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  1. You may be right, I wouldn't know. I certainly hope that if you are right, management sees it and moves on from Cloutier before Demko gets exposed.
  2. I'm hoping that changes starting with Demko.
  3. And dipietro as well. Marky had struggled since he came to the NHL. I just don't see him suddenly finding that next level at 28. Demko has so far shown he has that ability to rise to the occasion and level of talent around him. I am very hopeful he makes the jump to the nhl sooner rather than later. Not all goalies need 7+ years to incubate.
  4. I have no idea who the starter will be but if I was a gambler (like Apricot) I would bet Nilsson gets moved at the draft, Marky is brought back and they sign a veteran goalie on a 1 year deal to buy time for Demko.
  5. Having neither of your goalies ranked in the top 55 of the league, certainly is a factor in the team's results. Looks like neither of our guys were able to grab the reins as hoped.
  6. Edler successfully killing this pp singlehandedly.
  7. No one capable of being an effective net front presence. Looks like a group built to pass it around the perimeter.
  8. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    The value of teaching the kids how to take selfish and untimely/lazy penalties to change the momentum can't be overestimated. The lessons on overtime strategy...priceless.
  9. They also took 2 bad penalties costing 2 goals. Considering they did not contribute offensively, they were a factor in the loss. That ot was brutal. Too slow to play man on man which is what ot is all about.
  10. Our vets mentoring the kids on how to blow a big lead by taking selfish, lazy penalties.
  11. Sedins 3v3 against a big and fast and team was never going to be pretty
  12. Doesn't need to. It's standard protocol for the refs to manage games just like tonight.
  13. That was pretty bad. He should know how to protect the puck better than that