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  1. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Never go full UMB bro
  2. Damn I'm butthurt as hell (IMADBRO? ) for missing out on my favorite CDC game of all time Serves me right for never coming on here anymore. Hope yall are doing great, haven't talked to a lot of you guys in awhile. Hats off to Nail for putting in the time to do this for everyone, hopefully I'll catch the next one!
  3. CDC Kontinental Haxball League (Season 3.5)

    @Tom Sestito yo lets get this $&!# started up again
  4. Who is your celebrity crush?

    Taylor Swift
  5. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    Great career for Lung, unfourtunately wasn't able to close out his career with a Cup for his favorite team growing up, but still had a very succesful and lengthy career playing until he was 40. Consistent 30-40 goal, 70-80 point first line LW, with a career high of 49 goals and 98 points. Brought home a few individual awards and one Cup ring. It's been a blast Thanks again to the amazing @Intoewsables for hosting YET ANOTHER amazingly fun and well run CAP. Toews's CAPs are always so fun to participate in and follow, and I know you put in a lot of work so we can enjoy this. So thank you! anyway, time for me to become inactive on CDC until the next CAP
  6. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    Too late to get career stats? Since he retired
  7. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    God dammit!!! Lost in game 7 of the finals would have been so nice to bring a cup home to Vancouver. Then followed up with a second round exit the next season. Clocks ticking, Lung doesn't have many more chances Also he appeared to be regressing with the 59 point season, but then all of a sudden shot back up to his 70 point form at age 37 Lets go get that cup!
  8. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    Just 64 points and missed the playoffs for the second time in my career in my final season with the Wild Huge bounce back season for Lung with the Canucks, 84 points along with a third round exit. It's all come full circle for Lung, having grown up in Vancouver and playing for Grandview and Surrey. Hopefully Lung will have the chance to play out the rest of his career in his hometown, and hopefully he will be able to bring the cup home to Vancouver!
  9. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    Yeah damn, only missed the playoffs once, in 2011-12 But he's been knocked out of the 1st round 7 times, and has only made it past the second round twice lmao. Sucks to be Lung
  10. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    I had no idea he's won the Hart and Art Ross!!! How did he win the Hart with 78 points haha. Art Ross with just 90 points is pretty low too Definitely a very successful career for Lung. He didn't have too many BIG seasons, in fact only finished above PPG pace twice. But he's been very consistent throughtout his entire career, with 8 straight seasons above 30 goals and 70 points, including a stretch of 4 consecutive 40 goal seasons. Very happy with the fact that he has never had a minus season, which definitely shows how defensively responsible he is. 8 seasons of above +30 He will probably be remembered as a career 30-40 goal, 70-80 point guy. I think the regression has begun, but it's definitely been a very successful career. Down to 65 points this past season, and another second round exit. I also think Lung has only missed the playoffs once in his career, but not too sure on that. Could I see his career playoff stats Toews?
  11. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    EHM has this kind of info?? Damn ahahaha. I'm just a lovable guy! Any fun facts about Lung? Also damn - regressed by 25 points and knocked out in the second round. Come on Minny!
  12. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    MONSTER year for lung. Career high with 49 goals and 98 points, just barely missing out on 50 and 100. Had a +56 as well. Also Lung-Kopitar-Pavelski is a filthy first line. Hopefully we can make it further in the playoffs, a second round exit just won't do. Toews baby, How was Lung ranked in the league this year? And was I close to winning the Hart?
  13. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    Also pretty good year for Lung, 81 points in 82 games. Another first round exit though story of his career I'm assuming Lung walked from the Penguins right Toews? Pretty good contract too, 5.2M for the next five years How did Lung rank among the league in points? Who is he playing with on the Wild? Are the Wild an up and coming team?
  14. CDC Create a Player: 1998/99 Edition [FULL]

    That's BS. Canucks can't win anything