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  1. Haven't logged in for a few months and the forum changed?! What happened to my other 500 posts I made?

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    2. thejazz97


      Nothing happened to my posts...

    3. StealthNuck


      Had to correct for over-inflation. 

    4. Dazzle


      Stargirl! You're back!

  2. Yeah, exactly! Could totally see that he really wanted that goal and it could've been his if only the refs didn't ruin it... Feel bad for him. Hope he gets a goal soon!
  3. We have some bad positioning for a lot of the times and we miss the rebound chances too...Also, it's frustrating to see that many of our guys battle hard a long the boards for like over 30 seconds or that they kept cycling around the opponent's net for over 30 seconds, yet then they end up giving up the puck to the opponent player without ever having a chance to shoot towards the net. Bad luck can be in here too, but I think if we're skilled enough, we could definitely put pucks into the net regardless of bad puck luck.
  4. Awesome GDT, too bad we lost again though...
  5. When will we ever get our first home game win?!
  6. Really frustrating...Had so many chances to close the game with 2 points and 0 points for them.
  7. Well, he's getting older...And he's still playing fine without the grittiness IMO.
  8. We need to get our 1st home win!!! GO CANUCKS GO.
  9. I did notice that Bo isn't having sharp games anymore...
  10. I was thinking this was going to be something like Kesler and Mitchell's tangle in practice back in 2009 before I clicked into here.
  11. After some bad decisions made by the management last season (ex. Sbisa contract), I wasn't expecting them to make the decisions they have made so far for this year. Which means we are ahead of my expectations for the rebuild for sure. 3 prospects making in right now, is a huge step forward.
  12. Thanks for the updates.
  13. Happy to hear Vey on waivers...Corrado though...Hopefully he goes through.
  14. Hopefully he's okay...
  15. McCann has shown that he wants to make it to the team already... For the results he has been getting from his hard work, I'd hope to see him get rewarded.