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  1. With WD gone, shouldn't need Miller to council the kids. That's Greene's job now.
  2. Markstrom has been a good soldier and listening to this same BS for awhile. He either makes it now or it is likely he never does. If I'm Marky, I tell my agent to push for a trade.
  3. To me it isn't about which slur he used. I am not big on political correctness but, if the league has decided to punish inappropriate comments, show the balls to do it in a meaningful way. Pillar's comments have been front page news and a major story on SN yet Getzlaf's story is a sidebar comment piece. My opinion is based ont how the league handles such matters whether discipline for flagrant violations, enforcing the rules already in the rule book, disciplining inappropriate behaviour and altering what is or is not a penalty depending on who it is, the score, the playoffs etc. NHL = Bush league management.
  4. This minor slap compared to Pillar's public shaming, 2 game suspension and loss of salary exemplifies the NHL's bush league management. The NHL isn't serious about enforcing rules, discipline or behaviour. It is a pro sports league run by incompetent, dishonest a-holes.
  5. It's systems and coaching mainly followed by the NHL's unwillingness to properly enforce the rules. How many times after a stretch of wide open, chance- exchanging hockey, have you heard the announcers comment on how the fans love it but the coaches won't be happy. The systems are killing the speed and creativity the players possess. Teams in today's NHL have much deeper talent pools both offensively and defensively but the great equalizer is how the rules have been bent to allow abuse of offensive players. The new NHL accepts that the stars will be targeted for abuse and appears content with allowing the slashing and hacking and headshots that often lead to the league's best players being removed from the game or playing hurt. The off-side challenges have sucked the momentum out of too many games and are being abused. "did the blade of the skate lift off the line a millisecond before the puck crossed the line"...come on.
  6. ...for the players before the game, on the bench and between periods. It would loosen things up a bit.
  7. Rogers having a $&!# fit over Anaheim winning. The announcers questioning and reviewing every play and Sportsnet posting articles analyzing all Anaheim goals before the game was even over. Bloody pathetic how biased the broadcasting is.
  8. Boston fans are about as low as it gets.
  9. They cheered their own players...redemption.
  10. Boston losing = good day!! Anyone else notice the beer being tossed by fans at the Ottawa coach and players and all the pop bottles, sun glasses etc. thrown on the ice? Boston really does have a large contingent of scummy fans.
  11. No kidding...what's next...war with N Korea or Russia? Aren't the planets all aligning to create a Green Moon tonight? Let's blame that.
  12. I'm pretty much of the same opinion. No one knows what was communicated between management and ownership but what you describe as WD's deployments in the face of a changing direction are pretty accurate. Whether ownership was pushing for him to be gone or not, JB really had no choice once WD basically defied his directive . Who knows if WD was deliberately sending a message or just not capable of icing kids he did not feel had earned the time. Pretty sure the next coach will have a different focus and will be tasked with getting the kids up to NHL speed ASAP. It will be painful but hopefully entertaining as well.
  13. I see. Well...Haven't seen anything to confirm that. I did see a coach that appeared to be defying the very public message of the GM. Don't see that JB really had a choice regardless if the owners position.
  14. Haven't' seen any proof that what you suggest is true but if it is...why would you want a GM that craters to the likes of Vancouver's press?
  15. Here's hoping the balls drop in our favour for a change.