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  1. He is a great player but I can't stand his show boating and diving. That he responded to a question about marchand's licking by completing him as a guy that is effective speaks volumes about his class. It is an insult to the twins that they are being mentioned in the same conversation with him for leadership qualities.
  2. Led by Sundan "the diva diver", it appears the Preds' strategy is to cry for a pp after every play.
  3. Shameful game management for a game 7.
  4. Officer and situation specific regardless of training....Kid on a trolley a few years back was gunned down while he was surrounded by officers who were not in danger. Same for the kid recently shot to death who only had a knife...he too was surrounded by officers and shot from a distance. Police are authorized to use deadly force if they feel threatened. It is obviously open to a wide variety of interpretation.
  5. Precedent had been set. The dialogue so many are upset about has been crafted through responses and actions taken by government and media to previous incidents.
  6. More likely he will get free counseling and a $10 million payout along with an apology from the Federal Government. This is Canada, it must be our fault.
  7. I hate Boston so much, i am forced to cheer for the Leafs. I feel so dirty . I see the league is still run by Jacobs. Leafs pull ahead and the refs jump into action.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign F Lukas Jasek

    ..and he plays "hungry". That is an absolute must to be successful in the NHL. It really separates the average from the impactful in all areas of the game.
  9. They could have asked to be traded to a contender. They could have expressed a wish to return and haggled over price They could have gone to Free Agency They could have come back and held 2 spots next year. They could have announced their intentions earlier and received much more attention for a longer period of time. What they chose to do, as they always have, is to put the team first and go as quietly as possible. Time waits for no one and this was inevitable but it could not have been handled any better or with more class than it was. While I am excited about the future, it is always hard to let go of the past and the Sedins gave us much to be proud of and to remember.
  10. Let it run Deb.
  11. I would like to see them, after their last game, stay on the ice, take off their game-worn sweaters and have them raised to the rafters in retirement on the spot. That would be amazing and fitting.
  12. While I agree it is time to move on, it is hard to say good bye to such tremendous players and ambassadors. The twins said they would step aside when the kids were ready. I hope this means they have arrived at that place like many fans have. Growth and change mean pain. I sincerely hope they remain a part of the organization in some capacity.
  13. Credit for past achievements is given, Deb. This is about the future. Knowing when to fold'em and when to walk away. This team's future does not include the twins on the ice.
  14. DO you really want to watch the Sedins play playoff hockey? You know, where the intensity gets raised, more physical play, more aggressive defense etc? Younger, faster, more aggressive, high intensity, hard to play against...Does any of this describe the twins?