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  1. Hairy Kneel

    Tryamkins contract rights and its value.

    She went back to finish school. and I think the family situation has settled down a lot and they are now maybe looking more long term. Career wise the smart move is coming back here. He's leaving so much on the table signing in the KHL. One thing I have noticed is Tryamkin carries an edge to his play now. There were one or two moments, one when he was skating off the ice and someone shouldered him he had that 'Jamie Benn' look in his eyes. But nobody messes with him over there, really. He is a very passionate player, always the first one to talk to the goalie after a goal or save.
  2. Hairy Kneel

    Tryamkins contract rights and its value.

    We'll get a better assessment of where his game is at as Avto's KHL playoffs start very soon. I don't think they will be rotating him out in the post season. I wish we could rotate out Tanev to keep him fresh for the post season. When that arrives.
  3. Hairy Kneel

    Tryamkins contract rights and its value.

    Toronto smells just as bad, walking through there last summer.
  4. Hairy Kneel

    Tryamkins contract rights and its value.

    Actually I don't think he ever switched from his Canuck pic on his Instagram since he left. Dawes is 4th in KHL scoring that's why they wanted him to have the captaincy.During todays game there was a questionable goalie interference call on Avtomobilist (the opposing goalie stuck his foot out ) and it was Tryamkin and not Dawes who discussed this with the refs. Tryamkin was the 6th player on the ice and went back to the bench to let play resume. Avto won 5-3 Tryamkin is making approx 1 Million per year there as a hometown discount out of loyalty to his city. (according to leaked sources) He can make 3x that here easily. I'm hoping his team wins it all this year then it will be easier to get him to buy himself out and return. He's not on the 1st team PP in the games I've seen. But he is on the 1st team PK. Today he still looks like a stay at home defenseman, he doesn't pinch a whole lot. He never has problems clearing the crease and his board play is above par (he wins most 50/50 pucks along the boards) He usually plays RD but today he made one play on LD and that looked way better for his breakout pass. His conditioning has looked great since learning from his time with our trainers. Checkthis vertical.
  5. Hairy Kneel

    Zack MacEwen | #71 | C/RW

    I really like our line up better with Gaudette and Big Mac THAT FIGHT THOUGH! Where do we find roster spots.. Schaller for sure, put Baers on LITR til next year? Hopefully get a draft pic for Sutter Also--maybe retain $$ on Eriksson and trade him as a 4th line checker Depth forward for a playoff team.
  6. Hairy Kneel

    Petrus Palmu | RW/LW

    Congrats Palmu! Keep it up!
  7. Hairy Kneel

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    We should just stick Eriksson there. Tell him to stay in the slot and take it. Or Jake.
  8. Hairy Kneel

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    but we were outhit 29 to 15?
  9. Hairy Kneel

    [Waivers] Frk

  10. Hairy Kneel

    William Lockwood | RW

    There's no guarantee he would get much ice time with the Comets this year. Cull is pretty strict with the young guys. But a pro cheque though.