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  1. If were not going to use him I'd like to see him go to Detroit.He can be a good 3-4 line possession forward. And a bottom 6 scoring contributor.Our bottom 6 has been crap for years but all the plugs we've been through get the benefit of the doubt it seems. Subban should go to a less critical market. Detroit would be a good fit I think. Especially since we've already developed him some. 3rd rounder maybe for a eastern conference team .
  2. IF he looks on a career year, let's say 30-35 goals. Should we cash him in (retaining some salary) for draft picks? ie to a team on the bubble playoff wise.
  3. Maybe that might be best for his injury to heal.. looking forward to when he actually gets paid to play.
  4. My father taking me to see Guy LaFluer's last game here at the old Coliseum. That confirms and my dad are going to a game this year!
  5. Honeymoons over. Watch his 18 goals this year and slow walk to the flames gallows.
  6. Goldy injected badly needed offense when we were in a dead zone last year goals wise(Boucher too). I like that we were taking chances on a couple of scoring forwards. We were getting nothing out of our bottom 6 and DOES ANYONE REMEMBER OUR PP last year? gawd somebody has to frigginscore. Anyone scores around here gets the pariah treatment? Give these young forwards a chance before we write them off. Or is it more Megna please? Or two way Chaput, who's goal songs we'll never know.
  7. When I was 4 and 5 I was raised by my grandparents. It was the old HNIC (after Bugs Bunny I think) and I watched games on the TV, because my gramps was enjoying the game (Pre-Cancks old original 6 stuff) not a clue what I was watching; but enjoyed that my gramps enjoyed. Sometimes he watched with the sound off.
  8. If it were Ericksson bitten by a radioactive spider, pushing for 55 goals come March. Carrying us through the first round with 3 OT goals with the last OT goal an exciting end-to-end series clincher!
  9. If Carolina folds where does their Stanley Cup banner go?
  10. Hope he gets into scoring again, musta really sucked last year. I'm sure he wants to put that in the rear view and move on. I think 20-25 goals at least is a reasonable expectation.
  11. He should red shirt the first part of the season and just focus on rehab and physio
  12. Agreed, and some skating work? We might have a smart Lucic
  13. Van beats TO game 7 in Toronto Dahlin and Dahlen both with hat tricks!
  14. You know I heard he got a hockey rash and could get some time on IR.