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  1. Etem definitely shouldn't be coasting this pre-season. Lot of young guys hungry for a spot.
  2. Yeah I liked his game. He'd be a great Utica call up especially in the playoffs
  3. Great goal last night hussling to the net, loved it!No fear in this LaBate kid. If he can get tough as nails goals like this video shows...from last night..
  4. ^^owned bye Felicia
  5. I think we couls sit Edler down for the rest of pre-season give our young guys like Stech more of a look see.
  6. Wow our kids sure came to play. So many rookies made a statement with aggressive play. I like Stecher obviously (saw that spark in the Penticton game) Carcone with hits and good shooting. Labate with a great breakaway goal to the net, a strong power move and the ingredients for a solid 4th liner.
  7. We should send him back to junior and spend his ice time looking at Stecher, Larsen and Pedan. He's a blue chipper but 2 or 3 years away at least. He'll get bigger and stronger, he got knocked once pretty good. I think he knows what he needs to work on, smart kid.
  8. To be honest Eddie's has taken a beating physically and mentally over the years and 2nd pairing for a little while might be a Gud thing to extend his career a bit. Give him a bit of a break. Esp in back to back games.
  9. Like I said earlier Stecher has that swagger and Larsen doesn't, sorry Larsen some things like compete level you can't coach. That 100% attitude to win and compete Stech has. composure, no fear, sees the ice well ps Noticed it first in the Penticton scrimmage, Hope he keeps bringing it. We need that from the backend.
  10. Your quoting that guy? The I'm lost in my new Lexus guy?
  11. This! I wonder if Green would consider trying him as a forward?
  12. I dunno I think Stecher has a North Am swagger to him and he'll be more aggressive I think. Larsen may be a slower thinker type that steeps first then starts to play. Stecher might have learned more off Hutton and is gung ho. Yes I said gung ho (who says that?)
  13. After last night I'm expecting Stecher to out duel Larsen. I will watch Carcone for sure see if he gets his looks. Too bad Cassels wasn't in instead of Burr,for that old match up.
  14. Yup. And they'll be first at the dinner table for a few years and getting help from Bettman to get as many high picks as possible.
  15. I agree that they'll be a another welfare team before you know it. Just another wannabe city whose interest will fade like the USFL did.