherwise if the ship stays on this course, it may not be our choice as to who plays for us.
  4. Sedins and Burrows the next four years

    wow there are a lot of fans finding a new use for their white towels. they can be used to surrender the season or dry up your tears... its not over ..... till its over
  5. Sedins and Burrows the next four years

    burrows has worn a jaw protector that clearly hindered his puck handling ability. now that he has shed the protector, I think you will see the production come back. he is a heart and soul player that I enjoy watching and cheering for win or lose. the twins are two of the most talented puck handlers in the game. they are strong on the boards and give their all every night. they make me proud to call myself a canuck fan.
  6. lou is payed well to tend the net. let lou deal with shots on net and keep our players in their positions. we have suffered injuries and own goals due to blocked shots. does this pay off in the end? we are blocking shots from far too far away to be effective. if we block a shot from more than 15 feet away the puck just ends up back on the other teams sticks or worst case deflects into our net. at more than 8 feet, there is the chance of taking one in the teeth. we have even taken to blocking shots taken from behind the goal line.... what the f. why don't we dress all the players in goal gear.... we would be better at blocking shots and take less injuries. ok we would not be very good at offence but that seems to be what is happening already. off topic ..... but while I am on a rant ..... what is with the over use of the point in the offencive zone.. too many times I have seen a forward get the puck in the red zone only to completely ignore the opportunity on net and turn to pass back to the point ..... like the way we practiced.
  7. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    it will be interesting to see how the league justifies tough love.
  8. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    I must have missed something...did torts actually go into the Calgary locker room? if not he was just yelling down a hallway that bob Hartley and his crew were yelling back down. if it is a crime to yell down a hallway...start taking numbers off all the Calgary players and support staff that got involved. they could have just gone in their room and closed the door...but no...they were willing participants...except for bob..he was cowering behind as many people as he could but still engaged the conversation.
  9. [GDT] ANA - 1/15/14 - 7:30PM

    canucks need to keep playing tough. the la game is for not if they don't back it up. the ducks run lots of pick plays at home and don't get called. that's part of the reason for their great home record. the canucks need to run picks as well if the refs wont call it.
  10. waving white towels started here....rodger nielson was not cheering on his team....he was surrendering to the refs
  11. Things you think Torts does better than AV

    torts seems to say more with fewer words. the biggest surprise for me is the play of Higgins. last year I had almost written him off as not having any hockey sense. now he is a completely different player. these goals he is getting are not a fluke, but overdue for how many chances he is creating. I hope he can make the same rework of booth as well. who knows what he could have done with mayray. if av was driving the team bus: the cruise control would be on the ac on max soothing music filling the air if torts was driving the bus: his foot is to the floor, hair straight back windows down and tunes pumpin
  12. does the way that the sedins were used in the world championships play into this. I think it highlighted that they have talents that are not used in av's system.
  13. Jannik Hansen

    has everyone missed the fact the op has a neg button? just for that fact alone i like it. i assume you were making a joke. everyone missed it.