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  1. I think put Boeser on the PP 2 because EP and Boes can't decide who is going to be 'the shooter'. Their constantly passing to each other.
  2. Marky was a modern day John Garrett protecting a lead when Garth Butcher and Jiri Bubla and JJ Deigneault had an off night.
  3. Couldn't sleep a wink! Dam! Yeah but I can't wait for Sports Day to start. I think we should go greasy today for our PP strategy. Total garbage fest. Bang er in boys!!
  4. Forget about perimeter shots (if their not getting through), get the puck behind the net, swing it in front, and everybody crash the crease for the greasy goals. Team Jumbo.
  5. Looked tired. Maybe old legs after traveling and so many minutes the game before?
  6. Next practice just set up some of these and have the forwards shooting for an hour. Loser buys the beer.
  7. Too many pro contracts in Utica. He needs to go to Kalamazoo instead. Or lent out someplace like Gagner.
  8. The one I didn't care for was Fabbri's -between the legs- can opener he used on the boards that wasn't called. Then he went to the crease and scored their first goal in the mellee.
  9. I think Demko should get one more game then switch back to Marky Mark
  10. PP needs more movement. It has zero swag.
  11. I thought that can opener by Fabbri helped set up their first goal. Not sure whichever player should have followed him to the crease, the forward or Edler. I thought we matched their heavy game rather well, I think we can even be more physical, Ferland, Jake, Motte and Pearson can up their attack level a bit more. In some ways they are still getting used to the system Greens employing. Green has a better hold on his game plan since he sat LE. He needs every line fully engaged. No too many men! Not sure of Peties wrists but he is a marked man. Hopefully the trainer's have something to cover his wrists, it's a long season. Demko might cost us a draft pick to protect. But worth it.