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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    The boards make it much harder to miss the corner than the net...
  2. I don't care if Gagner tries hard, he is so bloody soft with his weak stick checks and propensity to get rid of the puck to avoid a y physical play.
  3. But apparently, he is very good defensively.
  4. a definite.possibility as is a goal bouncing off Gaunce's ass.
  5. At least. "Markstrom" must be Celtic because he sure had the luck of the Irish tonight.
  6. Team needs to but some.lottery tickets after the game. Lady luck is smiling.
  7. Gaunce...Off his ass or off a. Broken stick...What a sniper. Haha
  8. Marky with 2 posts and a. Cross bar already...Positioning too deep perhaps it too hunched down?
  9. Congrats Guddy . Hope it helps his confidence.
  10. You definitely are...Me not so much
  11. Marky must be a keen tank supporter.