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  1. anyone got a good stream for this poor guy? the reddit ones are all crap
  2. Eliminating offsides!

    Increase the rink size by maybe a foot on all side (not going to happen unfortunately) to accommodate the slightly bigger players (than past players). Make goalie gear smaller a la Corey Hirsch. Also figure out how to reduce the lethality and size and rigidity of elbow and shoulder pads for player safety
  3. World Cup of Hockey

    Thanks for that, I did end up finding a YouTube link, but it was super laggy
  4. World Cup of Hockey

    Does anyone have the live streaming link for Euro-Sweden? The one I found on YouTube doesn't seem to want to play...
  5. Best barber/stylist in the lower mainland?

    Hairsoda on the north shore. I live out of Vancouver, but if Im making a visit, I'll make time to let them have at my hair.
  6. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    can anyone help me out?? Ive googled, but to no avail. Anyone know of a non-internet radio that will be broadcasting the game tomorrow?? I will be able to radio tomorrow at work but probably not internet... Any ideas??