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  1. aware me on six feet under.
  2. I'm still royally screwed. Richmond tomorrow and slush would be even worse.
  3. Some of us need to drive and aren't dependant on public transit.
  4. Not in Beijing, but thanks for the concern.
  5. I have to drive to Richmond tomorrow:picard:
  6. What's going on in this thread?
  7. in
  8. wut?
  9. do you think that you'll get strippers on your upcoming birthday?

  10. what's going on in this thread?
  11. 1 inbox message. From mod, telling me not to troll. foreveralone.jpg
  12. I'm 6, and where am I?
  13. I'm 8, and how are you?
  14. You're 12, and what is this?