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  1. Omgomg burrows coming to k-townn, couldn't be more excited ♥

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. burrsler<3
    3. CanucksLegacy


      Oooo when's burr hitting kelowna?

    4. Gunner Garrison

      Gunner Garrison

      why would burr hit kelowna? is he that abusive?

  2. "If I couldn't have perfection last year, then this year I'll have redemption"

  3. Hah it's my friends blanket. But I'm pretty sure she's not Scottish either.

  4. Ah, good. I was worried. :P

  5. sorry i thought you were replying to another's post....now i remember my question...forgive me for being so absent minded...that is definately a scottish plaid....are you sure your not scottish?

  6. No, I didnt say anything about you not being cute! You asked me if it was a scottish kilt, and I said I didnt think so!

  7. are you trying to say, i'm not cute?...i was 50 years ago....i looked like gordon mcrae, the movie star....now i look more like that famous character, frankenstein...mrs frankenstein used to think i looked cute.

  8. Haha oh I know, I just wasn't sure why you called me Ms. Popular.

  9. Haha I don't think so

  10. Hahah oh no, you didnt scare me. I just love creepin(:

  11. Annnnnddd I'm gonna friend you (:

  12. I don't mean you're a slut

  13. I notived you've been viewing my profile a lot so I thought I'd just clear this up.

    I was only joking, sorry if I scared you.