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  1. He looks like a grown up Eddie Munster!! WE should nickname him "The Wolfman".
  2. Does the left wing ideology that wants its citizens to live in fear and under control not register on your radar? or are you just using this for your own agenda? WE have a Liberal federal government...seems to me they are pretty good at handing our money to the corporate wealthy as long as it benefits them. Left or right, the world leaders are playing us all for fools as they all aim to achieve the same level of control and power.
  3. Do you see the Miller move as an acknowledgement that JB has arrived at the conclusion that Jake will not develop into that role? If so, could he be on the block in a trade for the D man we still need?
  4. If the rumour is true (please note the "IF) The stumbling block could be Edler's desire for a NMC. Maybe its not but this is all speculation on a discussion forum, right? Rick drew you out of your cave too, I see.
  5. Our D needs to be re-built before this team will truly compete. We don't know what we will have at the draft that may have to be exposed. I don't think Eddler is worth taking that risk...some do.
  6. They take a toll. I am not adverse to re-signing him I just don't think a contract that causes us to have to expose anyone at the expansion draft makes sense or is worth it. .
  7. Nice pic. Is that you in the green shirt? A long term deal with a NMC will handcuff management. If that's what Alex wants,,,good-bye.
  8. I don't think the 4 years is a given considering his health issues. Regardless, I am not in favour of any contract that means we risk a young asset to protect him.
  9. True, if you believe contracts are based solely on age? Edler's performance and health have been worse than Chara's and in decline. At Edler's current age, Chara was not in decline and was a force deserving of a better contract. Edler's health/injury status and decline in performance should result in a contract that in no way handcuffs management going forward.
  10. He can re-sign here for a deal that doesn't handcuff the team going forward and look forward to having his sweater retired and being a local hero or...he can go to a new market for a short few years and retire in obscurity.
  11. Perhaps you are just failing to comprehend. Simplification - If Edler is serious about staying here, he should consider the kind of deal Chara took from Boston.
  12. At no time in his career did Edler compare to Chara. Regardless, based on injuries and current contribution, the last few years of Chara's contracts are more applicable to the arrangement Edler should consider if he truly wants to play here. I'm pretty sure Benning is well aware of the comparisons.
  13. Makes me respect Chara more. He still wanted to play and in Boston but was willing to take short term "show me" contracts to stay. If Edler is moving on, it would appear he is not willing to let his play dictate if he stays but wants guarantees JB is not willing to give. Looking forward to the rebuild of our dense.
  14. The Jacobs advantage. We've seen it before.
  15. MacKinnon hauled down ...Nothing. a typically reffed sjs game. We've seen it before.