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  1. In a #3 or #4 role he is still decent value. He is mis-cast in Vancouver and his contract with its No-trade clause increase the challenge of getting a bonafide #1.
  2. It would be a good deal if he was a #1 or #2. He is on the Canucks only because they don't have other options. He is declining and his contract term is an albatross.
  3. Which is why his contract was a huge mistake. His back problems were well known at that time. He has been in steady decline ever since.
  4. Negative - this team still lives and dies by the offensive production of the twins. They are long in the tooth and have shown a tendency to slow down late in seasons and with age comes the increased risk of injury. The twins don't need pre-season tournaments to get ready to play. They are in great shape, always, and chemistry is never an issue.
  5. Sad but true nux. Human/animal interaction and altercations are inevitable as our population increases and we expand our presence into more and more habitat. Shooting animals like this bear make the news and people get upset but in reality, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Our increased back-country activities with motorized vehicles and our destruction of prime habitat is the real threat to our wildlife. BC likes to pat itself on the back about its "green power" from hydro projects and its damnation of pipelines but the permanent damage done in wiping out hundreds of thousands of acres of prime valley bottom habitat, has (and will with site C) do more to destroy habitat than hundreds of oil spills ever could. To the poster suggesting to just capture and move the bears...bears that are habituated and have lost fear of humans, will return to the "easy food' of human areas. In addition, bears are territorial and if you move a bear to some wilderness area, that bear, or the one already there have to fight it out and one will end up moving on. The scenario then repeats itself until some bear is pushed back into an area inhabited by humans. Bears and other wildlife don't seek out human interaction, they are just running out of options.
  6. It will be more than "sorry". get ready for a multi-million law-suit/settlement. This is Canada where no one is responsible for their actions and someone else always pays.
  7. Simply ignoring major atrocities not related to religion in order to support your argument is the agenda I alluded to. rad more history and you will see there are more cases of violence against our fellow humans not related to religion than those that are. Your statement that the most egregious atrocities have been faith based is totally wrong and not backed up by history. Are you trying to say First Nations did not pray to the Great Spirit for victory over their enemies? If you have proof, please provide it. and who was talking about wealth and greed? You seem to be a major historical revisionist. I suppose First nations never invaded each others lands or committed violent acts either? You make First nations history sound like the Bambi story.
  8. You're using these incidents to further your own agenda. Humankind has never needed religion as an excuse for genocide. Politics, land, nationality, family pride etc. The list is endless. Religion is just a convenient tool to use to rile up a group who feel disadvantaged and are looking for something to follow. It could just as easily have been a Nazi uprising. BTW - do you include the Great Spirit in your trashing of all religious beliefs?
  9. From 30 goal scoring star to unwanted in the space of a year. Talk about a rapidly depreciating asset!! Perhaps a lesson on why the Canucks should be considering moving other non-star assets like Hansen and Edler for younger guys with potential so they will be ready when our kids take over?
  10. There is no simple solution to this. It is a cause/effect thing that has been building for decades. When the courts are not punishing effectively and failing to protect society it leads to frustrated police and a society that feels it needs to protect itself. With more citizens armed, the police feel more threatened and end up taking more of the kinds of actions we see in these videos. This leads to more insecurity by the public and a feeling they need to protect themselves from not only the criminals, but the police too. The police in so many areas are now considered another threat and part of the problem versus the protectors of society and keepers of the peace.
  11. The tazer can be deadly if applied in the manner it was. A ball point pen can be lethal if used in a certain way. Processional police are supposed to know these things and apply force proportionately. As you say, they are human and yes, bad apples fall through the cracks. I am sure we all have experienced an over-zealous/authoritarian police officer. It is also necessary to take not of the violent nature of the American culture in general, particularly in areas of poverty and historical racial tension. In the states, officers expect to confront someone with a gun as carrying concealed weapons is often legal and even if not, common. Due partly to our gun laws, concealed guns in most areas of Canada, is extremely rare so our officers are not "on edge" expecting to have to defend themselves to the death. Obviously, there are cases where they do. This has a significant impact on how an officer approaches a potentially hostile situation. All it takes is fear or nervousness (or a cowboy attitude) and lethal force is used. Firing four shots into a restrained man could have been racist, fear-based or just a power-trip. We may never know but the whole culture is to blame.
  12. My response was to your claim that this 'never' happens in Canada. I di I not say the USA does not have a systemic problem with violence involving police. It is always dangerous to place too much faith in those with special powers. Plenty of examples of Canadian police over-stepping their authority and in some cases, abusing people .
  13. Let's not bee too smug...the tazering to-death of an unarmed man in Vancouver by four RCMP because he had a stapler in his hand/ ...the execution of the kid on the Toronto street car who was alone with only a knife and surrounded by police? Ring any bells?
  14. Buy him out in 4 if he declines. I think a lot of teams are looking at these veteran signings in that light.