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  1. He has looked much better tonight. Keeping it simple and being physical
  2. If boeser could skate, it wouldn't be fair.
  3. Alex plays in a manner that means he burns very bright but not long. When he plays every game, he starts to fade and his game drops off. Otherwise he would be on a starting line up.
  4. Brock...He's just lucky
  5. A rose by any other name
  6. Nhl needs.to enforce game delay penalties when teams dick around on icings.
  7. I think Biega brought some much needed intensity and physicality. Hes a great 7th d man to have available.
  8. Gaunce gives so much. Man i would love to see him score.
  9. Yup. My system makes me a dinosaur I suppose. Spent a ton but experiencing music at live levels and hearing what the artist put down in the studio is worth it.
  10. Got tons of CDs...Some tapes and a cassette player and a pretty stellar vinyl set up. Love music and sure do miss the old music store era. Online and downloading doesn't come.close to cutting it.
  11. Used to be like the candy store for music lovers.
  12. good period by the boys. Kept the energy level up despite the penalty trouble. I'm thinking Green's chat with Granny included "go to the net" . Nice to see him get on the board.
  13. Agreed. One is proven...The other is not (yet). The 2011 sc was pretty strong evidence of league manipulation of rules that favored a certain outcome.
  14. For the record.. cary Fraser is on record as saying the nhl game manages. So it unfounded at all.
  15. Every fan base does it. Get over it.