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  1. Sorry, we can't dig it!
  2. No, you lose this one. Cue bass solo!
  3. Granlund scores!!!! 3-3...oh wait I didn't say best goal ever, is that trolling then? A hate crime?
  4. Well, it's power play time. Last time it took 4 seconds for the puck to exit the Boston zone. How many will it be this time?
  5. One shot on goal.....playing the right way
  6. Good thing they came to play!
  7. Powerplay!!! How many seconds before the puck leaves the Boston zone?
  8. Actually no, I never did. Coming to play is something everyone should do. It's just a pretty poor line we hear from coaches/management when trying to hide players not performing well. I got up today and turned on the TV. Hooray!
  9. Well that was a real good power play. The Sedins are real pros you know, they come to play every game, and play the right way you know and they're a good example on the power play.
  10. [Report] Anton Rodin out 6 months

    He had a decent rookie campaign, averaging .33 points per game.
  11. Why are Canucks games so hard to watch ?

    Very good post. I agree on the Tryamkin point, but what i see more and more is a gentle giant. Imagine if he had a bit more of a mean streak? Why do the Canucks only respond physically when they keep getting hit first? I know they don't have the team to compete in that type of game too often, but when they do, it provides a spark that can ignite the team.
  12. Why are Canucks games so hard to watch ?

    For me there's just not that much to cheer or get excited/upset with. I miss rivalries and emotion on the games. It seems so sterile at this point. Was the last fight December 3? You don't necessarily need a fight to have an entertaining game, but it sure can make for a more electric atmosphere.