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  1. And tried to with Kass and Jake.
  2. Kassian was a head shot with intent = 2 minutes. Guddy will get 5 games for being bigger than the guy he hit.
  3. And an instigator penalty is only called when it is a Canuck who instigates...It's not a choice the refs make...It's in the (unofficial) NHL rules.
  4. Phone is dying. Power is out. Summary of who looked good and who didn't?
  5. Power lines down all over the place here. No power means no TV. Trying to follow the comments but aside from. Nilsson and Brock, who else is having a good game? Anyone? Are shots really 17-3?
  6. Wd was frustrating and stubborn but at least some.of the blame has to lie with Benning and linden who insisted the team with the Sedins leading it was still a.contender and who brought in the likes of vrbata whilst failing to get futures for Hamhuis, etc. I am still hopeful that tg will.manage his horses differently and I see signs. Unfortunately, he too is saddled with the sedin legacy, Vanek and Eriksson and appears to be required to play them regardless of performance. Like it or not, politics does play a role in deployment. I get the rebuild and the necessity to lower expectations but I don't have to like it or accept that there aren't alternative moves/strategies that could work.
  7. I'm just overly sensitive having to watch so many weak efforts and then see one of our most responsible and hardest working guys get mentioned/benched. Also tired of watching high paid vets poop the bed.
  8. It wasnt a put down or tongue lashing but Bo was the only guy mentioned by name. Seemed to me to be a good opportunity to call out others as well...How about that #1 pp unit which had the opportunity to put the game away early and instead gave up a goal?
  9. I never said it differed from how some.other offensive players were deployed. Call it whatever you want but players who aren't deployed defensively because they are weak at it, and still at 20 + minutes a game are sheltered imho. Feel free to call it something different if you like. I agree they should have been split up years ago.
  10. Not at all...It's like Jimmy said, for entertainment value alone it's worth a try. Av didn't plan burrows' ascension to top line forward, he just took a $&!# at something and the rest is history. What do we really have to lose on a team that can't generate offense? If Goldy is clearly not ready, send him back down.
  11. Sure but many offensively gifted players are given the chance to score at the NHL level while they learn that 200' game, the Sedins being a good example of offensively gifted players who were allowed to grow in the NHL. Laine is a more recent example and of course Marner who you mention.
  12. I'm sure Bo can handle it but it concerns me that on a team with many underperformers, one guy gets the call out and it is the guy who has worked so hard to exceed the expectations put on him by management. I also would like to see Bo's role recognized with an A. He is already largely the spokesperson for the team and has shown the maturity to handle it. It can't be all stick and no carrot, even with Bo.
  13. no one is crapping. Just stating the facts. AV admitted it, why can't you? You are also missing the point being made that not all players need to be 200' players to be effective.
  14. Like Bruce Boudreau when asked about the offensive effectiveness of rookies in the NHL "it's because they haven't yet had the creativity coached out of them". The Sedins were allowed to be what they were, offensive and PP specialists. They never were and certainly aren't good 200' players. Perhaps they should have stayed in the AHL.
  15. In their hay day, AV deployed them in preferred o-zone starts and PP time. They were always average to weak defensive players. The reason it has been difficult to find an effective partner on their line is because that person had to no only assist offensively but had to cover for their defensive weakness and lack of speed.