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  1. Dammit!! I missed out serves me right for not being active anymore Props to you Mikey though for putting in the effort to do this for everyone. Good luck to everyone with this game!
  2. Another medal for Canada! Was just watching it and honestly super confused though. Can somebody explain? How did four riders turn into three at the end?? And why?? Why start with four in the first place
  3. What time does Canada play France today? And I believe that's a Bronze Medal rematch from 2012?
  4. Penny
  5. How about 9 medals for women, 0 for men!! the guys gotta start pulling their weight
  6. Anthem gives me chills every time. So proud to be Canadian
  7. Another Gold for Rosie! Doubling our medal total from London, and still halfway to go! I almost forgot how sick the Olympics I love them!
  9. Can't wait for Penny's race tonight
  10. Penny's a beast and a bombshell
  11. Penny's an absolute babe
  12. Mellon with a pretty good career overall, never became the star he wanted to be, but he carved out a lengthy career as a middle six forward. Glad to have been fortunate enough to have his name on the Cup once. Thanks JE for all the work you have put it, and while this has been my worst CAP ever you have done an amazing job running this! Thanks for your commitment and defication:)
  13. I keep playing on teams that are unreal in the regular season and lose in the first round. FML
  14. Hell ya! Asked for a trade and won the cup!! Pretty good contributor too, fourth most points in the playoffs for the Bruins. How old is my guy?
  15. Can I get traded to the team with the best shot at winning the Cup