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  1. Who is he? Ohh just looked him up looks like a Mason Raymond type but with muscles Lockwood Bearscthi too much? or take a bad contract instead like Jimmy Howard for Nilsson?
  2. Anyone know about his fitness and weight training this off season?
  3. No, why set him up for failure. This year is a write off, let him go to Europe and find his game. It'll be like bringing in a university grad next year, older, bigger and more experienced. Besides we have a ton of vets to sift through anyway.
  4. Can't wait for Gadjo plus Virt maturing into a solid middle 6 guy, if we can add Try back...who knows, maybe in a couple years this won't be a question anymore.
  5. I'd love him as our 4th line energy guy for the year to start (I said the same thing about Kass too) lower minutes, energy, get some experience and BE READY FOR THE PLAYOFFS!...oops maybe not the last part.
  6. Are you wanting to start a family and have kids? That's a tough phase to go through..I think it's more about you and what you want, than her specifically.
  7. This is something I would accept an apology for. Not raping or child or spousal abuse or pitbulls.
  8. I'm pulling for a scorer to step up. It's time for forward to step up, we've had 2 young Dmen step up. I'd like to see a 3rd line scorer like Boucher or Goldy get in there. We need more points from the bottom 6.
  9. That is a good idea too. Let someone show him some money.
  10. I'm sure they can design a training regimine for him to become a stronger pro player. Weights, skating etc. Plus I'd like to see him learn (in junior) how to join the rush properly and add schemes for him on the PP. Use London to learn more experiment more.
  11. I think Boeser has a good chance of sticking, Jou's should go to Europe and mature some more, we've got so many dark horse scoring types that need a look (Bouch/Goldy et all) I think put Dorsett on the IR for a bit and anyone else who gets a rash. (Avoid waivers for some)
  12. Has he been lifting?or is he bigger has anyone seen?
  13. and hit the weight room
  14. Too many bodies on D (and forward) Jou's going to go to Europe and develop some more.
  15. That's a lot of bodies.