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  1. Omgomg burrows coming to k-townn, couldn't be more excited ♥

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    2. burrsler<3



    3. CanucksLegacy


      Oooo when's burr hitting kelowna?

    4. Gunner Garrison

      Gunner Garrison

      why would burr hit kelowna? is he that abusive?

  2. "If I couldn't have perfection last year, then this year I'll have redemption"

    1. gugster93


      Epic video.

  3. Hah it's my friends blanket. But I'm pretty sure she's not Scottish either.

  4. Ah, good. I was worried. :P

  5. sorry i thought you were replying to another's post....now i remember my question...forgive me for being so absent minded...that is definately a scottish plaid....are you sure your not scottish?

  6. No, I didnt say anything about you not being cute! You asked me if it was a scottish kilt, and I said I didnt think so!

  7. are you trying to say, i'm not cute?...i was 50 years ago....i looked like gordon mcrae, the movie star....now i look more like that famous character, frankenstein...mrs frankenstein used to think i looked cute.

  8. Haha oh I know, I just wasn't sure why you called me Ms. Popular.

  9. Okay then talk!

  10. Haha I don't think so

  11. Hahah oh no, you didnt scare me. I just love creepin(:

  12. Annnnnddd I'm gonna friend you (:

  13. I don't mean you're a slut

  14. I notived you've been viewing my profile a lot so I thought I'd just clear this up.

    I was only joking, sorry if I scared you.