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  1. CDC Create a Player

    Wow, completely missed out on this. Good on ya Kaz for putting in the work and giving Toews a chance to enjoy his game, I know it must take a lot of effort. Hope I can get in on the next edition. 
  2. CDC Create a Player

    Great career for Juan. No complaints. Only managed to win one cup, coming in the second year of his career, and was never able to find his way back in his long career. Juan will remember his time with Buffalo the most, as he was developed and had great success there.  Although Juan was not able to replicate the success of The Great One, still pretty happy as it is one of my best CAPs. How did Juan compare to Jeff Skinner, his draft day comparable? Has Buffalo won a cup since? Also if you can check this, how does Juan rank in all time stats such as G, A, PTS, GP etc.    Finally, thank you so much to IT for another great installment of CAP. It was amazing and fun just as usual, and I really appreciate all the time you put into this! Easily my favorite game on CDC. Can't wait for the next one!!
  3. CDC Create a Player

    Am I on the same line as Elm?
  4. CDC Create a Player

    Yeah I guess I'll stick it out in Washington and end my career there. I'm pretty sure I've been the face of the franchise for the last decade.  Can one of you stud goalies request a trade to Washington so we can win a Cup?
  5. CDC Create a Player

    Washington is just throwing money at me now, and like in Buffalo goaltending is a big problem dammit.  Wish I can end my career with a Cup. I can't use my trade request if I'm on a one year deal right?
  6. CDC Create a Player

    Pretty successful career for Juan, broke 500 goals and 1000 points with two teams. Worst season for Juan in his career so far though, guess the decline has begun Glory years were in Buffalo when he won a Cup, He made it to the finals back to back when he was just 20 years old and now 15 years later he has never been back.  Hope he ends his career on top. Washingtons been pretty good   Questions: Has Buffalo won a cup since I've left? How close is Washington to winning a cup? Would I still be able to exercise my trade request?
  7. CDC Create a Player

    Damn, Washington was good this year, and good production from Juan  9.1M contract as well   Can I see Juan's career stats? And Why's Washington good all of a sudden now?
  8. CDC Create a Player

    It's been a disappointing tenure in Washington. Hope Juan finds a new team
  9. CDC Create a Player

    Another Lady Byng!! Almost won the Art Ross too :/   Hope Washington gets better soon...Juan still chasing his glory years in Buffalo
  10. CDC Create a Player

    Big pay day for Juan, and a new team in the Capitals! 8M is insane! How do the Capitals look, and who were my linemates? How have they fared in the last few years? Are we around 29/30 years old now?
  11. CDC Create a Player

    Still 1LW? Who are my linemates? What does Buffalo look like now? What place did we get past few seasons Buffalo still sucks  at least Lady Byng nomination is back Am I looking like I will be re signing with the Sabres?
  12. CDC Create a Player

    Any reason why Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs recently? Two Finals in a row and now just 5 playoff games in the last three years. Is it because they had to dump important players to pay me?   Could I also see career stats? No Lady Byngs?
  13. CDC Create a Player

    Buffalo Sabres [NHL] - 82 GP: 34 G - 40 A - 74 P - 7.85 AvR Lady Byng Memorial Trophy runner-up.   Looks like I'm a perennial runner for the Lady Byng. Good stuff!   No playoffs this year? What happened to Buffalo? Back to back Finals appearances...

    i picked Sam Gagner a few pages ago as my make up pick   zybnek michalek instead of pouliot