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  1. Ferlund -Petterson -Miller Pearson - Bo- Boes Baert - Sutter - Virt Leivo -Beagle - Motte Goldy, Schaller/LE
  2. I think Buff is just taking a extended summer and will be back in 2 months.
  3. Just leave him on he 4th line. Let Jake work his way out of it. Some vet needs to slap him upside the head behind closed doors and tell him whats what, especially if he's unfocused or distracted. Like a Jake whisperer.
  4. I can't wait to see Fanny hit some cOilers
  5. Haha I read tanning with the team... I was like what?
  6. It'll be like found money when we get him.
  7. I'd rather have a controlled rehab then him trying to go all out, maybe overdoing it just to try to prove a point. It's the timing of his knee healing up that's most important right now. Dec-Jan is fine by me. We got Benn and Myers going now and Hughie needs some game time. We've waited this long for OJ a few more months ain't going to make difference in the long run.
  8. "It was like he was out there public skating" "he wore his street clothes under his uniform to get out faster" "I have not seen anyone less engaged in a game than Eriksson" quotes from that vid
  9. Whe they show his father on the jumbotron the whole audience should yell "Duuuuuuuke" (like Louuuuu) be nice if our announcer sent our well wishes
  10. I like the added toughness with Miller/Fer/Myers but I think we need a chippier type player who is good in ALL THOSE BLEEPING after the whistle scrums. We need levels of toughness I think 1st responders like Big Mac and Arsenault would be good "in your face types" willing to give up 5 minutes IF teams felt so inclined. Arsenault or Big Mac giving face washes would be good in a chippy game, Until they eliminate all the "accidental on purpose goalie hits". Roussel does that but we should add one more til he gets back.
  11. Looks like Hughie is going o get a lot of attention this year. Like those early years of Tanev being run.