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  1. Right on Zakk!! Hope to see him smash Greenway a couple times.
  2. A lot of people have to move for work sometimes. Or education, it's part of life. I've had to do the same when my kids were young, but not getting paid millions. The Tryamkin's could afford to bring companions from home, nursemaid or close friend. Also Nik is super competitive and I believe he really wants to make a mark in his career. And I believe he sees the biggest opportunity for advancement in his hockey career to be in the NHL. I think going back to the K would be a step back. He seems totally into his family and this move is best for them financially. Son's have to leave the village sometimes. Time to cut the apron strings and make his mark.
  3. That's partly true but his wife and child(ren) are going to need to be taken care of financially. I think his pay will be better here.
  4. Yes, I agree. He played for Avto for a huge hometown discount. And they almost won it all last year. But now he needs to sign here and play for better NHL money for his young family.
  5. When OJ and Ferland are healthy again. ;0) jk!
  6. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Tryamkin on the addition to their little family, baby girl Ulyana Nikitichna. Nik has to get his NHL on to keep up.
  7. This long haul trucker first hand experience, US cluster#$% situation. Medical for profit chaos. $199 per test? People just walk away without getting the test. smh
  8. JD Burke musn't have watched Tryamkin play in Atvo to make these baseless claims. Hyperbole for sure. Suggesting at 25 Tryamkin is on a downturn? He was thrown to the wolves as a rookie at 21, and did rather well. Does JD Bunk remember all the loser retread D men we've gone through ? Nik is better than these 11 NHL players, Del Zotto Sbisa Hutton Schenn Benn GudB Pouliot Pedan Wiercioch Larsen and even Biega His role is like Babych or Dirk, get the puck, knock guys down and knock guys out of the crease. Tryamkin knows how to get time and space, more so than when he left. He's in for a surprise because Tryamkin has been working on his stretch passes. For a 3rd rounder coming back the bottom pairing will be fine to start. Tryamkin is a team first player.
  9. In the interview Diamond says if Tryamkin signed in the KHL the timing would be bad for us, in that we would probably lose him in free agency. As a UFA.
  10. I agree, pass on Barrie. Hughes makes him redundant. We need D to stop goals and yet chip in some. Hughes>Barrie Save that 6M for something else.
  11. Apparently Coach Green had communications with Tryamkin over the last while. (Theres a interview in the link)And I am glad that I am not the only one enamored with his physical gifts Nastrovia!!!
  12. I used to do asbestos removal. And I've used strict cleaning protocols. I believe that is the only way to keep these games from turning into a cluster#$%. The first couple of weeks will be the hardest. Because of the higher number of people. Thinking about it, it would be simpler if there are absolutely no visitors allowed. At these pay rates, even support services, I don't think anyone will mind.
  13. I read that locker rooms are one of the primary transfer points of covid in hospitals. Hopefully they can have a negative air (neg-air) system pulling in fresh air constantly. I would think of even finding more locker room space to break up into smaller groups. Rather than one large locker room space. Shared space.
  14. The stricter the better for these games. I think even outside the bubble staff and family need to be monitored before they can enter the bubble. Fencing off and surveillance cameras should be used. Health safety is paramount, I think ankle bracelets would be good, added reassurance. Safety safety safety.
  15. Young guys are going to escape the bubble when games start. That's why I think they should play here and not TO. Higher risk there.
  16. It was that bad hip injury, 2010 he had surgery after a stress fracture and to remove a cyst. Otherwise I think he would have stayed longer.
  17. American politics work? That's an oxymoron, especially combining the worst infection rates with the worst health care system. Well 37th ranked in the world.
  18. So on a 10M dollar contract 2M can be deferred? Allowing for more cap space for the 3 year cap freeze?
  19. I don't know why BC isn't getting any love. Especially according to the latest data.
  20. From the Podz thread: me and SID HK: It would be cool to have Podz and Tryamkin add their perestroika to the club. They can tell Russian jokes to each other in the dressing room. SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME I’m more looking forward to their glasnost, personally HK: I'm hoping Podz owns the means of production and Tryamkin can end the exploitation and oppression of our proletarian defense. SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME Well said, comrade! Our players have nothing to lose but their chains! Forward to victory!