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  1. If Granny doesn't wake up the twins they should be split up. Hutty can't ride on that smile forever, he should drop 10 pounds too. If Nilsson wins keep him in. We seriously need to match hits or outhit teams to stay close.
  2. Give me a lunch bucket crew that work hard together everytime , over a roster set around one or two guys.
  3. Where's the GDT
  4. AWESOME!!
  5. Okay they aren't announcing his injury so I'm going to guess. Upper body injury 8-10 weeks
  6. A lot of the gay scenes lately seem gratuitous or forced into scripts.Like some sort of demographic fill in part of the storyline. My mind goes on pause during those scenes, or I go make a sandwich or check my phone.
  7. Yes it is like grieving
  8. Sedin's, do we really need them?
  9. I liked his crisp passes out of our zone. I liked what I saw of him, ho looked composed and had a good shot. *Wow look at Huttons 3 giveaways.
  10. I've watched since the '82 playoffs. Been hooked ever since.
  11. I see him as a solid 4th line hitter. We're playing so soft his hitting would energize our attack. Heck even Biega's hitting would help.
  12. You need more gruntle.
  13. He has 3 goals and 2 assists in 4 games for the Utes.
  14. Ha! wtg Subban Great pick up by LV