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  1. What was once a great forum, full of fun, ideas, laughter, rage, disagreements, and general good fun has seen its better days. Last week, criticism of a certain moderator's favorite player for not playing up to standards, got yours truly a written tongue lashing. Then when it was pointed out on two different occasions in a game thread that the Canucks were letting the puck leave the zone too quickly at the starts of their powerplays, it was deemed to be trolling. Alleged trolling (not cheering for poor power plays) resulted in a one week suspension. It seems the ego of the moderator was larger than their skill at allowing fair comment. With that, I bid this board and all the supporters, a goodbye. At least until a certain moderator makes a public apology. I do feel bad for all the supporters I have. The thought that an award winning poster, creator of magnificent polls, and quite frankly one of the best contributors to this site won't be heard from, saddens even the most stoic members. So, going out on my own terms, Cue bass solo, can you dig it?
  2. Sorry, we can't dig it!
  3. No, you lose this one. Cue bass solo!
  4. Granlund scores!!!! 3-3...oh wait I didn't say best goal ever, is that trolling then? A hate crime?
  5. Asking a question isn't trolling. Maybe quit trying to allow team criticism.
  6. Well, it's power play time. Last time it took 4 seconds for the puck to exit the Boston zone. How many will it be this time?
  7. One shot on goal.....playing the right way
  8. Good thing they came to play!
  9. Powerplay!!! How many seconds before the puck leaves the Boston zone?
  10. Actually no, I never did. Coming to play is something everyone should do. It's just a pretty poor line we hear from coaches/management when trying to hide players not performing well. I got up today and turned on the TV. Hooray!
  11. Well that was a real good power play. The Sedins are real pros you know, they come to play every game, and play the right way you know and they're a good example on the power play.
  12. He had a decent rookie campaign, averaging .33 points per game.