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  1. I always look forward to a Canucks\Hawks match up! 4-2 Canucks Burrows Sutter Horvat x2
  2. Loved the effort today! After Burrow's disallowed goal I was worried that it might have sucked the life out of them. Glad to be wrong.
  3. I've been a canucks fan for more years than I want to admit, but if Linden leaves, I think I may be done.
  4. post election depression?
  5. Great night! Now if Hillary can do the same
  6. 3-2 Canucks Horvat Sutter Sedin (take your pick)
  7. Happily eating crow, as I told my son no way the Canucks come back from a 3 goal deficit. When was the last time we did that? Really encouraging to see the scoring coming from across the board.
  8. We are so good this year it's only fair to spot our opponents with a goal
  9. Gonna be long day until puck drop. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! Go Canucks Go!!!
  10. My prediction The CDC will over react to any outcome from the first game. Lose and it will be off with Willy's head and if we win they will be planning the parade route
  11. Man I hate the Oilers, but that Mc guy is fun to watch
  12. damn i wish i still had a neg vote left
  13. Gotta be honest really had no idea who Lebate was, I'm presently surprised!