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  1. You certainly do see things in an interesting light. The negative versus positive comments are in fact very comparable despite your justification. The reasons for each being open to criticism may be different but you are still extremely negative regarding the twins no matter how positive a twist you try to put on it. Fair enough, I too am critical of their play regardless of what the reason is. ON the other hand, you have blinders on when it comes to Willie. He came to the NHL with no experience at this level and while he has got the team to play with energy most nights and often for 60 minutes, he has not shown anything new or creative in managing this group and in fact, has made numerous questionable deployments that show he is struggling to adapt at the NHL level. Y0u see "effort" as the sign of a good coach, if only that is all it took we would be favorites for the Cup. I guess you agree with Megna's deployment then as he shows lots of effort and therefore must be a 1st line 1st PP kind of guy? You think he's a Jack Adams candidate for getting the guys to play hard...I see him as a motivator lacking in strategy and creativity who continues to make poor adjustments and deployments. As for your last sentence, if I am disrespecting WD by critiquing him, you are doing far worse with your comments on the Sedins.
  2. I agree the twins are an issue and painful to watch. Perhaps the coach should split them or remove them from the PP then? Would that not be a coaching decision? He actually refused to point to the stale personnel on the pp as the problem when asked last night and instead referred to the fact they have two units not just one. Basically trying to drag the second unit into the mess that is the twins PP unit. The man isn't positive, he's delusional and disingenuous with his comments. As for you being Mr. positive, your comments on the Sedins would appear to indicate something else. I am no harder on WD than you are on the twins. You just don't like my criticism because you like WD. I'm fine with that. BTW - I don't like WD's decisions. I think he is overly stubborn and mismanages his players. Case in point...when asked about Megna "HE's a right hand shot". Briliiant!! When asked about Hansen instead "Hansen scores off the rush"...end of argument. SO...just has he has done with many players, he pigeon-holes them and then stubbornly refuses to change.. I can't wait to see him gone, probably as much you want the twins gone.
  3. JB wanted Eriksson more than Eriksson wanted to play in Vancouver therefore NMC. I don't like it but that is likely what got him to come here. His request for a bonus structure that makes his contract unmovable, should have been a warning to JB that this guy was looking for a retirement deal and a gravy train to ride into the sunset.
  4. Well...what else could he say after benching Marky in his scheduled start in favour of Miller. Another quality "gut move" by Willie. Right up there with the Megna brilliance.
  5. Willie's strategy and deployments have certainly been effective. He has really got this team playing down to expectations.
  6. I'm going to hold you to that Phil. I know people who can track you down
  7. Nutty as a fruit cake our Hank is. Just think, if JB buys that crap, we could head into next year with basically the same line up that we saw tonight. Of course, next year will be different and we will be a competitive team fighting for meaningful games in March.
  8. It's amazing that after 3 years of it being in steady decline and the coach doing nothing, WD still has a job. The difference between this team being where it is and in a playoff position is likely the PP. If JB is serious about having a competitive team, that fact alone should cost WD his job.
  9. You just described the Sedin style of play to a T.
  10. Absolutely. Better late than never
  11. A little late to the party with that observation Phil.
  12. I knew there had to be a reason. Much appreciated.
  13. More intellectual than the Kardashians.