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  1. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Isn't that why he drafted Manukyan?!!
  2. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    From the scouting report he looks like a smart, fast 200' player with offensive upside and great vision/IQ. Sort of the kind of player JB and TG always talk about. If he can add 20 lbs and remain fast and agile, he could be a great asset.
  3. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Images) So what do we have in the younger Madden? First thing that jumps out on tape is that he is fearless. He plays an in your face style and is not afraid to mix it up. He uses his great skating to create havoc in all areas of the ice. He forces a lot of opponent’s mistakes by playing this style. Tyler also values defense as much as offense. He impacts the game in a way the stats don’t always show. His intelligence helps him be in the right position most of the time. Questions with Madden start with his size. He’s tenacious but is listed at just over 150 pounds. Bigger, stronger players can have their way with him. He’s got plenty of time to fill out. With all he does with his skates he’s not much of a pure finisher. You’re not drafting Tyler to score you 30 goals. Still he scored just 15 goals in 50 games. He has more to give in this department. Other THW Draft Profiles: Oliver Wahlstrom Jachym Kondelik Tyler Madden – NHL Draft Projection Madden likely goes in the second or third round and could provide one of the best values of the entire draft. He doesn’t get the attention that some of the other American centers get. Not sure I understand the low ranking given everything he does. It isn’t always pretty but it’s effective. That’s why he’s an early second rounder for me just inside my top-40. Quotables “He’s blazing fast on skates and moves with amazing agility, versatility and explosiveness. He has a great mind for the game, at which he excels both on offense and defense, and really takes charge of matters when he’s out there. A true leader at age 18.” –Kevin Wickersham/Dobber Prospects “Tough, speedy pivot with NHL bloodlines who is always looking to attack but does so in a controlled and intelligent manner. Madden can stickhandle his way around just about anything and anyone — his agility and directional changes devastate slower defenders. There aren’t many draft-eligible prospects who know how to use their speed to expand the ice surface during tight-checking affairs, but Madden absolutely is one of them. He has to be an enigma to opposing coaches because he’s as dangerous taking the puck wide as he is in a direct route to the net — Madden has very good vision and his centering feeds rarely appear forced or illogical. When the game slows down, he’ll get his nose dirty in the corners and fight for real estate in front of the net — something he probably picked up from his father John, who was one of the NHL’s top defensive forwards and was a three-time Stanley Cup winner.” –Steve Kournianos/The Draft Analyst Strengths Great skater w/ explosive speed Plays very physical game Excellent hands Under Construction (Improvements to Make) Size and strength Faceoffs NHL Potential Madden’s upside is that of a middle six center who can play both ends of the ice effectively. If he’s anything like his father was, Tyler will find himself in big situations making an impact on the game in a way the score sheet won’t always show.
  4. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    152...lightest kid drafted so far. Hopefully at 5'11" he has a growing spurt coming soon. I've got bean stocks stockier than Madden.
  5. How BC Votes - 2018 Referendum

    Exactly. Canada is one of the most progressive, successful democracies in the world with a history of dependable and stable government. Why is it suddenly that our system is so horribly wrong and needs major overhaul. I am afraid I see this as a politically motivated endeavour to tip the scales in favour of political parties who have historically been relegated to the role of opposition.
  6. How BC Votes - 2018 Referendum

    PR has resulted in exactly what you describe everywhere it has been applied. The danger is that a fringe or radical party often ends up being the "King Maker" and dictates much of policy even though hardly any voters supported their platform. The driving force behind the coalition government becomes one of staying in power even if it means abandoning the platform your supporters voted for. FPTP is not perfect but it does lead to mire stable government.
  7. He is a great player but I can't stand his show boating and diving. That he responded to a question about marchand's licking by completing him as a guy that is effective speaks volumes about his class. It is an insult to the twins that they are being mentioned in the same conversation with him for leadership qualities.
  8. Led by Sundan "the diva diver", it appears the Preds' strategy is to cry for a pp after every play.
  9. Shameful game management for a game 7.
  10. Officer and situation specific regardless of training....Kid on a trolley a few years back was gunned down while he was surrounded by officers who were not in danger. Same for the kid recently shot to death who only had a knife...he too was surrounded by officers and shot from a distance. Police are authorized to use deadly force if they feel threatened. It is obviously open to a wide variety of interpretation.
  11. Precedent had been set. The dialogue so many are upset about has been crafted through responses and actions taken by government and media to previous incidents.
  12. More likely he will get free counseling and a $10 million payout along with an apology from the Federal Government. This is Canada, it must be our fault.
  13. I hate Boston so much, i am forced to cheer for the Leafs. I feel so dirty . I see the league is still run by Jacobs. Leafs pull ahead and the refs jump into action.
  14. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek

    ..and he plays "hungry". That is an absolute must to be successful in the NHL. It really separates the average from the impactful in all areas of the game.