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  1. Gotta admit I loved this!
  2. Bitter sweet seeing him do well in Ottawa, I really want him to win a cup but he will always remain my favorite Canuck
  3. Don't care how ugly or what, but beating Chicago always feels good!
  4. Like ordering at a drive thru!
  5. Doesn't seem to matter how the team is playing, this board has become so toxic lately (even by cdc's low standards)
  6. Really tough because of that pick, but I really want to see Burr with a cup
  7. If his last name was not Subban there wouldn't be all this discussion. He's an under sized defense man of mediocre talalent and gets hyped up because he is PK's little brother.As for any racism slant that's just ridiculous
  8. Nice to see Miller getting a little love for once. He has been one of the most unappreciated players on this team. Sometimes it seems if a player isn't under the age of 30 they don't get any respect.
  9. I was thinking the same thing when you factor in the Canucks schedule this last week. Great to see a all around team effort
  10. I always look forward to a Canucks\Hawks match up! 4-2 Canucks Burrows Sutter Horvat x2
  11. Loved the effort today! After Burrow's disallowed goal I was worried that it might have sucked the life out of them. Glad to be wrong.
  12. I've been a canucks fan for more years than I want to admit, but if Linden leaves, I think I may be done.
  13. post election depression?
  14. Great night! Now if Hillary can do the same