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  1. Ferland is one hit away from retirement. Schaller doesn't hit like he should. Give the young guys a chance to mix it up. Might need their big bodies in the playoffs.
  2. Man Bailey would look great in a call up against St Louis. Big heavy teams.
  3. The only ones I would look at are the bigger defenseman. There are a handful I've seen that would look good at developing. The forwards in the K are mostly led by KHL lifers and ex NHL semi retired types.
  4. if he body checked hard and used his size i would be good, in the tough going we don't need passengers, Petie hits more than him
  5. He's on pace for his usual 10 goals. But I think our team will need more toughness and hitting in the lineup. Big Mac or Bailey could help against the heavy teams like St Louis. Especially in the playoffs. Ferland should be litr long term.
  6. No I was talking about the KHL. He definitely wants to come here. He has been following our progress. He responds to Canuck tweets and has never changed his Insta picture of him in a Canuck uni. The KHL he took a HUGE hometown discount with Atvo, and left millions on the table. Out of hometown loyalty. Money that he could have made if he stayed in the NHL.
  7. He is loyal to his hometown Yetkatinburgh he won't play any where else.
  8. They couldn't match his projected NHL salary. They also cannot match his desire to play in the best league in the world.
  9. The league is reading our mail. Our rumblings about Green after our losing streak and lo and behold everyone else starts firing coaches.
  10. The one play that stood out for me this season was Jake skating into the zone with control of the puck with one hand, as he used his other arm/stiff arm to keep the defender away. He glided to the open wing then dished it off. The play was a power forward move that reminded me of a Bertizzi /Neely type of move.
  11. 1st unit PK, has been trained as a defensive stay at home defenseman. A team first guy who wins nearly all his board battles.And can still rag doll most 6' 200 lb forwards. Clears the crease well and has a killer extra long poke check. Skates well for a big man.