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  1. JB and Linden chose him it's their call.
  2. Yes Tanev looked shaky in his last game ,falling down and errant passes. He's usually cool as a cucumber back there and steady. Its great to have depth call ups to sub in.
  3. What if Stecher's shot finds the back of the net tonight and he plays well defensively? Hmm..
  4. As a first year pro he would be safe/ not eligible for the draft
  5. Just hope our two small d men stay out of Neil's gun sights. He's been hitting to hurt this year.
  6. Ok good then he's exempt from the expansion draft. Thanks.
  7. Didn't look like a malicious throw of his shoulder. He didn't lean into the hit like the Raffi one. It was actually a fly by that clipped buddy's chin. It does look like a zero tolerance type call. Maybe he should have just hit him and followed through on a body checkinstead.
  8. What is this rule? If it is for protective reasons maybe they are hoping to not need him right away early in the season.
  9. If guys are hurt they should be honest with the trainers.It's like playing a man down in a tight game.
  10. Good glad he found a spot jumped out of the way of that oncoming bus just in time. Hopefully he can find his game.
  11. He played on his off side last year remember the video of him rag dolling the two Duck players? He was on the right side. And he didn't mind it.
  12. Weird some of guys were on fire in pre-season and not so lately lol
  13. Stecher and Laresen are carbon copies of each other I hope Stech re-unites with Eddie, they had some nice chemistry in pre-season.
  14. I think Green sat him and a few others out last game to look at other players. But they then lost to Albany so..... I think they have a numbers game down there like up here with the Canucks.
  15. Yes looks like we'll stand pat with our initial choices and line up with very few adjustments...wait that seems to remind me of our playoff strategy. ps Vermette had 4 hits last night, think he was mad we didn't pick him up?