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  1. Henrik really does hate talking about himself. Humility is not an act with him.
  2. You do Apollo well.
  3. He is starting to look dominant on many shifts. So much potential. An incredible find by JB
  4. Congrats Hank! What a career. Will miss the twins when they are gone...More than we realize now. And to score with speed off the rush....Gotta feel good.
  5. Special teams are the life blood of terms that play defensive systems. Nucks special teams are their Achilles Heel.
  6. come on Edler...Stand up for you goalie.
  7. Bo is Back. What a kid.
  8. Yeah. We should get one point.
  9. Maybe Trump is going to slap a tariff on Canadian Hockey Players or, ban them all together as they come from a country known for allowing terrorists to infiltrate the USA and pose a security threat to Americans.
  10. He's better looking and far more agile than I had imagined.
  11. We all know the team is in need of more change and youth. The way they play, one of the most enjoyable aspects of watching a game is to see the kids who will or may be part of the future. I hope to at least see what Subban looks like in a game as much as I would have liked to see Pedan in against some of the bigger teams that beat us up physically.
  12. Not likely but sending Pedan down without having played a game despite injuries and illness, could likely break him. It certainly does not bode well for his future. If he is sooo bad that WD couldn't use him for one game while he was up, it is highly unlikely he gets another chance as long as WD is here.
  13. Unless Pedan is injured, it makes no sense to anyone but Willie. If Pedan is worse than a seriously ill stecher, he has no business being here or in Utica.
  14. Even with illness, he is stubborn about using replacements. Stecher was puking before the game last night, hadn't eaten and had no energy. WD knew this but still put him in over a healthy Pedan. If not for Tryamkin going on a tear and aging his best Game as a. Canuck, Willie's decision could Well have cost the team the Game.
  15. WD gets the team to play hard. Not sure that says something about him or the character of the players on the team. His tactical deployments are head scratchers though. Last night, two icings early in the game and he puts out the 4th line. This on a Nucks team that struggles to gain o-zone time and score. The PP is becoming famous worldwide for futility but to some...WD is still a good coach. For three years, the PP numbers have been in decline and WD has done nothing to address that. Even with guys like Bo, Boucher who possess skills valuable on a PP, he is still sticking with the same group and basically the same approach. This to me, more than anything, illustrates the limits of WD's creativity and adaptability. That he is sounding defensive with the press and defiantly sticking to his guns reflects a coach that is unsure of what to do and feels cornered. Stop-gap coach who is hopefully gone soon.