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  1. Wow. Never thought of that I remember watching Schneider hit his water bottle every stoppage. Maybe IV of fluids?
  2. Nope. That was buildings damaged and cars burned as a reaction to outrageous misfortune and perceived league interferences. There have been worse sports riots where lives were lost and people killed.Far more severe. When power plays don't balance out in playoffs fans do react strongly. Nevertheless, each us older fans have been through this cup fever 3 times and its with the same wild ferver each time. We're rebuilding to get another shot and that is all we can hope for, another chance in the second season. btw I wore my old Seahawks cap for years without thinking once that they were consummate losers, which they weren't. And I'll be damned to ever wear any other NHL cap thank you very much.
  3. Watched the game today (hard avoiding social media or the news for the score) Great game could have had a few more! How many posts?! What was with the weird face off with Hank not looking? We won a goal challenge? And it's snowing? 4th line comes to life. Bulldog Biega! He played solid. Tough way to capitalize but he deserved to play ahead of Larsen. Tryamkin wasn't as physical but had a great box out of Boyle who is 6'6" and tough. The 4th line came off the ropes and back into contention. Awesome for Megna with great speed and Skille with good size for net presence. Miller was great but Tampa looked lost without their superstar. Good set up for tomorrow night.
  4. I like the idea of rotating 7 D keeping them fresh but not if WD gives Edler any more half hour games.
  5. Willie's Wheel of Fortune and Total Ice Time
  6. Wow that's dismal.
  7. Subban withthe GWG suck it haters.
  8. So many haters crying.
  9. Hall is a straight ahead skater and kind of wreckless he'll be caught in somebody's train tracks yet. When they do they won't be easing up on him. Or backing off any. Full force hit him.
  10. NHL Safety Committee
  11. All the best to Larsen and his full recovery but I'd prefer Bulldog too.
  12. So Tanev with Tryamkin when he gets back?
  13. Hutton is a half step slower this year which is weird. But yes gimme some Biega over Larsen.
  14. The fan pendulum has always swung either way. We'll swing back. The difference with this downward swing is the advent of social media with instant access, pollsters and opinion making blogs and analysts. And more stats back in the day all we had was Don Taylor.