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  1. Similar to other players with slightly different situations, you'll be unable to terminate Leipsic unless he retires or signs in Europe.
  2. Very awesome to hear the plan put forward in the NHL today, we can follow through with some of our plans that we will be proceeding with now! Every team will submit a playoff roster with a maximum of 23 players, as well as a list for black aces. As per usual, black aces can be swapped into your lineup in between rounds. Play-in round points will be counted during the play-in round in the NHL, as well as the Round Robin for the top 4 teams in the NHL. These will be the only games that we count play-in round points for. Playoff scoring structure will apply on Pickup The top 4 teams in each conference will also submit rosters for the play-in round. I am waiting to hear how the NHL plans to run their round robin for seeding, but it will be very likely that our top 4 teams will be battling for seeding as well in the play-in round. Best producing bye team would get the #1 seed for Round 1 and so on. Draft lottery and draft order will mirror IRL, we'll match up the Team A, Team B, Team C, etc in a similar way to the NHL should we need to in a second draft lottery. I do have some trades in my inbox, like previous years, they will be posted once both teams have been eliminated from playoff contention. Lastly, congratulations to @Master Mind's Winnipeg Jets on winning the Presidents Trophy! If anyone has any other questions, feel free to reach out.
  3. The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed the following draft picks to ELCs, starting in 2020-21: Calen Addison - 3 years, $0.900M per year Jesse Ylonen - 3 years, $0.900M per year Jakub Lauko - 3 years, $0.900M per year Jack Drury - 3 years, $0.900M per year Gabriel Fortier - 3 years, $0.700M per year @Keslerific
  4. A key thing to remember is that PIMs are only worth 50% of what they are worth in the regular season, so they won't be as powerful in the playoffs. I'd like to see to what extent these "exhibition games" are between the teams with byes before considering including the points or not. If they are for competitive seeding, it wouldn't be a bad idea to include these then. If we wanted to combine points for both rounds, we'd either be using all of Round 1 or none of Round 1.
  5. That's ideally what I'd like to do. I feel my proposal does this, it's just different in how we actually track the points. Teams irl don't really lose out on anything by receiving byes, but teams in FL with their players do.
  6. Well another thing I'm curious to know is if the teams eliminated in the play-in round automatically get picks 8-15. If they do, I think there'll be some teams who wouldn't even want to participate in the play-in round here...
  7. Alright, after some further thoughts to the proposed playoff idea IRL, I've come up with an alternative for our fantasy hockey pool to run. I don't think teams in the play-in round should be penalized for having players on elite teams, and losing out on their points doesn't seem very fair at all. Everything would stay the same in terms of seeding and the byes, this proposal is just for how we score points. So here's my idea... For clarity sake, I'm calling the "play-in" round the round with 24 teams still left in the playoffs, and the first round the round with 16 teams left in the playoffs. The "play-in" round in CDCFL will accumulate all fantasy playoff points earned in the "play-in" round in the NHL and the first round in the NHL. The winner of the play-in round in CDCFL will be the team in the matchup that has the most combined points from these two rounds. The winner of the play-in round in CDCFL would then move onto the first round in CDCFL, and for this round, only their first round fantasy points will count in their matchup against the team that received a bye. Basically, the teams with the bye won't exactly know who they are playing in the first round while the first round games are being played in the NHL, but they will want to just have more first round points than both teams in the "play-in" matchup to advance. For example, I'm going to take the Minnesota vs Vegas matchup with the winner playing Los Angeles: Minnesota has 36 "play-in" round fantasy points and Vegas has 56. Minnesota has 155 1st round points and Vegas has 50. Minnesota would advance to play against Los Angeles by beating Vegas 191 to 106. Los Angeles had 193 1st round points. Los Angeles would then beat Minnesota in the 1st round, 193 to 155 and move onto the 2nd round. If Los Angeles were to have less than 155 1st round points, Minnesota would then move onto the 2nd round. I'm open to thoughts on this idea, fantasy hockey is in a weird predicament for playoffs, and I feel this allows teams to utilize all their players, and still have a fair shot at winning their playoff series.
  8. Some interesting news regarding the playoffs here... If the NHL were to following through with this, here's how our playoffs may potentially look like: Top 4 in East and West receive byes: Carolina (1) Columbus (2) Rangers (3) Islanders (4) Winnipeg (1) Colorado (2) Los Angeles (3) Edmonton (4) 5 v 12 (Winner plays 4) Toronto (5) vs New Jersey (12) Calgary (5) vs Anaheim (12) 6 v 11 (Winner plays 3) Boston (6) vs Florida (11) Minnesota (6) vs Vegas (11) 7 v 10 (Winner plays 2) Buffalo (7) vs Ottawa (10) Chicago (7) vs Vancouver (10) 8 v 9 (Winner plays 1) Tampa Bay (8) vs Washington (9) Detroit (8) vs Nashville (9) This would potentially be very interesting, seeing as the 4 Metro seeds would take all 4 of the byes in the East, as well for the fact that this will undoubtedly have an impact on who will win the "play-in series'". If we make it points from the play-in series, every team will be without players from Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Colorado, Vegas and Dallas. This will likely lead to some upsets if a 5 through 12 seeded team has a lot of these players on their team! I could see this being a major disadvantage to some, so maybe we see a scenario where we just take the top 8 teams instead and start during what would be the normal Round 1? But our playoff races were very close, so that may be a disadvantage to the teams that were super close. We may just have to stick with what the NHL does in order to be the most "fair". Open for discussion though!
  9. Congrats to Jordan Spence and Noel Hoefenmayer on winning Defenceman of the Year in the QMJHL and OHL! Congrats also go out to Kaapo Kahkonen on being named a 1st team all star in the AHL!
  10. The New York Rangers have signed the following draft picks to ELCs, starting in 2020-21: Ryan McLeod - 3 years, $1.150M per year Niklas Nordgren - 3 years, $0.900M per year Riley Sutter - 3 years, $0.700M per year Dmitry Zavgorodny - 3 years, $0.700M per year @JimLahey
  11. The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed Bulat Shafigullin to a 3 year ELC worth $0.700M per year, starting in 2020-21. @Tylez
  12. The Minnesota Wild have re-signed Thomas Chabot to a 7 year extension worth $7.75M per year. @Canuck Surfer
  13. The Calgary Flames have re-signed the following pending free agents: Nikita Tryamkin - 2 years, $1.500M per year Carter Verhaeghe - 2 years, $0.750M per year Darren Raddysh - 2 years, $0.800M per year Joel Persson - 1 year, $1.000M Micheal Ferland - 1 year, $1.000M Jan Rutta - 1 year, $1.300M @Kobayashi Maru
  14. The Anaheim Ducks have re-signed the following pending free agents: Filip Chytil - 7 years, $4.000M per year Adrian Kempe - 4 years, $3.400M per year Martin Frk - 2 years, $0.825M per year Timo Meier - 8 years, $7.000M per year @Caboose