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  1. I assume it is TBL 2nd not VAN?
  2. Probably no sims today, go out and enjoy the sun
  3. Las Vegas Knights Draft Report #6 Casey Mittlestadt (drafted #8 by Buffalo - 2) #34 Jake Oettinger (drafted #26 by Dallas + 8) #65 Evan Barratt (drafted #90 by Chicago - 25) #88 Noel Hoefenmayer (drafted #108 by Arizona - 20) #97 Mario Ferraro (drafted #49 by San Jose + 48) Although Barratt and Hoefenmayer dropped, happy with the organizations they went to in Chicago and Arizona. Hopefully we found ourselves a nice little sleeper pick in Ferraro who was picked very high by San Jose.
  4. November 1: November 2: November 3: November 4: November 5: November 6: November 7: Standings:
  5. Check kik BB
  6. October 25: October 26: October 27: October 28: October 29: October 30: October 31: Standings: Player of the Month: Offensive Player of the Month: Defensive Player of the Month: Rookie of the Month:
  7. Las Vegas Knights Draft Report #6 Casey Mittlestadt (drafted #8 by Buffalo - 2) #34 Jake Oettinger (drafted #26 by Dallas + 8) #65 Evan Barratt #88 Noel Hoefenmayer #97 Mario Ferraro Pretty pleased where Casey and Jake went today. In all honesty, I wanted Casey to be drafted by either the Rangers or the Sabres, and I'm happy with the Sabres (as long as its not Detroit right?). Casey and Eichel will both be key parts of the Sabres and USA Hockey in the future I hope As for Jake, we knew there'd be a good chance he go in Round 1, and it was likely coming down to Dallas, St. Louis or Ottawa. Having traded up to get him, we feel Dallas is also a great fit for Jake. They don't have a high end goalie prospect in the system and by signing Bishop, they won't need to rush Jake up to the big team at all. Looking forward to day 2!
  8. Cheers to @Caboose for making this deal happen. As you all may know, this will be the first of multiple goalie moves, and we feel it will set a good precedent for the goalies we move next. Happy to add a 1st round pick next year, we'll heavily lean towards building through the draft and through trades as opposed to free agents.
  9. With the final pick, we select Yegor Rykov.
  10. New Arizona Coyotes starting goalie Antti Raanta is available for trade.
  11. Stan Bowman trying TOO hard to make a draft day impact with the draft in his city?
  12. mfw working now October 21: October 22: October 23: October 24: Standings: No more sims for tonight.
  13. I just simmed the last set of the night but Gyazo isn't working at the moment so I can't upload until later.
  14. October 14: October 15: October 16: October 17: October 18: October 19: October 20: Standings: I'll sim up to when the first team has to play 10 games tonight as well.