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  1. who pissed on your cornflakes Dummerboy. The post I responded to, in referring to the playoffs said an 80% Markstrom was better than a rusty Demko. Demko in fact played better than Markstrom for the 3 game stretch he was put in. When you consider his rust and the pressure he was under, his performance was beyond belief. Could he sustain that during an 84 game season, I highly doubt it but what goalie could.
  2. Facts would appear to have proven you wrong. A rusty Demko was better than marky was when he waa 100%.
  3. Team obviously thought they could ride demko to victory and they are getting the outcome they deserve. Demko deserved a better fate.
  4. Going into next year either the players or the pp coach need to change. I'm thinking the latter
  5. Lehner is scared $&!#less watching demko and knowing they are likely toast if he let's one.in.
  6. Vegas losing to the canucks is a pr disaster for bettman and not the deal he promised the knights. No chance in hell they give our pp more chances than vegas in this game.
  7. Guys who are known to be assholes are generally allowed to be assholes...its the nhl way...unless you play for the canucks, then its 10 and a game.