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  2. Make Malhotra interim coach after Xmas if this skid hasn't been turned around.
  3. I think we're beyond the contract now, we need every swing #@%$ manning a spot to help us win. We are not good enough to carry passengers.
  4. Or even in OT. He could skate circles around after he retrieved the puck. He'd set it up great for our snipers. Plus he's usually fresher than our vets after playing only 10 minutes or so.
  5. No I didn't hear it from anywhere it's just what I feel. No announcements, no press releases, no doctors reports. Feels like he just fell off the map.
  6. If someone keeps harping devils advocate for our opponents they're standing next to a slippery slope, and maybe you can help them with a little nudge
  7. don't think he's coming back til after xmas
  8. I'm talking about trying to get him from getting mugged so much.
  9. I think a break once in awhile would help, he's getting so much physical attention at center.
  10. I like the idea of putting Petie on wing. Then he can only focus on scoring more. He can learn about the NHL more and see what he needs to work on to be a NHL center.
  11. Petie's got some competition!
  12. That zone entry by Hughes? He went in and nobody followed him to support the puck. Terrible read on our part.
  13. I just hope we don't sell the farm to try to buy our way into the playoffs. Keep our picks and prospects and let this group TOUGH it out. Sink or swim time. What we can fix is our slow starts and zone entry on the PP. The PK needs some tweaking without Sutts/Beags. Time to give a physical Dman a couple games to help our goaltenders and clear the crease and clear the zone easier. This three line thing is hurting us, we need our grit guys back.
  14. Our top guys really have to stop reading and listening to all their accolades. It's throwing their game off. They haven't won anything yet they have a long season ahead. So I hope our top young guys are not letting the positive press get to their heads.