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  1. This is why we need a defenseman like Biega or Subban or whoever on the 4th line when Stecher went down we were covered for a Dman. (for 2 periods)
  2. yep Hank is -24 this year too many give know I think he needs a new prescription I saw him skate past the puck in the last game
  3. His confidence keeps growing and growing!!
  4. The kid can flat out hit. And legally with that on the 4th line. I think he can outlast Kenin's there too. He is exacting his revenge in a positive way. Great energy guy. Keep him there.
  5. Try was a gamer tonight. Biega had the best hit of the game. Great to see, Labate didn't back down also good to see. Try reall should be put in the PP as a net front presence...poor Hank was getting bounced around in front. Once he was put square on his rear end...not good. Power play flower play. just passing it around like giddy shy girls again so cute
  6. WD's nhl head coaching career
  7. Throw Subban in there! He deserves some of this after season pre-season
  8. Is there a scale testing the travel schedule and games lost-- injury situation? We have to be the leaders of injuries again.
  9. Tryamkin on the PP net front presence...duh. Should have been tried ages ago. Since Tryamkin has been overlapping to the net front these past few games you could see how it intimidates defensive coverage to come back for him. He rattles that cage even as a fly by.
  10. I'm thinking with short gloves and slashing at our shooters. I used to make my son wear wrist bands like for tennis because of all the slashing.
  11. Yeah he should have been with Green except for the rules forcing him back to juniors.
  12. I need to watch Boeser for sure, foot speed is a pretty common thing that needs to be developed. About Jake have they bee playing him on LW? I caught one game and he had a great chance from LW side and looked dangerous from there. .
  13. We've got the most roster spots up for grabs. Forwards that is. Come here score some goals and set up your career faster than on a stacked team. Ice time baby!
  14. Yes I see. Maybe 3rd line and some net front duties on the second unit PP might get him more goals. Is he playing a lot on the PP for Green?