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  1. I think he'll get more opportunities on the pp I like the idea of pairing him with a stay at home defenseman and letting him free wheel a bit more. esp joining the rush
  2. awesome.."there's another gear there..."
  3. Burr was pretty ineffective last year..I think Grenier could be a good checker defensive replacement. Plus all those penalties we always have to kill game after game. Zalewski Gaunce Cassells all could get a shot to step into his role.
  4. by the sounds of it Buffalo should pay us to take him off their hands
  5. I can't wait for Sutter to teach our young guys the 'Sutter' way game in game out. If anyone can mentor I believe Sutter can in his Sutter style.
  6. Yes very true DeNiro we might have to wait to find that blue chip line mate for Boeser..But our D!!Looks so much stronger.
  7. Man that would have been sweet Tkatchuk and Brock on the same line #pipedreams
  8. No beat writer dares cross the Rockie's to see for himself.
  9. Scott Walker left here and turned into a scorer.
  10. Cool read ..thanks for that Elvis!
  11. Linden and Benning have been around the block so to speak-and they know what they'll get if they take a chance on Kane. Linden also suffered through bad teams that couldn't score so he knows we'll have to give up some 'comfort' to adjust to a certain player. The locker room is'nt a freakin existential philosophy class. We have men--pumped up on adrenaline-- fighting for a rare chance to play hockey for a living. The compete level gets crazy sometimes--it has to. Bottom line is winning. Not the photo op's at chucky cheese..
  12. You know I had high expectations for Coach D but I think he may have been just a transition hire...clearly we were not the same team.Our vets are aging out so many rookies to manage. But it was the Calgary series where I saw coaching deficiencies and last year our pp went unchanged when it clearly needed something. Just his overall perspective seemed a step behind...and the small things like our penchant for too many men calls at inopportune times.I just think he's not being heard or is hesitating to be forthright about his style. And the overtime line matches...etc etc. I mean Dallas Eakins had trouble and he looked promising as well..I am thinking now to be more conservative in choosing a bench boss (ie not a fan of a rookie coach).
  13. Well it wouldn't hurt the team to let him mop up to finish the season if things go sideways and WD is let go..start new the following camp. If things fall apart on Coach D that is.
  14. With the Sedin's Luc. Without the Sedin's Sittler a natural captain/leader.
  15. I'd like to see Ericksson work with our young forwards on shooting drills...maybe what he sees is something basic that he could pass on to Virt/Baer/Granny heck even Horvat might like a little pointer or two. I don't think we utlized this aspect with Vrbata maybe we can with Ericksson