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  1. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    Race to the bottom. ps Hey Weber we were just kidding about you and your massages to the other team, you didn't have to take it literally buddy  that maroon didn't need you to babysit him 10 feet to the bench... but McCann could have used some help.
  2. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    I was watching the game and the tough going...Pedan could have thrown a competitive body check or two to slow them down at least a little. Wow I hate how soft our D is 
  3. Changes needed?

    He should have tried Pedansky. Mighta helped us not get banged around as much. McCann is tough.
  4. [DISCUSSION] Upcoming Free Agents

    I disagree I don't think there are many pure snipers like Vrbaby. He hasn't had much oppurtunity in the playoffs and I think deserves a chance to prove he doesn't choke in the playoffs.  He is harder to replace than Burr and Higgy ie Gaunce Grenier Shinkaruk. (not Baers who's not ready like Vey)
  5. [DISCUSSION] Upcoming Free Agents

    I'd like to keep Vrbata..maybe make room for him by trading Burr. We have replacement types for Burr but not for Vrbata.
  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Gaunce has put up with a lot of crap waiting for his shot....I wouldn't be surprised if he asked to be traded. Baer and Higgins are eating up his roster spot.  These waiver/NTC things are killer for guys like Gaunce.
  7. say things to twilight

    Edward or Jacob?
  8. This. I think the lazy penalty in the O-zone was killer. Is skating hard after the guy too much to ask or would you rather be eating popcorn in the pressbox again....we need those willing to compete. I hope he gets a paper cut and we can hide him on ir for a few months..because waiver.
  9. [Waivers] Jordan Schroeder

    Him and Vey in a cage match to the death!
  10. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    Baers out please. Put Virt back in we needed his size to help against the big Dallas guys like Benn/Seguin.  Where's Pedan? Weber got ragdolled and raped of the puck behind our own net..wth was that. We need to trade Higgins and bring up Gaunce. Burr/Crax/Hansen make him the odd man out for what he brings (or used to bring).
  11. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    What needs to be called are the cheap shots after a clean hit. The refs when into totall panic mode after that last hit..they wanted to appease Minny so they threw Burr in as soon as possible. 3 guys skating at a rookie, threw them off their game though ala ferland.
  12. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    Exactly that..the reach..Willie Mitchell had that in spades I was thinking that our bottom guys should go to a bit longer stick on the pk too.Any edge is a good edge. Kept Mitchell in the game.
  13. Lack of hitting one of our BIGGEST problems

    Having Prust Cracknell and Sbisa have shown that being physical helps us win. Makes more room for the skill guys We should keep this line-up ( minus Baers) add Pedan instead of one of the bottom d we're using, Then we can set the tone. Hitting is the way of getting everyone into the game, it's respected by the skill players on the bench. See Prust tap McCann's helmet when he got off from a rough and tough shift in Minny?... and McCann smiled. That's hockey. 
  14. Lack of hitting one of our BIGGEST problems

    Put in Grenier and Gaunce for Burrows and Higgins.
  15. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Yes!for sure.