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  1. The fact that roussel was even in this game (never mind eriksson) reflects on green. He did a great job in getting the young guys to this point but now is over his head. We need a coaching change now for any hope of going forward.
  2. Funny what a few hours (and a few beers) can do to change your mind. I've gone from being pissed off about this deal to now feeling genuinely quite excited about the possibilities of this season. Time to crack another beer and feel even better about the future...
  3. Really want a win in regulation, if no other reason than to shut up the media that is constantly reminding us of our failure to do so.
  4. So true. I feel the next half of the season will be a nail biter all the way. That said, let's go get those 2 points tonight!
  5. I have to go with Edler, though there a few players equally deserving.
  6. Definitely a few more grey hairs after this game, but boy what a game!
  7. Babcock isn't the answer, but there must be someone out there better than Green. I agree that now is the time to let Green go but there must be better options available than a coach that had a team laced with talent and squandered it.
  8. Green has to go. There's no good reason in prolonging the inevitable firing. Do it now while we still have a slim chance of hanging on to a play off spot.
  9. Anyone else a little concerned about Benn and Meyers? I was really on board with their signings but am somewhat disapointed with what they have brought so far.
  10. Really stoked for when we get him back! For a player that I was initially pissed at for signing, I sure love what he brings to the game.