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  1. The Boston Bruins have signed Torrey Mitchell to a 1 year deal worth 1M.
  2. The Carolina Hurricanes have signed Michal Rozsival to a 1 year deal worth 975K.
  3. The New York Islanders have signed Mike Fisher to a 1 year deal worth 2M.
  4. The Los Angeles Kings have signed Brandon Prust to a 1 year deal worth 850K.
  5. The New York Rangers have signed Mason Raymond to a 1 year deal worth 800K.
  6. The Boston Bruins have signed Anthony Angello to a 2 year deal worth 950K per year.
  7. Announcement: The contracts (or buyout) of Viktor Tikhonov and Ilya Nikulin will stay intact, their respective teams will still have the cap penalties associated. I have talked to the GMs of both teams, and they both respect the decision, and I'd like to thank them for their cooperation. With that, the spreadsheet is now back up and running (, with a new added column. In this column, all clauses will now be listed in text, instead of in notes. You may also see some asterisks on your page. This signifies that the player is a European and was signed to a contract in CDCFL while not having signed a deal in real life. This means you may not buy the player out, and the only way to get rid of the contract is to let it run out or buy them out. I thank you all for your patience, signings will be continuing starting now! Nail
  8. The Oilers are pleased to select Frederik Leveille. @Dion Phaneuf
  9. @Patrick Kane selects Artem Anisimov via facebook, twitter, whatsapp, msn, and ever social media app BUT kik. @Squeak
  10. Aaron Ekblad @gmen81 Evgeni Malkin - Sidney Crosby - Nicklas Backstrom Zach Parise - Evgeny Kuznetsov - Jonathan Drouin Aaron Ekblad NA Goaltenders
  11. The exact opposite of his contract for a 50 point guy!
  12. @Patrick Kane selects Brandon Saad via kik @gmen81
  13. So close to the Cup
  14. If I'm gonna bow out, it may as well be to the Champs! Best of luck @Time Lord Also, teams looking to acquire a top 6 forward or top 4 dman should pm me!
  15. Because Richards was bought out BEFORE he retired, his buyout will still count and KJ will be on the hook for it. If he had waited to buyout Richards (possibly during the 2nd buyout window?) he would be able to just release as he has now retired.