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  1. Because this approach puts the onus of failure on the players not the coach. If WD makes changes and the Pp still sucks, he owns it. The lack of accountability over this issue is startling. 3 years of this crappy PP and no one is owning up to it.
  2. "Chances" is not in the WD coaching play book, except where it says you avoid taking them in favour of preventing the other team from having chances. Work hard but produce nothing and you will get big minutes as long as you don't take chances. If you do take chances and produce results but don't work really hard to prevent chances, chances are you will be replaced by someone who does a better job of preventing chances.
  3. Where d=Megna? Brilliant deployment by your coach tonight. Just another in a long line of brilliant moves but hey, you can't argue with success.
  4. And they bring scissors
  5. Your game day post defending the product. Did you forget already?
  6. Until WD can show he can coach a winning team at the NHL level, your pro -Willie stance is without any substance. So far, the product for 2.5 years has been anything g but impressive and does not show any signs of improving (exhibit A being the PP) but you throw him up there with Lemaire and Burns. Please substantiate that.
  7. I feel your pain. Our new Mexican restaurant us puppy's greatest talent is digging up our cats turds for a snack. Then he likes to relax beside me on the couch for the duration of the game. Lovely smell of cat turds wafting around the room.
  8. If I doubt, Waive off a Nuck goal. It's in the NHL red manual.
  9. Refs no call on stecher or the tooany men. Obvs, they can't stomach watching that pp again.
  10. Well...The pp has only been like this for three or four years. Need to give WD more time.
  11. Switched channels. Refuse to expose myself to the self promoting renditions that have become the norm.
  12. ...and you continue to dodge the bulk and meat of my comments choosing to cherry pick, which is your pattern. Tryamkin held out until injury forced his play and contrary to WD, he was ready and in fact, one of our best D since. IF that charade had gone on much more, we may well have lost Try to Russia because WD didn't see what he had. Bo - forced to play a more prominent role when Sutter went despite WD pigeon-holing him publicly as a shut down guy, he led the team in scoring the second half and again this season. You keep on defending an AHL coach that has accomplished nothing at the NHL level and has been unable to solve a critical piece of this team's ability to stay competitive in 2.5 years...the PP. Unless you can prove you know WD's mindset, you disagreeing with my assessment is just fart gas.