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  1. Really want a win in regulation, if no other reason than to shut up the media that is constantly reminding us of our failure to do so.
  2. So true. I feel the next half of the season will be a nail biter all the way. That said, let's go get those 2 points tonight!
  3. I have to go with Edler, though there a few players equally deserving.
  4. Definitely a few more grey hairs after this game, but boy what a game!
  5. Babcock isn't the answer, but there must be someone out there better than Green. I agree that now is the time to let Green go but there must be better options available than a coach that had a team laced with talent and squandered it.
  6. Green has to go. There's no good reason in prolonging the inevitable firing. Do it now while we still have a slim chance of hanging on to a play off spot.
  7. Anyone else a little concerned about Benn and Meyers? I was really on board with their signings but am somewhat disapointed with what they have brought so far.
  8. Really stoked for when we get him back! For a player that I was initially pissed at for signing, I sure love what he brings to the game.
  9. Pretty much sums it up. Thank god he's somebody else's idiot and not ours.