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  2. Final 2 Retirements:
  3. The following prospects will be in college: Leo Novak Anaheim Marty Cole Boston Ammerman, Ned Calgary Keaton Graham Columbus Joey Olczyk Columbus Ted Dube Detroit Lou Matthews Edmonton Spooner, Keaton Edmonton Alexander Greig Florida Tim Kavanagh Islanders Liles, Keith Montreal Forrest Wilson Montreal Fogarty, Tommy New Jersey Sam O'Leary Philadelphia Frank Clark Philadelphia McCabe, Colby Philadelphia Noah Wisocki Pittsburgh Robbie Fanto Pittsburgh Callen, Evan Quebec Romashenko, Owen Rangers Suter, Christiaan Rangers Christian, Gregg Tampa Bay Caruso, Brennan Tampa Bay Hanson, Brett Toronto Sass, Bronson Washington The following prospects will be in Europe: Joni Levo Anaheim Lindgren, Christian Boston Lasse Lundh Calgary Janak, Maximilian Columbus Furger, Valery Columbus Pulscak, Adrian Dallas Vyacheslav Panin Detroit Johan Martensson Edmonton Hugo Lof Florida Kallio, Juho-Perttu Islanders Acker, Barry Los Angeles Eddy Krupp Montreal Kasimir Heinonen Philadelphia Topi Jamsa Philadelphia Axel Ericson Pittsburgh Sevastyanov, Ruslan San Jose Fasth, Einar San Jose Alexei Afanasyev St.Louis Ushenin, Rinat Tampa Bay Abrahamsson, John Tampa Bay Alexej Lidstrom Vancouver Holm, Victor Washington Ole Petter Jansen Winnipeg Maxim Makovsky Winnipeg
  4. NHL Awards 2024-25 Art Ross Trophy Christoph Garreau (NYI) Runners Up: Mikko Rantanen (DAL) Alexander Ovechkin (CBJ) Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy Christoph Garreau (NYI) Runners Up: Jack Eichel (BUF) Mikko Rantanen (DAL) James Norris Memorial Trophy Clary Syvret (DET) Runners Up: Cam Fowler (NSH) Roman Josi (NSH) Vezina Trophy Thatcher Demko (VAN) Runners Up: Carey Price (NSH) Braden Holtby (MIN) Frank J. Selke Trophy Anze Kopitar (MIN) Runners Up: Connor McDavid (EDM) Markus Paulsson (NSH) Calder Memorial Trophy Dmitri Moiseyev (SJS) Runners Up: Jasen Johnson (PHI) Bob Clayden (PHI) Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Mikko Rantanen (DAL) Runners Up: Christophe Garreau (NYI) Elias Lindholm (DAL) Hart Memorial Trophy Christophe Garreau (NYI) Runners Up: Jack Eichel (BUF) Mikko Rantanen (DAL) Conn Smythe Trophy Pierre-Herve Laprise (MIN) Runners Up: Braden Holtby (MIN) Mikael Granlund (MIN)
  5. Epic!
  6. Pending UFA getting traded epic!
  7. Dallas takes Adrian Pulscak Boston takes Christian Lindgren @Time Lord
  8. Obviously I didn't make it clear enough June 1st.
  9. even if he doesnt want to, at least we're all set up for when he does
  10. The free agent list has been fully updated, UFA/RFA/Unsigned Prospects for those that want to take a glimpse at what this years crop may look like: Now the one issue we may have with starting our draft early is with unsigned prospects. Unsigned prospects are set to re-enter the draft (if drafted from CHL) or go to free agency (if drafted from anywhere else) on June 1st, if they have not received an offer by then. I am assuming no top end prospects will make it unsigned, but if they do, then a team may would've wanted to pick one with their pick and may have already picked. To try and prevent this to the best of our abilities, please make sure you have signed all your unsigned prospects ASAP. Taking a quick look at the players there and the quality of the prospects, I want to say there's 7 teams that need to do this still so please do
  11. Islanders: Andre Karlstrom - 5 years @ 6.500M per Kai Kaskinen - 2 years @ 2.500M per Christophe Garreau - 5 years @ 8.000M per Ari Levanen - 2 years @ 4.250M per Bryan Lindgren - 2 years @ 1.000M per Kirkland Bartlett - 1 year @ 0.900M per This Burgin - 2 years @ 2.000M per Washington: Leo Volf - 2 years @ 5.000M per Kailer Yamamoto - 5 years @ 4.000M per Charlie Bennett - 1 year @ 1.250M per Yan Kovalevsky - 5 years @ 4.000M per Sakari Siren - 2 years @ 0.700M per Deven Gare - 2 years @ 0.700M per Tony Laporte - 1 year @ 0.650M per Winnipeg: Gilles Glaude - 2 years @ 3.750M per Jan Hirvi - 2 years @ 0.900M per Danil Bashkirov - 2 years @ 1.250M per Ray Stanley - 2 years @ 1.000M per Tanner Bertsch - 2 years @ 0.950M per Karl Kennedy - 2 years @ 0.925M per Aki Vaananen - 2 years @ 0.850M per Alvin Dubas - 2 years @ 0.750M per Stefan Bory - 2 years @ 0.700M per Silvester Kudrna - 2 years @ 0.650M per Hayden Davis - 2 years @ 0.700M per New Jersey: Frank Thompson - 2 years @ 0.700M per Jussi Honka - 2 years @ 0.700M per Toronto: David Levin - 5 years @ 4.000M per Lennart Markun - 2 years @ 2.500M per Sasha Chmelevski - 2 years @ 0.700M per Mathieu Parsons - 2 years @ 0.650M per Mackenzie Fallon - 2 years @ 0.700M per Vancouver: Howie Clarke - 1 year @ 1.000M per Mikelis Fjodorovs - 1 year @ 0.900M per Vraitslav Bilek - 2 years @ 5.000M per Damien Giroux - 5 years @ 6.750M per Lars Goran Elvenes - 2 years @ 5.750M per Vanya Lodnia - 1 year @ 1.250M per Stelio Mattheos - 1 year @ 1.500M per Dexter Dupuis - 2 years @ 0.900M per Stanson Morgan - 1 year @ 0.750M per Blair Foy - 1 year @ 0.650M per Vincent Moffat - 1 year @ 0.700M per Benoit Nilly - 1 year @ 0.700M per Alexander Gorokhov - 2 years @ 1.000M per Lubos Vlk - 1 year @ 0.750M per Colt Pearson - 1 year @ 0.700M per
  12. Quite possibly the last night of the Conference Finals, down to the wire we go! Looks like @winterhawks has secured a berth in the finals from the East, but out West it'll be up to @Drouin's Bryan Rust and Scott Wilson to make up 20 points to tie @Primal Optimist who will be without Alex Burrows tonight.
  13. Ty takes Schneider, Julien
  14. Well, in the past our draft started early due to a team automatically winning as the other team had no players left. This could be a bit different this year as both of the teams in the lead right now, should they keep the lead will be guaranteed at least 1 player I believe, barring injuries. This will mean we will likely have to wait until the actual Cup final is over to officially start time limits on our draft. The Cup Finals schedule is the following: While our expansion draft dates are set for: So should the finals go to a game 7, the dates will fit in perfectly. If the Finals go shorter and our expansion draft has not started yet, I would be ok with allowing the draft to continue with no time limits until the expansion draft (and GMs will have the option to pick, or wait until the time limits). Obviously its a unique situation with the expansion draft, and it's not a regular occurrence, so I would be fine extending when the Time Limits will start in this scenario.