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  1. Agreed. The canucks followed the rules that were in place.at the time of signing Lu. The application of a retroactive penalty based on a subjective determination by Bettman would never stand up in a court of law. The NHL used the canucks as a whipping boy to send a message to other teams. Absolute BS.
  2. Goos for you and hopefully you are okay.
  3. Enorcement of interference in the nhl is a joke. Guys getting mugged in the slot whe the puck is 40 feet way, the "shadowing" you describe etc. Reffing in all sports can be bad but the nhl is the only pro league i know of that deliberately alters its rule calling depending on the team playing, the score at the time, the time of season or the stage of the moon. The least.professional organization in pro sports by far.
  4. Columbus has numerous starters injured, played 3rd game in 4 nights, are a younger team than us...and they win..
  5. If they need a goalie better than demko has been tonight in order to win, they deserve to lose.