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  1. I think JB could get a reasonable contract out of Diamond. By his social media Tryamkin has a definite connection and affinity here, plus Diamond has to understand there is a Covid 19 factor in our cap.
  2. who else can we get to do what he can, clearing the crease and hitting, for free on the cheap?
  3. I don't get why there are so many detractors on Tryamkin getting resigned. He's a free asset. He wants to play here. He checks what we need as a physical presence we SO desperately need. We keep signing bottom feeder UFAs that don't pan out. Our defense looks like a tire fire against bigger teams in our zone. Especially when their tired in the second game of BTB games. Our defense looks pathetic getting the crease cleared or getting the the puck out our zone. I think most of this negative rhetoric is being made up by anti Canuck journalism. Teams that would pile over each other to get his rights. If I'm a Toronto fan of course I'd fuel that narrative. If offered I'm sure JB would be, and has been offered a substantial amount to acquire Tryamkin's rights. Bashing a 3rd round free asset because of where he's from? Some fans swallowing that tripe is mind boggling.
  4. He's more of a scorer. But definitely a gift from good fortune for sure. I agree with Agent that we need to find a solid D partner for him. Huggy was is so important for our PP!
  5. Tired of being called riot city when obviously we really suck at riots. US is way ahead.
  6. God were due for a defenseman to break out. Hutton was forever ago.
  7. I think a top 4 D is hard to trade for and expensive to trade for. I'm hoping Rathbaby will help and/or Woo. Or we get lucky with another Miller type trade.
  8. Dillon still looks like the cheaper alternative. No Boeser or Virt involved. We might need them to trade for a goalie in 2 years.
  9. Tryamkin is just what the doctor ordered for the playoffs. Would be awesome for JB to sign him so I can watch the meltdown on here.
  10. He didn't have an SPC because he was in another league.
  11. I dont think he's a free agent till our rights end with him in 3 years.