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  1. i wouldn't mind inviting Vasilevski for a tryout btw. There are a couple of big D they have that I think would be worth a look. Which is also why I think Avto will be fine without Tryamkin as they rebuild. We need a scout over there for some of these big D men in the KHL. Their big D men might transfer well into our smaller ice.
  2. When it came to Salavat Yuraev it was only the bigger defenseman that had any presence against the bigger forwards who won it for them ie Hartikaanen, Hempanin and Linus Omark. All 3 big forwards wore down Atvo with size and a strong system. It was Tryamkin and Vasilevski (sp?) were the only D men that could slow them down. I don't think it is "by far", Tryamkin was the only one with jump in their last 2 games when they were being eliminated.
  3. He was there best defensive defenseman. Number one pk unit. His clearances of the D zone were what kept them in the post season. I watched most of their games and he was no where near a "turn over machine".
  4. He outplayed Larsen head to head in the playoffs.Larsen was invisible in their post season matchup. The others barely established themselves as yet. Did you watch Atvo's playoffs?
  5. Tryamkin is better than 8 of these guys in the list of those who played for us last year. And less injury prone than 2 of those ahead of him. And probably more physical than Schenn. Surely there's a spot for him when he gets back. Plus none of our young D has leap frogged into the pro's like Hutton did. 1 Alexander Edler 2 Troy Stecher 3 Ben Hutton 4 Alex Biega 5 Derrick Pouliot 6 Christopher Tanev 7 Erik Gudbranson 8 Michael Del Zotto 9 Quinton Hughes 10 Luke Schenn 11 Ashton Sautner 12 Guillaume Brisebois 13 Brogan Rafferty 14 Josh Teves
  6. The lone logos are too low should be at least 3 inches higher. The stick in the rink looks like tim bits hockey.
  7. I'm hoping this is a end to cheap shot hockey. Get a one goal lead then punch poke and prod the other team into penalties and stretch it into a 2 goal lead. Playing from behind Boston couldn't get into their cheap chippy mode/after the whistle stuff. St Louis ignored the little chippy stuff they did try with a 2 goal lead. And I only saw 2 little dives the LOOK right at refs. That stuff was cut down too.
  8. I think Try should sign a two year bridge deal 2.5m- 3.5m then see where he's at. He has the makings of a good pay raise. Good thing his agent is dumb we might not have to pay too much.
  9. What a great way to see hockey into June. Just that much closer to the draft then rookie camp.
  10. Berube seems to be a great motivator getting guys ready for the start of each game.