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  1. I'd hate to be the Swede goalie after that game!
  2. Man, those are nice nets!
  3. Well, this is interesting...
  4. Check your sarcasm meter!
  5. Dang, walked around Barzal like a pylon!
  6. lol! My bad guys. I figured if he was on the ice, I would have seen him in front of the net.
  7. I don't think I saw him on the ice.
  8. Quick answer by team Canada!
  9. Yeah, I am familiar with how to make an account. I've had one for ages. I am an internet only customer, when I try using that sign in ID on the TSN website, it says I have to be a subscribed to TSN in my TV package. Thanks for making sure, I understood!
  10. Awesome, ill try that as well. Thanks! Edit: Think I did try that, gave me issues. Referred me to my provider for tech support.
  11. Thanks man, I appreciate that!
  12. I am with Shaw. I tried TSN, it said I need to be subscribed to the channel through my provider (I don't use cable), I just bought a year of NHL online streams (cheaper, all I watch is hockey anyway).