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  2. Great pick by Benning. Top quality defencemen are always undervalued until you need one, and it's good to see he saw beyond the hype of the other forwards not taken in the top 4. With the unexpected arrival of Hutton, Tryamkin's debut, and the acquisition of Gudbranson and Juolevi, our defense looks well built compared to the patchwork we had last year. Defence also helps offence too. The sooner we take the puck away from the other team, the sooner our forwards can take the play to the other end of the ice and generate offence. Our team last year was terrible in our own zone, and it decreased our offensive time, increased the risk of injury, and ultimately led to our spiral to the bottom of the league. If the quality of your forwards is an indication of your offensive ceiling, then the quality of your defence is your offensive floor and the Canucks fell through the floor last year.
  3. Either hell froze over or the hockey gods have smiled upon us and granted us a future Stanley Cup during Benning's tenure.
  4. It's like corsi. Every shot, no matter how bad, counts.
  5. At least Nike, Warrior and Bauer actually made the gear that their logos are on. It might be advertising, but it's strictly hockey advertising and not unrelated advertising like Starbucks or JiffyLube.
  6. For all the people saying this doesn't help our offense at all, good defense leads to more offense. The faster we can take back the puck from the other team, the more chances we get to score. Our defense was a fire drill last year and more often than not our players would be stuck in our zone defending for minutes. If we can convert those defensive minutes to offensive minutes, our skilled players would have more opportunities to score, all from being able to get the puck back faster and more frequently.
  7. Anyone want a free HUT pack? I won one on Twitter but don't have the game.
  8. That would be a shark puck if it were any other Canuck. Virtanen has game-changing speed.
  9. Are we gonna see a McJebus commercial every break? What's worse is that there's more than one kind.
  10. They were making a Kraken joke. RELEASE THE CRACKNELL!
  11. Horvat trying Ovie's between-the-legs? Someone's comfortable out there.
  12. Lol it was Sbisa with the pass, but Horvat looks like he's turning himself into a two-way power forward.
  13. Looks like cross-creases are impossible to throw past a well-positioned defenseman. The AI looks like it's improved, making faster decisions and even running a few plays themselves. There was even a moment at 13:10 where the other team was breaking out from their own zone and an AI stepped up on the puck carrier at the blueline to disrupt the breakout. Goalies have changed a lot for NHL 16. For tight movement they use the T-Push instead of the weird shuffle they had before. Players are going to have to learn how to be precise and economical with their movements instead of constantly micromanaging them in previous games. There's going to be a lot more wrap-arounds going in until a new wave of goalies adapt to the new system. And the annoying, automatic, desperation diving save is now a manual save! It didn't pop up with the AI goalies in this video but we'll see how it goes. Looks like a good improvement across the board so far. If the AI is as good in single-player as they are here, I might actually pick up the game.
  14. What kind of grinder is capable of scoring 21 goals anyway? Looking at Sutter's most frequent linemates compared to Bonino's, it looks like there might be buried potential just waiting to break out by being slotted in between any of Higgins, Burrows, Baertschi and Vrbata.
  15. There's too many stat mongers here to really appreciate the kind of player we aquired. Stats are nice but the are too many variables and intangibles involved to rely on them to assess players. There's gonna be a lot of people changing their tune once Brandon hits the ice in a 'Nucks uni this fall.