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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

  2. Dane Fox Talk

    no, he said he was equivalent so a trade for a 2nd might be fair. Look, we all know some first rounders are busts and some un-drafted guys end up dooin' well but to call Fox a free second rounder 10 seconds after signing him is friggin' ridiculous and you know it (or at least you should).
  3. Dane Fox Talk

    thanks Enstein. Free second rounder?? Hahahaha. Six months ago no one wanted him as a 6th rounder.
  4. Dane Fox Talk

    What does this even mean? An overage guy that everyone including the Canuck's passed on? If ya think Gillis can flip him for a second rounder yer delusional.
  5. Funny Pics

  6. Steam Winter Sale

    Do you have the Shortcut installed on the computer itself? I've tried keeping everything on the EHD including Steam but now I just have Steam on the computer but the games are on the EHD.
  7. Steam Winter Sale

    more like a hundred and what does that really mean anyway? http://www.futuresho...fd1c851bafeen02 http://www.futuresho...f144bfe187aen02
  8. Steam Winter Sale

    No, I haven't. Assuming you are correct does that not prove that Steam sucks? Do I really want to fill up my comp with $hite I may not go back to very often if ever?
  9. Steam Winter Sale

    Upgrade? I have an Ultrabook and put as much as I can on 2-1TB EHD's.
  10. Steam Winter Sale

    I hate Steam. I have purchased maybe 30 games from them and have had to download them all at least twice each. Currently, I can only play about 3 of their games as I must download them all yet again and there have been compatibility issues as well as some just don't seem to work properly. I bought 3 Quake games and the last two didn't to want to run properly until i deleted the first one. Something about sharing files just messed them up. Frack DLC, give me a hard copy anytime.
  11. Youtube thread 2.0

  12. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I just re-upped with Netflix as it's free for now. Jim Gaffigan was really funny.
  13. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Haven't seen the latest Hobbit film yet but c'mon. 15 hours + from Jackson already and having read the books doesn't make me feel like there is something new to be had here.
  14. Northern Gateway Pipeline Approved.

    I'm happy for local jobs but still can't find a reason for the pipeline. There is only so much oil available and if we decided to twin the lines going down to the states there would still be buyers for the oil. no?
  15. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Not pleased with 100% DLC with co's like Steam so I can't imagine I'd be happy with any others. Give me a hard copy anytime.